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Intimate Universe: The Human Body   -  Discontinued

Intimate Universe: The Human Body

Item Number:
DCS DC011635
255 min.
Closed Caption:
Discovery Channel School
Grade Level:
6 - 12
Intimate Universe--a five-part video series--launches this voyage at the moment of conception. Then you'll trace the trail of human development from fetus to baby, from birth to adolescence. Explore the intricacies of the body's machinery, unlock the secrets of the human brain, and travel the far-flung vessels of the circulatory system. It's a journey to the heart of who we are. Building a Baby: It's nothing short of a miracle. From a single fertilized egg emerges an entire human being, in just nine months. Building a Baby traces this miraculous process, from the earliest cell division to the first beats of the heart, from the growth of fingers to the blossoming of the brainstem. It's a lesson in the biology of ovulation, conception, and birth. But more than that, it's a lesson in life. First Steps: At birth, a baby can do nothing for herself. She's just a bundle of nerves and reflexes--startling, sucking, crying. But over the course of a year, that child will learn to smile, sit up, roll, crawl, walk, and talk. First Steps uses motion analysis photography, computer imaging, and medical scans to show your students how they became the walking, talking wonders they are today. Life Story: It's hard to believe humanity started out as single-celled bacteria. But evolution has made us what we are today--the most advanced life form on earth. Life Story follows the development of the human body--through time and through a lifetime, with stunning footage that reveals how our circulatory, cardiovascular, and neurological systems work. Raging Teens: Raging Teens takes on the trauma of raging hormones. Your students probably already know that puberty is no picnic--with those too-fast growth spurts of muscle and bone, those unfortunate explosions of acne. The agonies and awkwardness of adolescence make for many challenges. By getting a deeper knowledge of their changing bodies, your students will be better able to meet those challenges. Brain Power: It's the most complicated object on Earth--the human brain. But what exactly is going on up there? In Brain Power, amazing camera work reveals how blood flows and hormones are produced, how neurons fire bursts of energy that trigger brain activity, how memory and vision work, and why the 20th-century brain is bigger than ever.

Only available in the US.

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