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Ancient Rome - Set

Ancient Rome - Set

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Item Number:
DCS DC730150
265 min.
Closed Caption:
Discovery Channel School
Grade Level:
6 - 12
They came, they saw, they conquered. They rose and they fell. They created the world's first superpower, then ended as captives of illiterate barbarians. The ancient Romans changed the face of the world. Their reach extends through time and history to touch us today. In this 5-pack video series, you can join the Romans on their journey first to world domination and then to decline and defeat. Rise to Power : It's a history conceived in a legend -- twin boys suckled by a wolf. Rise to Power traces the early chapters in Rome's history, from Romulus and Remus to the dawn of an empire. On the mudflats of the Tiber River, life under decadent Etruscan kings led to full-scale revolt, and the Roman Republic was born. Struggles for Power: There was no turning back. In one decisive moment, Julius Caesar marched his troops across the Rubicon to Rome. He came, saw, and conquered, transforming the world's first representative government into an autocracy. Julius Caesar did not know that absolute power corrupts absolutely. He could not foresee that, by creating an empire, he was sowing the seeds of Rome's eventual decline. Expansion and Conquest: Rank amateurs filled its ranks, but the Roman army was able to conquer the known world. What made a man fit to serve in the Roman legions? How did Rome keep her soldiers loyal? Expansion and Conquest will send your students over the Alps on elephants with the great general Hannibal and take them into the thick of the Roman army's first great test -- the Punic Wars. Fall of an Empire: Everything must come to an end, and the glory that was Rome ended in the onslaught of Germanic tribes. Alaric, king of the Visigoths -- unlettered, rude, and ruthless -- brought the empire to her knees. Fall of an Empire follows the sad, last days of the Romans. But it will also remind your students how the Roman legacy persists today in art, architecture, politics, and medicine. Prosperity and Decline: It was the longest peacetime in European history -- the Pax Romana. Fifty million people were free to travel, trade and build. So what went wrong? Prosperity and Decline traces the Romans' road to ruin, uncovers the warning signs of decay, and proves that you can have too much of a good thing.

Only available in the US.

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