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Ancient Cultures Video Bundle

Ancient Cultures Video Bundle

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Item Number:
DCS DC766279
93 min.
Closed Caption:
Discovery Channel School
Grade Level:
3 - 5
Ancient Greece: Warring city-states flourished into centers of culture 2,500 years ago and gave birth to many ideas in art, literature, philosophy, and science. Discover the events and the players that made it all happen. Alexander the Great -- See how this illustrious conqueror used military expertise and consultation with the gods to destroy rivals and expand the Greek Empire. Philosophy -- Discover Socrates and Plato, the Socratic method of learning, and the Allegory of the Cave. Mythology -- Get on board Odysseus' voyage and find out how Greek gods and stories, like The Odyssey, teach important moral lessons.

Great Egyptians: Gender, age, and cunning were behind three of ancient Egypt's most intriguing rulers -- and left indelible marks on the history of the country. Hatshepsut: Queen Who Became King -- She declared herself King of Egypt and got away with it. Peek into her incredibly successful 22-year reign. Tutankhamen: Mystery of the Boy King -- Victim of foul play? What happened to the 11-year-old king whose life was a clash between childhood and kingship? Cleopatra: Last of the Pharaohs -- Discover how Cleopatra used shrewd political instincts to seduce the Roman Empire into restoring Egypt's greatness.

Ancient Egypt: Travel back to the world of pharaohs, sphinxes, pyramids, and hieroglyphics in this three-segment video. Ancient Egypt -- Cruise the Nile to learn about a culture that endured more than 2,000 years. Hieroglyphics -- Ancient Egyptians invented picture writing and papyrus to write it upon. Pyramids of Egypt -- Enter the mystery of these giant tombs that have lasted 4,500 years.

Life in Ancient Rome: One thousand years of Roman history in 30 minutes? A tall order, but these programs deliver. Start with the empire, then hold court with the republic, and end with a journey through the Roman legacy. Daily Life -- When in Rome, what did the Romans do? Students will discover the daily life of Roman citizens at the height of the empire. What clothes did they wear? What did they eat? What games did the children play? Inventions -- The legacy of Rome is set in stone (or rather concrete). Show your students how Romans discovered this sturdy new construction material, allowing them to build lasting superstructures such as the aqueducts and Colosseum. Government -- Send your students back in time to the Roman republic, where they'll get the foundation for understanding modern democracy. The path leads students through the census, the senate, and the principle of representative government.

Times Medieval: Knights in shining armor, tales of valor and bravery, magnificent castles rising out of the mist -- they're all here in this four-part video that looks at life in the Middle Ages. Long Ago and Far Away -- Learn about medieval feudal life. Castles -- Peek inside these stone strongholds. Armor -- A look at how knights' metal shells were made. The Legend of King Arthur -- What does this semihistorical tale reveal about the medieval spirit?

Only available in the US.

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