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Great Egyptians - Set

Great Egyptians - Set

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Item Number:
DCS DC718262
Closed Caption:
Discovery Channel School
Grade Level:
3 - 5
Gender, age, and cunning were behind three of ancient Egypt's most intriguing rulers -- and left indelible marks on the history of the country. Akhenaten: The Rebel Pharaoh & The Mystery of Tutankhamen: his reign was so scandalous that his name was stricken from his family's temples. Meet Akhenaten, who brought dramatic change to Egypt with his slogan, "Living in Truth." King Tut - compare Akhenaten's legacy with that of the boy king. Was there a murderer lurking in King Tut's court? Egyptologist Bob Brier does a little detective work to shore up a tale of power and intrique in one of the world's oldest whodunits. The Real Cleopatra: Greek without a drop of Egyptian blood became one of the most famous Egyptians of all time? Go back to the time of Alexander teh Great, who established Egypt's Ptolemaic dynasty, into which Cleopatra was born. Explore the true source of her beguiling power - her intelligence. You'll find that Cleopatra as ruler, mother and consort reveals a woman very different from her reputation. Sneferu: King of the Pyramids: He had weaker PR than Tut and company, but lesser-known Sneferu gets the credit for making Egypt an international power. He and his sons built the pyramids, the region's most lasting legacy. Join him as he presides over Egypt's artistic and architectural heyday, then fast-forward to crawl through a surviving pyramid's labyrinthine burial chambers. Hatshepsut: The Queen Who Would be King: When her son tried to ascend to her dead husband's throne, Queen Hatshepsut did the unthinkable and declared herself king. Learn how she overturned Egyptian tradition to become one of the most powerful and successful pharaohs in history. Then examine how ancient and modern prejudices conspired to withhold the credit due this unstoppable ruler. Ramses the Great: This man clearly was concerned with posterity: he built more monuments and fathered more children during his reign than any other pharaoh. View some of Ramses' legacies, including the massive figures at Abu Simbel that inspired Mount Rushmore. Then examine a key battle Ramses may have lost -- the one with Moses and the God of the Israelites. Judge for yourself how well archaeological evidence supports the events described in Exodus.

Only available in the US.

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