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America in a Changing World

America in a Changing World

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Item Number:
DCS DC010025
14 min.
Closed Caption:
Discovery Channel School
Grade Level:
6 - 8
This program for grades 5-9 is based on key core-curriculum standards. The following topics are presented:
The invention of the cotton gin and its effect on life in the U.S. North and South;
Washington's second term as President;
Jay's Treaty and the undeclared war with France;
The Whiskey Rebellion, affirming the power of the federal government;
The Treaty of San Lorenzo, opening up the Mississippi River to U.S. shipping;
The presidency of John Adams; Federalists versus Democratic-Republicans;
The XYZ affair, U.S. response to French intimidation;
The Alien and Sedition Acts, enacting constitutionally questionable laws to increase Federalist political control;
The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, exercising states rights;
The importance of the invention of interchangeable parts.

Only available in the US.

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