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An Unsuitable Job for a Woman 1 and 2

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman 1 and 2

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525 min.
1998, 1999
Closed Caption:
WGBH Boston Video
From P.D. James, the creator of beloved Detective Adam Dalgliesh, comes Cordelia Gray (Helen Baxendale, Friends), a young, aspiring private detective learning the ropes from her mentor, disgraced ex-policeman Bernie Pryde. But when Pryde's sudden suicide leaves Cordelia the sole proprietor of his ramshackle agency, she is forced to continue her education on the job. With only Mrs. Sparshott, the agency's longtime secretary and Cordelia's new assistant, on her team, An Unsuitable Job for a Woman thrusts Cordelia headfirst into unfamiliar waters.

Includes all four mysteries from both seasons, with Mystery! introductions by host Dame Diana Rigg.

Season 1 - Suddenly finding herself at the helm of a floundering detective agency, Cordelia wastes no time settling in.

The Sacrifice: When a young man commits suicide for no obvious reason, his father, a prominent scientist, employs Cordelia to discover why. Following one of her old mentor's rules, Cordelia does everything she can to get to know the dead man—spending time with his friends, even going so far as to move into his cottage and sleep in his bed. But how close is too close? Will Cordelia manage to unravel the mystery, or will she find herself another victim, lost in the same game as the dead man she's come to know so well?
A Last Embrace: Cordelia arrives at work one morning to find a distraught woman desperate for her services. Ideally, the woman would like Cordelia to gather evidence against her philandering husband for use in divorce proceedings. Specifically, she'd like to use Cordelia as bait. Instead, Cordelia uncovers her client's own infidelity and her husband's considerable charms. Is Cordelia's client the bitter, unbalanced mess she seems, or is the husband in question guilty of much more than breaking his marriage vows?

Season 2 - One lackluster year after taking charge, Cordelia is still resolved to make her mark on the Pryde Detective Agency, determined to prove that the work of a private detective is not an unsuitable job for a woman—or, thanks to an unexpected development, an expectant mother.

Living On Risk: Struggling to accept that her life is changing and refusing any help from the anxious agency secretary, Mrs. Sparshott, Cordelia takes an early-morning call from a man who needs her to do some surveillance. Believing that she has been hired to prevent a kidnapping, Cordelia resorts to desperate measures—only to stumble upon the body of one of the men she's been watching, forcing her to wonder who exactly she's working for.
Playing God: Despite the hostility between Scotland Yard and people in Cordelia's line of work, Superintendent Fergussen condescends to hire her to check up on his daughter's beau, a handsome young doctor. But when Cordelia turns over her notes, the doctor turns up dead. Afraid she's been somehow used by the police, Cordelia is only too happy to take up the case again when Fergussen's now estranged daughter asks her to dig deeper.

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