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Puzzling Minds - Fascinating True Stories

Puzzling Minds - Fascinating True Stories

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Item Number:
168 min.
Closed Caption:
WGBH Boston Video
Grade Level:
7 - 12
This 3 DVD set includes Mind of a Serial Killer, Secret of the Wild Child, and Secrets of the Mind.

Secret of the Wild Child: In 1970, social workers in Los Angeles discovered a modern-day "wild child." "Genie" had been locked in a room in social isolation for most of her 13 years--she was severely under-developed, unable to talk and barely able to walk. At the time of her discovery, a debate raged over an hypothesis describing a critical period of language acquisition, but because no one would ever intentionally deprive a child of language for science, it seemed impossible to prove. NOVA probes this strange and riveting story of a "forbidden experiment" as doctors tried to unravel this linguistic riddle.

Mind of a Serial Killer: The Boston Strangler. The Son of Sam. Jeffrey Dahmer. Every time a serial killer hits, it touches a deep collective nerve of fear- in part because his grisly acts so defy comprehension. Or do they? Step behind the scenes at the FBI's Investigative Support Unit, where psychological detectives race against time to penetrate the minds and emotions of the most elusive of murderers. Using state-of-the-art science, elite investigators tease apart crime scene evidence and scrutinize victim profiles to construct an astonishingly accurate personality print of the perpetrator- and a good guess as to how and when he'll make his next move.

Secrets of the Mind: A blind man can see. Another feels pain in his missing arm. One believes he's God. Are their thoughts real... or just "in their heads"? Meet pioneering brain detective V.S. Ramachandran, hailed as "the Sherlock Holmes of neuroscience," as he tackles four mysterious cases armed with such tools as mirrors, cotton swabs, an insatiable mind and a keen sense of humor. Explore the power of the mind in pain control. See how frightening seizures result in unbelievably intense spiritual experiences. And, discover how findings learned from brain injuries help us learn about the normal brain.

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