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Titles for TMW Media Group

Absolute Value and Adding Integers DVD $39.95
Accountant DVD $34.95
Achoo, Stop The Flu! DVD $64.95
Acrylic Mixed Collection Set DVD $59.95
Add, Subtract, and Multiply Decimals DVD $39.95
Addicted Teens: Drug Addiction DVD $64.95
Addicted Teens: Heroin and Opioid Addiction DVD $64.95
Addiction And Depression DVD $64.95
Addiction And Depression VHS $64.95
Adding 1 and 2 Digit Numbers DVD $39.95
Adding 3 and 4 Digit Numbers DVD $39.95
Adding and Subtracting Decimals    -   Discontinued DVD
Adding and Subtracting Expressions DVD $39.95
Adding and Subtracting Fractions DVD $39.95
Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Finding the Common Denominator DVD $39.95
Adding and Subtracting Integers    -   Discontinued DVD
Adding and Subtracting Matrices DVD $39.95
Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions DVD $39.95
Adding Decimals DVD $39.95
Adding Fractions DVD $39.95
Adding Fractions DVD $39.95
Adding Fractions    -   Discontinued DVD
Adding Whole Numbers DVD $39.95
Addition and Multiplication Properties Of Equality, The DVD $29.95
Addition and Subtraction    -   Discontinued DVD
Addition and Subtraction DVD $34.95
Addition Property Of Equality, The DVD $29.95
Addition Rules of Probability DVD $39.95
Additional Molarity Problems    -   Discontinued DVD
Advanced Algebra Tutor Series DVD $559.30
Advanced Editing DVD $39.95
Advanced Shooting DVD $39.95
Advanced Stoichiometry    -   Discontinued DVD
Advanced Tumbling DVD $39.95
Aerobic Soccer Training DVD $29.95
Aerobics Instructor DVD $34.95
Aeronautics - 21st Century Flight DVD $44.95
Aeronautics - The Science of Flight DVD $44.95
African Contributions To U.S. History DVD $64.95
African Influences On Early Europe DVD $64.95
Africans Shaping The U.S. West DVD $64.95
After High School: An Educational Plan    -   Discontinued DVD
Age Problems DVD $39.95
Agricultural Science: Seeds For Tomorrow's Food DVD $44.95
Agriculture - Sustainable Farming DVD $44.95
Agriculture andndash; Feeding a Hungry Planet DVD $44.95
Aids And Hiv Answers DVD $34.95
Aids/Teen Guide To Living DVD $64.95
Alchemy, The DVD $34.95
Alcohol DVD $64.95
Algebra 2 Tutor Series - Learning By Example DVD $599.25
Algebra Tutor Series Vol. 1 - 5 DVD $99.00
Algebra Word Problem Tutor Series - Learning By Example DVD $479.40
Alicethenics DVD $24.95
All About Jesus DVD $44.95
Alphabet, The DVD $44.95
Alternating Series Test of Convergence DVD $39.95
Alternative Medicine: Yoga DVD $34.95
Alzheimer's - The Growing Challenge of Caring for a Loved One DVD $24.95
Amazing Red Crabs of Christmas Island, The DVD $44.95
America Over There DVD $34.95
American Literary Classics - The Transcendentalists Set DVD $209.85
Americana DVD $29.95
Americana / Beginnings DVD $39.95
Americas Beginning DVD $34.95
An Evening With Dick Gregory DVD $34.95
An Unforgettable Voyage on New York's Erie Canal andndash; Newark to Albany DVD $39.95
Anatomy and Functions of the Face DVD $44.95
Anatomy and Genetics DVD $29.95
Ancient Greece DVD $34.95
Ancient Tree: Modern Wonder DVD $44.95
Angles DVD $39.95
Angles And Angle Measure    -   Discontinued DVD
Angles and Segments Of A Circle    -   Discontinued DVD
Angular Acceleration and Moment Of Inertia DVD $39.95
Angular Momentum DVD $39.95
Angular Speed And Angular Acceleration DVD $39.95
Animal And Plant Cells    -   Discontinued DVD
Animal Trainer DVD $34.95
Animals and Arachnids DVD $29.95
Animals and Arachnids / Prehistoric Animals and Reptiles DVD $39.95
Animals, Birds and Fish DVD $44.95
Annotation And Active Reading    -   Discontinued DVD
Antarctic Extremes - Mountaineering In Antarctica Driest, Coldest Continent on Earth DVD $29.95
Anti Bullying - How to Stamp Out Bullying at School and In the Classroom DVD $175.00
Antony and Cleopatra DVD $29.95
Anxiety and Phobias - Faith Based Solutions DVD $24.95
Applications Of Trigonometry In Geometry    -   Discontinued DVD
Applying Percentages to Word Problems DVD $39.95
Aquaculture - Advances in Fish Farming DVD $44.95
Arachnids - Tarantulas! DVD $44.95
Arc Length DVD $39.95
Arc Length In Parametric Equations DVD $39.95
Architect DVD $34.95
Arctic Extremes - Ice Climbing in Greenland DVD $29.95
Area and Length In Polar Coordinates DVD $39.95
Area of a Surface f Revolution DVD $39.95
Area of Parallelograms DVD $39.95
Area of Prisms DVD $39.95
Area of Rectangles DVD $39.95
Area of Trapezoids DVD $39.95
Area of Triangles DVD $39.95
Areas Of Polygons    -   Discontinued DVD
Arithmetic Sequences and Series DVD $39.95
Asteroid - The Threat DVD $44.95
Astronomer DVD $34.95
Astronomy - Probing the First Stars and Galaxies DVD $44.95
Astronomy and Space - Comet - Visitors from Space DVD $44.95
Astronomy and Space - Far Out - Measuring the Universe DVD $44.95
Astronomy and Space - Pluto - The Farthest Planet DVD $44.95
Astronomy and Space - Telescope New Eyes on the Cosmos DVD $44.95
Astronomy and Space - The Big Bang and Black Holes - Zero to Zillions Theory DVD $44.95
Astronomy and Space - X-Ray Invisible Astronomy DVD $44.95
Astronomy and Space - Yonder to Infinity - The End of the Universe DVD $44.95
Astronomy: The Sky Isn't Falling DVD $44.95
Atomic Mass of an Element DVD $39.95
Atomic Number, Mass Number and Isotopes Part 1 DVD $39.95
Atomic Number, Mass Number and Isotopes Part 2 DVD $39.95
Atomic Theory of Matter: Part 1 DVD $39.95
Atomic Theory of Matter: Part 2 DVD $39.95
Atomic Theory of Matter: Part 3 DVD $39.95
Atoms And Elements DVD $44.95
Audiology and Otology - Cochlear Implants DVD $44.95
Authoring and Design DVD $39.95
Auto Mechanic DVD $34.95
Auto Shop Safety DVD $79.95
Aviation in The News WWII - 1942 DVD $39.95
Aviation in The News WWII - 1943 DVD $39.95
Aviation in The News WWII - 1944 DVD $39.95
Aviation in The News WWII - 1945 DVD $39.95
Avogadro's Hypothesis    -   Discontinued DVD
Babywatch: The Ultimate Guide to Having a Baby For Men! DVD $64.95
Ball Control DVD $34.95
Banker DVD $34.95
Baseball    -   Discontinued DVD
Baseball's Diamond Challenge DVD $29.95
Basic Concepts Of Chemical Equilibrium 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Basic Concepts Of Chemical Equilibrium 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Basic Math Tutor 1st - 7th Grade Series - Learning By Example DVD $799.00
Basic Math Word Problem Tutor - Learning By Example DVD $599.25
Basic Shooting DVD $39.95
Basic Skills:Getting Hired DVD $64.95
Basketball    -   Discontinued DVD
Basketball Applying Pressure DVD $29.95
Basketball Ball Handling and Handling Pressure DVD $29.95
Basketball Finishing Moves at the Basket DVD $29.95
Basketball Full Court Press andndash; Skills and Drills DVD $29.95
Basketball Post Development System andndash; Defense-Positioning-Scoring-Finishing DVD $29.95
Basketball Post Development System andndash; Getting Open-Short Wing-Double Teams DVD $29.95
Basketball Post Strategies and Skills DVD $29.95
Battle Action - Historical Battles of WWII DVD $29.95
Bayes' Theorem DVD $39.95
Before You Say "I Do" - Getting Ready for Marriage DVD $24.95
Beginning Tumbling DVD $39.95
Beginnings DVD $29.95
Being A Vet (Become A Veterinarian) DVD $34.95
Being An Urologist DVD $34.95
Being Conscientious DVD $19.95
Ben Carson    -   Discontinued DVD
Benjamin E. Mays: His Drive, His Mission DVD $34.95
Bernoulli Equation, The DVD $39.95
Best of Aviation Training, The DVD $39.95
Beyond Death - Into the Light and Through the Tunnel and Beyond    -   Discontinued DVD
Bible And You 1, The DVD $29.95
Bible And You 2, The DVD $29.95
Bible and You Set, The DVD $49.95
Big Ships: Luxury Liner Cruising in Canada - Montreal, Quebec City, Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island and Halifax DVD $39.95
Big Ships: Luxury Liner Cruising in New England - Maine, Boston, Newport and New York City DVD $39.95
Bill Of Rights At School DVD $64.95
Binomial Probability Distribution DVD $39.95
Binomial Theorem, The DVD $39.95
Biology & Chemistry: The Science of Forensics DVD $44.95
Biology - The Science of Life DVD $1,123.75
Biology: The Science of Seeds DVD $44.95
Biology: Putting Algae to Work DVD $44.95
Biotechnology: Cleaning Up with Microbes DVD $44.95
Biotechnology: Decoding Nature's Secret DVD $44.95
Biotechnology: New Miracles From Science DVD $44.95
Birds and Flying Creatures #1 DVD $34.95
Birds and Flying Creatures #2 DVD $34.95
Birds and Rodents DVD $29.95
Birdsight DVD $29.95
Birthing Options    -   Discontinued DVD
Blood - Vital to our Existence DVD $44.95
Boaters Guide to Using Marine Radar, The DVD $29.95
Bob Toledo: Quarterbacks. DVD $34.95
Bobby Bowden: Receivers. DVD $34.95
Body and Grooming DVD $44.95
Botanist DVD $34.95
Bourbon and Kentucky: A History Distilled DVD $69.95
Boy Meets Ocean DVD $34.95
Boyd Epley: Strength and Conditioning DVD $34.95
Boyhood To Manhood DVD $44.95
Brain, Memory and Sight DVD $44.95
Brain, The - The First Computer DVD $44.95
Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence DVD $24.95
Breast Cancer - How to Find Comfort, Strength and Renewed Faith in the Midst of Despair DVD $24.95
Brent Jones: The Complete Tight End DVD $29.95
Bret Favre: The Field General DVD $29.95
Bright Minds DVD $34.95
Broken Homes DVD $64.95
Bullies and Harassment VHS $59.95
Bullies and Harassment On Campus DVD $64.95
Buoyant Force, The DVD $39.95
Business Executive DVD $34.95
Calculating Volume With Integrals DVD $39.95
Calculus 2 Advanced Tutor: Learning By Example DVD $838.95
Cancer Research Testing Cells DVD $34.95
Card Tricks DVD $34.95
Caring for Aging Parents - The Growing Challenge of Caring for a Loved One: Parenting your Parents - Dealing with Alzheimer's - Facing Death DVD $44.95
Cars, Bikes, Trains and Other Vehicles Of Transportation In Dreams DVD $34.95
Cell Structure - Parts of the Cell    -   Discontinued DVD
Chain Rule, The DVD $39.95
Challenge of Adolescence, The - Physical, Social and Emotional Guidance DVD $24.95
Changing Universe, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Character Development - Raising children with moral integrity through faith DVD $24.95
Charles Drew: Revolutionized Medical Science DVD $39.95
Chef DVD $34.95
Chemical Engineering: Composites DVD $44.95
Chemistry Laboratory DVD $79.95
Chemistry Periodic Table of Elements DVD $44.95
Chemistry Periodic Table of Elements Potassium (K) and Magnesium (Mg) DVD $44.95
Chemistry Tutor Series - Learning By Example DVD $679.15
Chemistry: Battery Technology Innovations DVD $44.95
Chemistry: Making Modern Miracles DVD $44.95
Chemistry: Metallurgy DVD $44.95
Chemistry: Periodic Table Part IV – Iron, Zinc, Selenium DVD $44.95
Chester Himes - The Long Climb    -   Discontinued DVD
Chester Himes: A Rage in Harlem, Internationally Acclaimed Writer DVD $39.95
Children and Their Challenges - Moral and Spiritual Guidance to Make the Right Choices DVD $24.95
Chinese Classical Dance: Dunhuang and Long Sleeve DVD $159.00
Chinese Ethnic Dance: Dai, Aini, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Han DVD $347.00
Christian Laettner: Power In Motion DVD $34.95
Chuck Daly: The Coach DVD $34.95
Circle As A Whole and Its Parts, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Circles and Arcs DVD $39.95
Circles and Circular Figures DVD $39.95
Circulatory And Respiratory Systems, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Civil Engineer DVD $34.95
Civil War And The Move West DVD $34.95
Class Notes And Exam Preparation    -   Discontinued DVD
Classic Video Collection Set DVD $59.95
Classification Of Living Things DVD $49.95
Classifying Living Organisms    -   Discontinued DVD
Classifying Triangles DVD $39.95
Clyde Drexler: The Glide DVD $34.95
Coin and Money Problems DVD $39.95
Collecting Data DVD $49.95
Collecting Rocks and Minerals DVD $39.95
Color and Light DVD $29.95
Combinations DVD $39.95
Combinations Of Functions DVD $39.95
Comet - Visitors from Space DVD $44.95
Communication DVD $29.95
Communication (Spanish) DVD $29.95
Communication Breakdown - Bridging The Student-Teacher Gap DVD $64.95
Comparison Tests Of Series Convergence DVD $39.95
Complete Baby Care - Reassuring Step-By-Step Instruction For New Parents DVD $64.95
Complete Guide to Channeling, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Completing A Task DVD $19.95
Complex Numbers DVD $39.95
Complex Zeros Of Polynomials DVD $39.95
Complimentary and Supplementary Angles DVD $39.95
Compromise of 1850 to the Civil War, The DVD $69.95
Computers DVD $29.95
Computers (Spanish) DVD $29.95
Computers and The Internet DVD $39.95
Concert at Sackets Harbor on the Shores of Lake Ontario, The - Featuring Jonathan Edwards DVD $39.95
Conditional Probability DVD $39.95
Conditioning With Stewart Togher. DVD $34.95
Congruence Of Triangles    -   Discontinued DVD
Congruent Triangles DVD $39.95
Conservation of Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion Part 1 DVD $39.95
Conservation of Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion Part 2 DVD $39.95
Conservation Of Momentum DVD $39.95
Converting Between Systems Of Measure    -   Discontinued DVD
Cool Space Stuff DVD $29.95
Coordinate Plane DVD $39.95
Coping with Cancer - How to find Comfort and Courage when Battling the Fear of the Unknown DVD $24.95
Cramer's Rule DVD $39.95
Crane Operator DVD $34.95
Cultural Philosophy Of Paul Robeson, The DVD $34.95
Curve Sketching Using Derivatives DVD $39.95
Customs and Superstitions DVD $29.95
Customs and Superstitions / Sports and Games DVD $39.95
Cyber-Bullying DVD $64.95
Cylinders, Cones and Spheres DVD $39.95
Cylinders, Cones and Spheres    -   Discontinued DVD
Dangers Of Social Media DVD $64.95
Daniel Boone - The Explorer DVD $69.95
Daniel Boone - The Frontiersman DVD $69.95
Daniel Boone - The Revolutionary Soldier DVD $69.95
Daniel Boone - The Trailblazer DVD $69.95
Daniel Boone and The Opening of the American West DVD $99.95
Dark Side Of Dating, The DVD $64.95
Day At School, A DVD $44.95
Dealing with Guilt - How to find Resolution and Acceptance DVD $24.95
Decadent Deserts: Chocolate, Honey and Sugar DVD $19.99
Decimal Place Value DVD $39.95
Deep Depression and Suicide DVD $64.95
Deepening Your Faith - How to Develop High Ethical Standards, Exemplary Values and Strong Personal Faith DVD $44.95
Density    -   Discontinued DVD
Density DVD $39.95
Density And Pressure DVD $39.95
Dentist DVD $34.95
Depression DVD $24.95
Depression In Women DVD $34.95
Derivative Defined As a Limit, The DVD $39.95
Derivatives and Integrals Of Exponentials DVD $39.95
Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions DVD $39.95
Derivatives Of Logarithms DVD $39.95
Derivatives Of Trigonometric Functions DVD $39.95
Dermatology DVD $34.95
Destination Nature DVD $29.95
Destruction of the Earth's Crust: Geology and Landforms DVD $39.95
Differentiation Formulas DVD $39.95
Digestive And Excretory Systems, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Digit Problems DVD $39.95
Digital Cameras Made Easy DVD $19.95
Digital Video Editing    -   Discontinued DVD
Disc Jockey DVD $34.95
Discover The Fabulous City of Seattle and the San Juan Islands DVD $39.95
Discovering Shakespeare CD-ROM $89.95
Discus and Hammer With Stewart Togher. DVD $34.95
Dividing 2, 3, and 4 Digit Numbers with Remainder DVD $39.95
Dividing Decimals DVD $39.95
Dividing Decimals DVD $39.95
Dividing Expressions DVD $39.95
Dividing Fractions DVD $39.95
Dividing Fractions DVD $39.95
Dividing Fractions DVD $39.95
Dividing Fractions + Review Of Fractions    -   Discontinued DVD
Dividing Integers DVD $39.95
Dividing Whole Numbers DVD $39.95
Division DVD $34.95
Division with a Remainder DVD $39.95
Division with No Remainder DVD $39.95
Divorce DVD $24.95
Doctor: Anesthesiologist DVD $34.95
Doctor: Internist DVD $34.95
Dog Trainer DVD $34.95
Dolphin Trainer DVD $34.95
Dolphins - How they Live, Learn and Communicate DVD $44.95
Don Shula: The Coach DVD $29.95
Doppler Shift DVD $39.95
Dr. Charles Drew: Inventor Of The Blood Bank    -   Discontinued DVD
Dr. Daniel Hale Williams    -   Discontinued DVD
Dr. Daniel Hale Williams: First Black Heart Surgeon in America DVD $39.95
Dr. Satcher On Health DVD $34.95
Dribbling and Feinting DVD $34.95
Drifting Desert Sands - Affecting the Weather DVD $44.95
Drive DVD $34.95
Drug Abuse: Beyond Marijuana and Alcohol - Crossing The Thin Line DVD $64.95
Drug Addiction and Dependence - The Consequences DVD $64.95
Drug Addiction and Recovery DVD $24.95
Drug and Alcohol Awareness DVD $64.95
Drugs DVD $64.95
Dude, I Need To Find A Job DVD $59.95
Dude, Where's My Job DVD $129.95
E - Is For Elephant DVD $64.95
Earth Is A Giant Magnet: Understanding Magnetism DVD $34.95
Earth Science Desert Sands - Dust from Africa DVD $44.95
Earth Science Meteorology - Mystery of the Clouds DVD $44.95
Earth Science The Banded Stilt - A Wetland Survivor DVD $44.95
Earth Science: A Look At Geology DVD $44.95
Earth Science: Glaciers Clues to Our Past DVD $44.95
Earth Science: Our Changing Planet DVD $44.95
Earth Science: Studying Oceanography DVD $44.95
Earth Science: World Below, The DVD $44.95
Earth Voice, Food Choice DVD $39.95
Earth's Physical Features DVD $54.95
Earthquakes And How They Are Measured DVD $39.95
Eating Disorders DVD $64.95
Eating Disorders - Creating Healthy Eating Choices and a Positive Body Image DVD $24.95
Ecology - Bats Creatures of the Night DVD $44.95
Ecology and Conservation: Making The Right Choices DVD $44.95
Ecology: Giving Back The Land DVD $44.95
Ecology: Life In The Deserts DVD $44.95
Ecology: Nature's Delicate Balance DVD $44.95
Ecology: Our Green Planet DVD $44.95
Ecology: The Amazing Amazon DVD $44.95
Ecology: Tree Top Insects DVD $44.95
Ecology: Understanding Biodiversity DVD $44.95
Ecology: Understanding The Greenhouse Effect DVD $44.95
Ecosystems DVD $49.95
Ecosystems - The Florida Everglades DVD $44.95
Ecosystems and The Environment DVD $29.95
Ecosystems and The Environment (Spanish) DVD $29.95
Electric Charge and Coulomb's Law Part 1 DVD $39.95
Electric Charge and Coulomb's Law Part 2 DVD $39.95
Electric Field Due to a Dipole DVD $39.95
Electric Field Due to a Point Charge Part 1 DVD $39.95
Electric Field Due to a Point Charge Part 2 DVD $39.95
Electric Guitar Maker DVD $34.95
Electric Potential of a Dipole and Continuous Charge Distributions DVD $39.95
Electric Potential of Point Charges DVD $39.95
Electric Potential Part 1 DVD $39.95
Electric Potential Part 2 DVD $39.95
Electric Potential Part 3 DVD $39.95
Electricity and Elecric Safety DVD $29.95
Electronics - Benefitting the Environment DVD $44.95
Electronics - Environmental Applications DVD $44.95
Electronics - Fiber-Optic Communications DVD $44.95
Electronics - Science of Circuit Boards DVD $44.95
Ellora Cave Temples, The - Faith, Religion and Art DVD $29.95
Emotional Abuse DVD $64.95
Empirical Formula Problems    -   Discontinued DVD
Energy DVD $49.95
Energy - Biofuels from Plants and Algae DVD $44.95
Energy - Biofuels on the Rise DVD $44.95
Energy - Understanding Hydroelectric Power DVD $44.95
Energy From Earth's Interior DVD $44.95
Energy Relationship Between Plants And Animals 1, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Energy Relationship Between Plants And Animals 2, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Energy: Introduction to the Basics DVD $44.95
Energy: Transforming Renewable Resources - Biomass and Solar Energy DVD $44.95
Energy: Transforming Renewable Resources - Photovoltaics DVD $44.95
Engineering - Bridges By Design DVD $44.95
Engineering - Careers of Engineers DVD $44.95
Engineering - Fueling a Greener Planet DVD $44.95
Engineering - Solving Problems through Science DVD $44.95
Engineering: Dummy and Robot Heroes DVD $44.95
Engineering: Prosthetic Innovations DVD $44.95
Engineering: Solving Today's Problems DVD $44.95
Engineering: The Future of Graphene DVD $44.95
Engineering: Tiny Nano World DVD $44.95
Engineering: Working For You DVD $44.95
English As A Second Language DVD $44.95
Enthusiasm DVD $19.95
Entropy DVD $39.95
Environment - Science for a Healthy Planet DVD $44.95
Environment: Continent of Ice and Snow DVD $44.95
Environment: Wildebeest Migration Patterns DVD $44.95
Environmental Science: A World of Water DVD $44.95
Environmental Science: Our Ozone Blanket DVD $44.95
Environmental Science: Reclamation - Restoring the Land DVD $44.95
Environmental Science: The Importance Of Biodiversity DVD $44.95
Environmental Stewardship And Scientific Analysis    -   Discontinued DVD
Equations Of Motion In One Dimension DVD $39.95
Eric Allen: Deep Cover DVD $29.95
Erie Canal, The andndash; Buffalo to Lockport DVD $39.95
Ethics In School DVD $64.95
Evolution Of Numbers, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Exciting Entrees: Turkey, Ham And Chicken. DVD $19.99
Expansion and Contraction of Solids and Liquids DVD $39.95
Explore Seattle and the Magnificent Forest of the Orca Islands DVD $39.95
Exploring Algebra - An Overview    -   Discontinued DVD
Exploring Functions With The Aid Of A Graphing Calculator    -   Discontinued DVD
Exploring Linear Functions - Introductory Explorations    -   Discontinued DVD
Exploring Our Solar System DVD $44.95
Exploring With Submarines DVD $34.95
Explosive Training DVD $29.95
Exponential Functions Defined As a Limit, The DVD $39.95
Exponents and Properties Of Exponents DVD $29.95
Exponents and The Order Of Operations    -   Discontinued DVD
Extraordinary Life and Epic Journey of Joshua Slocum, The DVD $64.95
Eye View DVD $34.95
EZ Math Trix DVD $99.95
Facing Death - Overcome the Fear of Dying DVD $24.95
Factors and Multiples DVD $39.95
Faith Behind Bars - Women in Prison DVD $24.95
Faith of an Athlete, The - How to Develop High Ethical Standards, Exemplary Values and Strong Personal Faith in the World of Sports DVD $24.95
Fake DVD $39.95
Family-Teacher Partnerships in High Poverty Schools DVD $64.95
Famous Activists: Paul Robeson and Richard Wright DVD $64.95
Famous Human Rights Crusaders: Ida B. Wells and Fannie Lou Hammer DVD $64.95
Famous Men Of Medical Science: Dr. Daniel Hale Williams and Charles Drew DVD $64.95
Famous Public Figures: Mary Mcleod Bethune and Shirley Chisholm DVD $64.95
Famous Writers: Chester Himes and Ralph Ellison DVD $64.95
Fannie Lou Hamer: Everyday Battle    -   Discontinued DVD
Fannie Lou Hamer: Voting Rights Activist and Civil Rights Leader DVD $39.95
Female Adornment DVD $34.95
Ferryboats DVD $39.95
Festival Of Fruits: Apples, Oranges and Bananas DVD $19.99
Fiber Optics DVD $34.95
Fighting Disease DVD $34.95
Find The Right Part-Time Job DVD $64.95
Finding the Common Denominator DVD $39.95
Finding Triangle Measures DVD $39.95
Finding Trig Functions Using The Unit Circle DVD $39.95
Finding Trig Functions Using Triangles DVD $39.95
Firefighter DVD $34.95
First Law of Thermodynamics, The DVD $39.95
Fish, Shellfish and Other Underwater Life DVD $29.95
Fitness And Recreation DVD $44.95
Five Themes Of Geography, The DVD $54.95
Flight DVD $29.95
Florida Keys, The: Islamorada to Key West DVD $39.95
Florida Keys, The: Miami, the Everglades and Key Largo DVD $39.95
Flowering Plants    -   Discontinued DVD
Flowers, Plants and Trees DVD $29.95
Flowers, Plants and Trees / Birds and Rodents DVD $39.95
Food, Diet and Exercise DVD $29.95
Food, Diet and Exercise (Spanish) DVD $29.95
Forces That Shape Our Earth DVD $39.95
Forest Farming DVD $44.95
Formal Essay: Drafting And Editing    -   Discontinued DVD
Formation of the Union and its Early Challenges, The DVD $69.95
Fossils, Rocks and Time DVD $39.95
Founding Fathers Of The United States, The DVD $64.95
Fractional and Negative Powers    -   Discontinued DVD
Fractional Exponents DVD $39.95
Fractions, Decimals and Percents    -   Discontinued DVD
Frank Beamer: Special Teams. DVD $34.95
Frank Solich: Running Backs. DVD $34.95
From Poverty to Purpose, The Ben Carson Story DVD $64.95
From Science to God - Exploring the Mystery of Consciousness    -   Discontinued DVD
Fuel Technology - Transportation Innovations DVD $44.95
Fun Jobs DVD $159.00
Fundamental Geometric Concepts    -   Discontinued DVD
Fundamentals of Probability DVD $39.95
Galaxy - The Milky Way DVD $44.95
Gangs: Tough Decision DVD $64.95
Garmin GPSMAP 700 SERIES - 720, 720s, 740, 740s, 750, 750s DVD $34.95
Garmin OREGON 450, 450t DVD $29.95
Gas Turbines andndash; Energy Powerhouses DVD $44.95
Gauss' Law Cylindrical Symmetry DVD $39.95
Gauss' Law Part 1 DVD $39.95
Gauss' Law Part 2 DVD $39.95
Gauss' Law Part 3 DVD $39.95
Gauss' Law Planar Symmetry DVD $39.95
Gauss' Law Spherical Symmetry DVD $39.95
Gaussian Elimination and Gauss-Jordan Elimination DVD $39.95
Gay/Straight Can We Talk? DVD $39.95
Gems, Metals and Minerals DVD $29.95
Genetic Engineering: Making Plants Grow Plastic DVD $44.95
Genetics and DNA - The Genetic Theories of Aging DVD $44.95
Genocide Factor, The DVD $79.95
Genocide in the First Half of the 20th Century DVD $29.95
Genocide: From Biblical Times through the Ages DVD $29.95
Genocide: The Horror Continues DVD $29.95
Gentle Birth Choices    -   Discontinued DVD
Geographic Definitions DVD $54.95
Geography DVD $29.95
Geologic Time DVD $39.95
Geology Of Caves and Caverns DVD $39.95
Geology: Our Restless Planet DVD $44.95
Geometric Proofs DVD $39.95
Geometric Sequences and Series DVD $39.95
Geometry I    -   Discontinued DVD
Geometry Of Exponential Function Graphs, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Geometry Of Linear Function Graphs, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Geometry Of Quadratic Function Graphs, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Geometry Of Rational Function Graphs, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Geometry Tutor Series - Learning By Example DVD $799.00
Geomorphology: Study Of The Shape Of The Earth DVD $39.95
Getting Charged: Understanding Static Electricity DVD $34.95
Getting Ready DVD $44.95
Getting/Keeping First Job DVD $64.95
Girlhood To Womanhood DVD $44.95
Glaciers That Shape Our Earth DVD $39.95
Glaciers: Clues To Future Climate DVD $39.95
Glass - 21st Century Technology DVD $44.95
Global Brain and The White Hole in Time, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Global Problems and Issues DVD $54.95
Glorious Greens: Broccoli, Asparagus And Artichokes. DVD $19.99
Glory of The Old South, The - Tour Charleston and Beaufort DVD $39.95
God Does Not Play Dice - Albert and Mileva Einstein DVD $69.95
God's Search for You - He is always with Us even When we go Astray DVD $24.95
Gold - Rocks and Minerals DVD $39.95
Good Attitude, A DVD $19.95
Good Manners DVD $19.95
Good News About Cancer, The DVD $34.95
Good Sense Of Humor, A DVD $19.95
Graphics: Science's Helping Hand DVD $44.95
Graphing Equations DVD $39.95
Graphing Inequalities DVD $39.95
Graphing Rational Functions DVD $39.95
Graphing Trig Functions DVD $39.95
Graphs Of Circles DVD $39.95
Graphs Of Functions DVD $39.95
Gravitation And Kepler's Laws Of Motion DVD $39.95
Gravity Is Attractive: What Is Gravity? DVD $34.95
Great Civilizations Of South And Central America, The DVD $64.95
Great Native American Civilizations, The DVD $64.95
Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To DVD $39.95
Greatest Common Factor DVD $39.95
Greatness Of Africa, The DVD $64.95
Greenhorn: A Story of Friendship in the Aftermath of the Holocaust DVD $69.95
Growing Up DVD $44.95
Growing Up Gay and Lesbian    -   Discontinued DVD
Growth Of A Nation DVD $34.95
Guns at School - How Safe Do Teens Feel? DVD $64.95
Guns, Gangs and Violence DVD $64.95
Guns, Gangs and Violence - The Willie Jones Story DVD $24.95
Haint, The DVD $39.95
Hakeem Olajuwon: The Center DVD $34.95
Hawthorne Legacy, The - The Scarlet Letter DVD $69.95
HDTV Made Easy DVD $19.95
Healing - The Fruits of Forgiveness - Resolving Feelings of Anger and Bitterness DVD $24.95
Healing - The Power of Prayer DVD $24.95
Healing a Marriage When Trust is Broken DVD $24.95
Healing Exercises for Body, Mind and Spirit    -   Discontinued DVD
Health Nutrition    -   Discontinued DVD
Health Watch DVD $34.95
Health, Healing and Spirituality - How to Find Wellness in Mind, Body and Spirit DVD $24.95
Health, Healing and Spirituality - How to Improve Your Physical and Emotional Well Being DVD $44.95
Healthy Body / Medicine DVD $39.95
Healthy Body, A DVD $29.95
Healthy Lifestyles: A Guide DVD $64.95
Healthy Living    -   Discontinued DVD
Heat DVD $39.95
Heat Engines and the Second Law of Thermodynamics DVD $39.95
Heat Transfer by Convection, Radiation and Conduction DVD $39.95
Helping Hand, A DVD $19.95
Helping To Heal DVD $34.95
Helping Your Children Achieve Success    -   Discontinued DVD
Helping Your Children Learn    -   Discontinued DVD
Henry Clay and the Struggle for the Union Set DVD $209.85
Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance, The: Classical Dance-Dunhuang DVD $99.00
Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance, The: Classical Dance-Long Sleeve DVD $99.00
Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance, The: Ethnic Dance-Aini DVD $99.00
Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance, The: Ethnic Dance-Dai DVD $99.00
Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance, The: Ethnic Dance-Han DVD $99.00
Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance, The: Ethnic Dance-Inner Mongolian DVD $99.00
Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance, The: Ethnic Dance-Tibetan DVD $99.00
Herpetologist DVD $34.95
High Achievers DVD $34.95
High School Dropouts DVD $64.95
Higher Order Derivatives DVD $39.95
History Of Mexico, The DVD $64.95
History of the Brain, The DVD $44.95
Hitting For Excellence DVD $29.95
Hockey Player DVD $34.95
Home Enlightenment Made Easy DVD $24.95
Home Theater Made Easy DVD $19.95
Homophobia In The Workplace    -   Discontinued DVD
Horse Trainer DVD $34.95
How Things Work DVD $29.95
How Things Work / Electricity and Electric Safety DVD $39.95
How to Build a Strong Marriage for Life DVD $24.95
How to Raise a Moral Teenager DVD $24.95
How to Run for Political Office - An Introduction to Civics, Elections and the American Political System DVD $64.95
How Weather Happens DVD $44.95
Human Made Wonders Of Africa, Australia and The Americas DVD $54.95
Human Wonders Of Europe and Asia DVD $54.95
Hummingbirdandreg; 800 and 900 SERIES 858c, 898c, 958c, 998c DVD $34.95
Hydrate Compounds DVD $39.95
Hydrologic Cycle, The DVD $39.95
Hyperbolic Functions DVD $39.95
I Ain't Drunk - I'm Just Drinking DVD $69.95
Ida B. Wells: A Woman Of Courage    -   Discontinued DVD
Ida B. Wells: Crusader For Human Rights DVD $39.95
Igneous Rocks DVD $39.95
Immunology: The Study of Vaccines DVD $44.95
Improper Integrals DVD $39.95
Improve Speed and Accuracy DVD $39.95
In Medical Science DVD $34.95
In The Steps William Shakespeare London and Stratford DVD $44.95
Inconsistent and Dependent Systems DVD $39.95
Inductive Reasoning and Deductive Reasoning    -   Discontinued DVD
Inelastic and Elastic Collisions DVD $39.95
Inequalities In Geometry    -   Discontinued DVD
Inner Other DVD $34.95
Insects DVD $29.95
Insects / Fish, Shellfish, Underwater Life DVD $39.95
Insects And People DVD $34.95
Inside Weddings    -   Discontinued DVD
Integral Test of Series Convergence DVD $39.95
Integration By Partial Fractions DVD $39.95
Integration By Parts DVD $39.95
Integration By Substitution DVD $39.95
Integration By Trig Substitution DVD $39.95
Interest Problems DVD $39.95
Interior of the Earth: Geology and Landforms DVD $39.95
Intermediate Tumbling DVD $39.95
Internet, The DVD $29.95
Internet, The (Spanish) DVD $29.95
Interpreting An Equilibrium    -   Discontinued DVD
Introduction And Philosophy    -   Discontinued DVD
Introduction To Acrylics DVD $34.95
Introduction To Algebra I    -   Discontinued DVD
Introduction to Chemistry DVD $39.95
Introduction To Equilibrium Problems    -   Discontinued DVD
Introduction to Fractions DVD $39.95
Introduction To Fractions    -   Discontinued DVD
Introduction To Integrals DVD $39.95
Introduction To Molarity    -   Discontinued DVD
Introduction to Multiplication DVD $39.95
Introduction to Polygons DVD $39.95
Introduction To Rocks And Minerals DVD $39.95
Introduction To Sequences DVD $39.95
Introduction To Series DVD $39.95
Introduction To Stoichiometry    -   Discontinued DVD
Introduction To Watercolors and Paint Box DVD $34.95
Introductory Explorations    -   Discontinued DVD
Introductory Explorations I    -   Discontinued DVD
Introductory Explorations II    -   Discontinued DVD
Introductory Functions    -   Discontinued DVD
Inverse Hyperbolic Functions DVD $39.95
Inverse Of a Matrix, The DVD $39.95
Inverse Trigonometric Functions DVD $39.95
Inverses Of Functions DVD $39.95
Ionic Compounds DVD $39.95
Ionic Compounds with Polyatomic Ions DVD $39.95
Ions and Ionic Charge DVD $39.95
Irish Brigade, The DVD $24.95
Is Jesus No. 1? ... the Son of God, the Messiah, our Savior? DVD $24.95
Is This The Cure? DVD $39.95
Isiah Thomas: The Point Guard DVD $34.95
Italian Hand Gestures DVD $24.95
Jack Del Rio: Warrior Linebacker DVD $29.95
Jam Writing And Informal Writing    -   Discontinued DVD
Javelin and Shot Put With Stewart Togher. DVD $34.95
Jeff Gossett: How To Punt Like A Pro DVD $29.95
Jeff Jaeger: Kick It DVD $29.95
Jerry Rice: The Ultimate Receiver DVD $29.95
Jerusalem DVD $34.95
Jesus, Wounded Healer - Spiritual Guidance on How to Improve Your Physical and Emotional Health and Well Being DVD $24.95
Jim Lachey: The Ultimate Protector DVD $29.95
Jobs Going Places DVD $159.00
Jobs In The Media DVD $159.00
Jobs Of Service DVD $159.00
Joe Dumars: The Shooter DVD $34.95
Joe Paterno: Linebackers. DVD $34.95
John Cooper: Defensive Backs. DVD $34.95
Jokes And Their Relation To The Unconscious DVD $39.95
Journey of Grandeur, A - The Barrier Island of Georgia to Jacksonville DVD $39.95
Jupiter - The King Planet DVD $44.95
Kentucky a State Divided - The Battle of Perryville DVD $69.95
Kentucky a State Divided - The Invasion of Kentucky DVD $69.95
Kentucky a State Divided - The Turning Point DVD $69.95
Kicking DVD $34.95
Kids Go To Court DVD $64.95
Kinetic Energy And The Work-Energy Theorem DVD $39.95
Kinetic Theory of Gases DVD $39.95
King Lear DVD $29.95
King Philip's War DVD $64.95
King Richard II DVD $29.95
Knowledge Is Power DVD $49.95
L'Hospital's Rule DVD $39.95
La Chatelier's Principle 1    -   Discontinued DVD
La Chatelier's Principle 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Laboratory Safety And Volume Measurement    -   Discontinued DVD
Labyrinths Their Mystery and Magic - Dragonquest Sacred Sights of Britain    -   Discontinued DVD
Lake Champlain and The Champlain Canal - Cruise along New York's Hudson River DVD $39.95
Lake Champlain and The Champlain Canal - Vermont's Shelburne and Lake Champlain Maritime Museum DVD $39.95
Landscape Collection Watercolor Set DVD $59.95
Langston Hughes: Poet, Social Activist, Novelist, Playwright and Literary Giant DVD $64.95
Language Of Algebra, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Language, Fine Arts and Music DVD $29.95
Language, Fine Arts and Music (Spanish) DVD $29.95
Language, Fine Arts Music / Communication DVD $39.95
Last Poets Live, The DVD $34.95
Latent Heat and Phase Change DVD $39.95
Lateral Area and Surface Area DVD $39.95
Latino Influence On The United States DVD $64.95
Learn To Drive A Stick DVD $24.95
Learn To In-Line Skate DVD $19.95
Learn to Type in just 20 Minutes! DVD $39.95
Learn Your Multiplication Tables DVD $39.95
Learning About Growing Up Series DVD $99.00
Learning Journal And Effective Study Habits, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Least Common Multiple DVD $39.95
Legal Consequences of Underage Drinking VHS $29.95
Lenses and Mirrors DVD $29.95
Lessons Of Love DVD $64.95
Let There Be Light - Nikola Tesla DVD $69.95
Let's Discover Art History! DVD $34.95
Let's Draw People's Bodies! DVD $34.95
Let's Draw People's Faces! DVD $34.95
Let's Explore Watercolors! DVD $34.95
Let's Form A Band: Understanding Sound DVD $34.95
Let's Frame Our Pictures DVD $34.95
Let's Go To DVD $44.95
Let's Learn How To Draw DVD $34.95
Let's Learn How To Use Pastels And Charcoal! DVD $34.95
Let's Size It Up! DVD $34.95
Let's Tell Kids Drugs Are Bad News DVD $34.95
Lever Problems DVD $39.95
Librarian DVD $34.95
Life During The Paleozoic Era DVD $39.95
Life In Cenozoic Times DVD $39.95
Life In Mesozoic Times DVD $39.95
Lifeforms, Animals and Oddities DVD $29.95
Lifeforms, Animals and Oddities / Mammals DVD $39.95
Light DVD $34.95
Light It Right DVD $39.95
Linear Functions And Geometry    -   Discontinued DVD
Lines, Rays and Planes DVD $39.95
Lithography: Theory, Practise, Problems DVD $59.95
Live It Or Die    -   Discontinued DVD
Logarithmic Functions DVD $39.95
Logic Of Constructions Through Applied Theorems (Part 1)    -   Discontinued DVD
Logic Of Constructions Through Applied Theorems (Part 2)    -   Discontinued DVD
Long Division    -   Discontinued DVD
Long Jump and High Jump With John Gillespie. DVD $34.95
Long Road Back to Kentucky: The 1862 Confederate Invasion DVD $69.95
Looking At Functions Recursively    -   Discontinued DVD
Macbeth CD-ROM $89.95
Macbeth DVD $29.95
Macbeth: The Tragic Pair DVD $69.95
Mack Brown: Defensive Line. DVD $34.95
Magic Light Show: What Is Light? DVD $34.95
Magnetic Force At Work DVD $44.95
Magnificent Welles, The DVD $39.95
Mammals DVD $29.95
Manatee, The - An Endangered Species DVD $44.95
Mangrove Mania DVD $34.95
Manufacture of Military Airplanes DVD $39.95
Many Faces Of Lee Harvey Oswald, The DVD $39.95
Map And Globe Terms DVD $54.95
Map Skills DVD $54.95
Marine Biologist DVD $34.95
Marine Biology - The Waters of Southeast Asia DVD $44.95
Mars - The Red Planet DVD $44.95
Marvelous Meats: Beef, Lamb And Pork. DVD $19.99
Mary Mcleod Bethune: Champion For Education DVD $39.95
Mary Mcleod Bethune: The Spirit Of A Champion    -   Discontinued DVD
Mass Murder DVD $39.95
Master Schedule: Planning For Success    -   Discontinued DVD
Math And Number Fun DVD $34.95
Mathematical Expectation DVD $39.95
Matrix Algebra Tutor - Learning By Example DVD $399.95
Matrix Defined, A DVD $39.95
Matrix Determinants DVD $39.95
Matter DVD $49.95
Maximum Science DVD $29.95
Maximum Science One On One (1) DVD $29.95
Maximum Science One On One (2) DVD $29.95
Maximum Science One On One Set DVD $49.95
Mayor DVD $34.95
Mean and Standard Deviation of the Binomial Distribution DVD $39.95
Mean, Median and Mode DVD $39.95
Measurements    -   Discontinued DVD
Media - It's Impact and Influences DVD $64.95
Medians, Altitudes, Perpendicular Bisectors, Angle Bisectors    -   Discontinued DVD
Medical Careers DVD $159.00
Medical Hypnosis DVD $34.95
Medical Leaders DVD $34.95
Medical Qigong DVD $34.95
Medical Science Careers DVD $34.95
Medical Series, The DVD $134.85
Medical Technician DVD $34.95
Medicine DVD $29.95
Medicine - Revolutionary Brain Surgery DVD $44.95
Meiosis    -   Discontinued DVD
Melville Legacy, The - Moby Dick DVD $69.95
Men In Men's Dreams DVD $34.95
Men In Women's Dreams DVD $34.95
Mendelian Genetics    -   Discontinued DVD
Mercury - The Inside Track DVD $44.95
Merry Wives of Windsor DVD $29.95
Metamorphic Rocks DVD $39.95
Meteorology - Predicting Dangerous Weather DVD $44.95
Meteorology: Lightning - Mysterious Power DVD $44.95
Meteorology: The Mystery of the Wind DVD $44.95
Metric System and SI Units, The DVD $39.95
Middle Distance, Hurdles and Sprints With Bill Dellinger, John Gillespie and George Walcott. DVD $34.95
Mighty Mississippi, The - Discover Memphis, Graceland and Vicksburg DVD $39.95
Mighty Mississippi, The - Lake Pontchartrain to the Big Easy DVD $39.95
Mighty Mississippi, The - Natchez to Baton Rouge DVD $39.95
Mineralogist DVD $34.95
Mineralogy: Conserving Our Precious Minerals DVD $44.95
Missouri Compromise of 1820 to the Tariff Compromise of 1833, The DVD $69.95
Mitosis - Cell Division    -   Discontinued DVD
Mixed and Improper Fractions DVD $39.95
Mixture Problems DVD $39.95
Modeling Real-World Data With Linear Functions    -   Discontinued DVD
Modeling Real-World Data With Quadratic Functions    -   Discontinued DVD
Mole Concept, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Mole, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Moliere Retold: Tartuffe DVD $69.95
Moliere Retold: The Misanthrope DVD $69.95
Momentum and Impulse DVD $39.95
Monerans, Protists, Plants And Animals    -   Discontinued DVD
Money Management DVD $64.95
More Methods DVD $34.95
More Than Stretch - Senior Fitness For Good Health DVD $19.95
More Theorems Related To Congruent Triangles    -   Discontinued DVD
Movement of the Human Body DVD $44.95
Multi-Cultural History Of The United States Part One: Pre-History Through 1699 DVD $64.95
Multi-Cultural History Of The United States Part Three: 1850 Through Present DVD $64.95
Multi-Cultural History Of The United States Part Two: 1700 Through 1849 DVD $64.95
Multi-Cultural World You're About To Enter, The DVD $64.95
Multiple Representations Of Linear Functions    -   Discontinued DVD
Multiplication DVD $34.95
Multiplication and Division    -   Discontinued DVD
Multiplication and Division Of Integers    -   Discontinued DVD
Multiplication Problems DVD $39.95
Multiplication Property Of Equality, The DVD $29.95
Multiply/Divide Radical Expressions DVD $39.95
Multiplying and Dividing Decimals    -   Discontinued DVD
Multiplying Decimals DVD $39.95
Multiplying Expressions DVD $39.95
Multiplying Fractions DVD $39.95
Multiplying Fractions DVD $39.95
Multiplying Fractions    -   Discontinued DVD
Multiplying Fractions DVD $39.95
Multiplying Integers DVD $39.95
Multiplying Matrices DVD $39.95
Multiplying Whole Numbers DVD $39.95
Muscles And Blood Vessels DVD $34.95
Muscular And Integumentary Systems, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Naming Molecular Compounds DVD $39.95
Nathaniel H Bonner Sr DVD $34.95
Native American History DVD $64.95
Native American Influence On The United States DVD $64.95
Natural Born Babies - A Modern Day Viewpoint of Natural Childbirth DVD $29.95
Natural Wonders Of The World DVD $54.95
Nature's Chemical Wonder - Acid Caves Explored DVD $44.95
Nervous And Skeletal Systems, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Never Again? Genocide since the Holocaust DVD $29.95
New England Islands: Small Ship Cruising - Discover Nantucket; Block Island and Newport DVD $39.95
New England Islands: Small Ship Cruising - Explore Cuttyhunk and Martha's Vineyard DVD $39.95
New York State's Finger Lakes - Cayuga Lake and Ithaca DVD $39.95
New York State's Finger Lakes - Seneca Falls, Watkins Glen, Canandaigua and Skaneateles Lake DVD $39.95
Newspaper Editor DVD $34.95
Newton's Laws Of Motion DVD $39.95
Newton's Laws Of Motion With Friction DVD $39.95
Newton's Wagon: Understanding Motion DVD $34.95
Normal Probability Density DVD $39.95
Number Crunching DVD $49.95
Number Patterns I    -   Discontinued DVD
Number Patterns II    -   Discontinued DVD
Number Problems DVD $39.95
Number Theory    -   Discontinued DVD
Numbers and Quantities DVD $44.95
Nurse DVD $34.95
Obesity and Health DVD $64.95
On Walden Pond, Summer and Winter - Henry David Thoreau Reflections The Life and Writings of Henry David Thoreau DVD $69.95
Order of Operations DVD $39.95
Organic Compounds    -   Discontinued DVD
Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion - Part 1 DVD $39.95
Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion - Part 2 DVD $39.95
Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion - Part 3 DVD $39.95
Osmosis And Cell Permeability    -   Discontinued DVD
Othello DVD $29.95
Overcoming Anxiety and Phobias - How to Conquer and Start Living a Life of Confidence DVD $24.95
Overcoming Intolerance In A Multi-Cultural Classroom DVD $64.95
Overcoming Prejudice And Discrimination Through Multi-Culturalism DVD $64.95
Overview of the Periodic Table DVD $39.95
Pad Drills DVD $39.95
Paleontologist DVD $34.95
Palm 100 Series DVD $19.95
Palm 100 Series (M125 and M130 Units) DVD $19.95
Palm 500 Series DVD $19.95
Palm 500 Series (M515) DVD $19.95
Palm Tungsten T. DVD $19.95
Palm Zire DVD $19.95
Parallel Lines, Skew Lines, Parallel Planes    -   Discontinued DVD
Parallelograms    -   Discontinued DVD
Parametric Equations DVD $39.95
Parenting Your Parents DVD $24.95
Park Ranger DVD $34.95
Parrish Blue - American Art History DVD $39.95
Party Drugs DVD $64.95
Party's Over, The DVD $64.95
Paul Robeson    -   Discontinued DVD
Paul Robeson: 20th Century Renaissance Man, Entertainer and Activist DVD $39.95
Peer Pressure DVD $64.95
Pendulums and Resonance DVD $39.95
People, Places and Interesting Things DVD $29.95
People, Places and Interesting Things (Spanish) DVD $29.95
People, Places and Interesting Things / Geography DVD $39.95
Percent Composition and Empirical    -   Discontinued DVD
Percent Problems    -   Discontinued DVD
Percents DVD $39.95
Perimeter DVD $39.95
Perimeter, Circumference and Area DVD $39.95
Periodic Table And Chemical Elements, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Permutations DVD $39.95
Personality Types DVD $34.95
Phil Fulmer: Offensive Line. DVD $34.95
Philosophy Of Learning: The Right Attitude    -   Discontinued DVD
Photographer DVD $34.95
Photography Close-Up DVD $29.95
Physical Geography Of The United States DVD $39.95
Physical Therapist DVD $34.95
Physician, The: Dr. Asa Yancy DVD $34.95
Physics & Engineering Solar Energy DVD $44.95
Physics - The Science of Athletic Performance DVD $44.95
Physics 2 Tutor Series, The - Learning By Example DVD $1,078.65
Physics 3 Tutor: Learning by Example DVD $639.20
Physics Tutor Series - Learning By Example DVD $958.80
Physics: Gravity And Forces DVD $44.95
Physics: Understanding Gravity DVD $44.95
Pieces Of The Past/Science DVD $29.95
Pilgrim Fathers, The DVD $64.95
Planning Proofs In Geometry    -   Discontinued DVD
Planning Your Career DVD $64.95
Planning Your Time DVD $19.95
Plastics: Problems And Solutions DVD $44.95
Points, Lines and Planes DVD $39.95
Poisson Probability Distribution DVD $39.95
Polar Coordinates DVD $39.95
Polar Equations DVD $39.95
Pollution DVD $29.95
Polygons and Quadrilaterals DVD $39.95
Polygons and Their Angles    -   Discontinued DVD
Polynomial Explorations (Degree Greater Than Two)    -   Discontinued DVD
Poona DVD $39.95
Ports and Pilots DVD $39.95
Positive 20's DVD $39.95
Positive Thinking DVD $19.95
Potential Energy And Energy Conservation DVD $39.95
Power DVD $39.95
Power from the Ocean Tides DVD $44.95
Power Hitting and Conquering The Curveball DVD $29.95
Powers and Exponents DVD $39.95
Pre-Algebra Tutor - Learning By Example DVD $958.80
Predicting The Future DVD $49.95
Prehistoric Animals and Reptiles DVD $29.95
Preparing For College DVD $64.95
Preparing Logical Reasons For A Two-Column Proof    -   Discontinued DVD
Preparing Your First Resume DVD $64.95
Prime Factorization DVD $39.95
Prisms, Pyramids and Polyhedra    -   Discontinued DVD
Private Airplane Pilot DVD $34.95
Probability    -   Discontinued DVD
Probability and Statistics Tutor - Learning By Example DVD $559.30
Problem Solving Techniques    -   Discontinued DVD
Problem Solving With Linear Equations    -   Discontinued DVD
Problem Solving With Quadratic Equations    -   Discontinued DVD
Problems Involving Averages DVD $39.95
Problems Involving Geometry DVD $39.95
Problems Involving Quadratic Equations DVD $39.95
Problems Involving Speed, Distance and Time DVD $39.95
Professionals At Work DVD $159.00
Projectile Motion DVD $39.95
Proof DVD $39.95
Properties Of Fuels And Gases, The DVD $44.95
Propulsion andndash; Technological Advances DVD $44.95
Prostate Cancer - Men share their Struggles, Coping Skills and Hope Inspired by Faith DVD $24.95
Protein Synthesis    -   Discontinued DVD
Protists - Protozoa    -   Discontinued DVD
Pythagorean Theorem DVD $39.95
Pythagorean Theorem, The DVD $39.95
Quadratic Formula, The DVD $39.95
Quadratic Functions DVD $39.95
Quadrilaterals DVD $39.95
Quantitative Reasoning Pt. 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Quantitative Reasoning Pt. 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Race, Gender And Sexuality DVD $34.95
Racial Tension On Campus DVD $64.95
Radio Astronomy - The Alma Telescope DVD $44.95
Raising a Child with Autism and Special Needs DVD $24.95
Raising Self-Esteem For African-American Students DVD $64.95
Raising Young Children with Mental Health Disorders DVD $24.95
Ralph Ellison: Invisible Man, Celebrated Writer DVD $39.95
Ralph Ellison: The Self-Taught Writer    -   Discontinued DVD
Random Variables and Introduction to Probability Distributions DVD $39.95
Rap Report 2, The DVD $34.95
Rap Report, The DVD $34.95
Rapmatics    -   Discontinued DVD
Ratio and Proportion DVD $39.95
Ratio and Proportion DVD $599.25
Ratio and Root Test of Series Convergence DVD $39.95
Ratio, Proportion And Similarity    -   Discontinued DVD
Ratios and Proportions    -   Discontinued DVD
Raven, The - Edgar Allan Poe DVD $69.95
Reaching Youth DVD $34.95
Real Life Teens Drug Addiction DVD $64.95
Real Life Teens: Blowing Smoke, Vaping Teens and Smoking Addiction DVD $64.95
Real Numbers and The Number Line DVD $39.95
Rectangles, Rhombuses and Squares    -   Discontinued DVD
Recycle, Reduce, Reuse    -   Discontinued DVD
Recycling Technology - Waste Not, Want Not DVD $44.95
Refrigerators DVD $39.95
Reggie White: The Minister Of Defense DVD $29.95
Related Rates DVD $39.95
Relating To Dreams - The Method DVD $34.95
Relationship of Viruses And Bacteria to Disease, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Removing Grouping Symbols DVD $29.95
Reproduction DVD $34.95
Reproductive And Endocrine Systems, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Research In Public Health DVD $34.95
Research Paper: A Demonstration    -   Discontinued DVD
Resisting Peer Pressure DVD $64.95
Responsibility DVD $19.95
Retreat From Gettysburg - Lee's Escape DVD $69.95
Retreat From Gettysburg - The Aftermath DVD $69.95
Retreat From Gettysburg - The Retreat DVD $69.95
Retreat From Gettysburg: Lee, Logistics and The Pennsylvania Campaign DVD $69.95
Revolution In America, The DVD $34.95
Richard Wright: Native Son, Author and Activist DVD $39.95
Richard Wright: Writing Is His Weapon    -   Discontinued DVD
Riding the Storm - Landslide Danger: Geology and Landforms DVD $39.95
Right Triangles and The Pythagorean Theorem    -   Discontinued DVD
Right-Triangle Trigonometry    -   Discontinued DVD
Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The Samuel Taylor Coleridge DVD $69.95
Robotics - Challenges for the Future DVD $44.95
Robotics andndash; Advances in Engineering DVD $44.95
Robots, Our Future Servants DVD $44.95
Rocks and Minerals DVD $29.95
Rodeo Rider DVD $34.95
Rodney Hampton: The Complete Running Back DVD $29.95
Romeo and Juliet CD-ROM $89.95
Romeo and Juliet DVD $29.95
Romeo and Juliet - The Tragic Lovers DVD $69.95
Ronnie Lott: Master Of The Imact Zone DVD $29.95
Roots For Pride DVD $34.95
Rosa Parks: The First Lady of the Civil Rights Movement DVD $64.95
Rotational Equations Of Motion DVD $39.95
Rotational Equilibrium DVD $39.95
Row Equivalent Matrices DVD $39.95
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, The Edward Fitzgerald DVD $69.95
Running Water-How It Erodes And Deposits DVD $39.95
Runway Model DVD $34.95
Sadhana - An Enchanted Journey Back to the Source    -   Discontinued DVD
Safe And Secure In The 21st Century DVD $44.95
Safety In The Woodshop DVD $79.95
Salesperson DVD $34.95
Saturn - Lord of the Rings DVD $44.95
Saving Earth's Animals DVD $44.95
Scalars And Vectors DVD $39.95
Science Careers DVD $159.00
Science Of Light, The DVD $44.95
Science Technology - Archaeology Technological Advances DVD $44.95
Science Technology - Glass A Window on the Future DVD $44.95
Science Technology - Light Wave Technology New Advances DVD $44.95
Science Technology - Skyscraper Reaching New Heights DVD $44.95
Science, Sound and Energy DVD $29.95
Science, Sound and Energy / Anatomy and Genetics DVD $39.95
Scientific Notation DVD $39.95
Scientific Problem Solving DVD $49.95
Search for Extraterrestrial Life, The DVD $44.95
Search for Personal Faith, The DVD $24.95
Searching for God - How to Build Your Spiritual Strength DVD $24.95
Searching for God - How to find Resolution, Acceptance, Hope and Renewed Faith DVD $44.95
Seascape Collection Watercolor Set DVD $29.95
Secrets to a Lasting Marriage, The DVD $24.95
Secrets to a Lasting Marriage, The - How to Create a Marriage that will last a Lifetime DVD $54.95
Sedimentary Rocks And Their Formation DVD $39.95
Seeing The Scientific Light DVD $59.95
Seeing The World Through Numbers DVD $49.95
Segment Postulates and Angle Postulates DVD $39.95
Segments, Rays and Angles DVD $39.95
Self Destruction DVD $64.95
Self Esteem DVD $64.95
Self-Esteem For Latino Students DVD $64.95
Self-Esteem For Native American Students DVD $64.95
Self-Esteem/1st Job DVD $64.95
Self-Ionization Of Water, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Sequences DVD $39.95
Series DVD $39.95
Sex and Abstinence DVD $24.95
Sex Talk DVD $24.95
Sexual Responsibility DVD $64.95
Shakespeare And The Spanish Connection DVD $64.95
Shakespeare Conspiracy, The DVD $64.95
Shakespeare Set DVD $84.95
Shakespeares Globe Restored DVD $44.95
Shapes and Colors DVD $44.95
Ships, Aircraft and Weapons of the U.S.N. DVD $29.95
Shirley Chisholm: First Black Congresswoman DVD $39.95
Shirley Chisolm: The Leader DVD $34.95
Short Stroke and Over Load Training DVD $29.95
Show Me Science Earth Science - Meteorology - Studying Severe Weather DVD $44.95
Shrimp Boat Captain DVD $34.95
Si (Metric) System Of Measure, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Sign Language Series 1-4 DVD $99.00
Sign Language Series 13-16 DVD $99.00
Sign Language Series 17-20 DVD $99.00
Sign Language Series 21-24 DVD $99.00
Sign Language Series 25-28 DVD $99.00
Sign Language Series 29-32 DVD $99.00
Sign Language Series 33-36 DVD $99.00
Sign Language Series 37-40 DVD $99.00
Sign Language Series 5-8 DVD $99.00
Sign Language Series 9-12 DVD $99.00
Significant Figures in Calculations DVD $39.95
Similar Triangles    -   Discontinued DVD
Similar Triangles DVD $39.95
Simplifying Fractions DVD $39.95
Simplifying Radical Expressions DVD $39.95
Skin, The - Our Largest Organ DVD $44.95
Skyscraper - Reaching the Skies DVD $44.95
Slope Of A Line, The DVD $39.95
Smoking DVD $64.95
Snakes In Dreams DVD $34.95
Soccer    -   Discontinued DVD
Soccerobics DVD $34.95
Social Media Addiction DVD $64.95
Sofia: Sky Telescope DVD $59.95
Soil DVD $54.95
Solar Energy DVD $29.95
Solar Power - An Alternative Energy Source DVD $44.95
Solar System, The DVD $34.95
Solubility Equilibria    -   Discontinued DVD
Solutions Involving Area DVD $39.95
Solutions Involving Density DVD $39.95
Solutions Involving Length Conversion DVD $39.95
Solutions Involving Mass and Weight DVD $39.95
Solutions Involving Speed DVD $39.95
Solutions Involving Volume DVD $39.95
Solving Equations With Radicals DVD $39.95
Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations DVD $39.95
Solving Integrals DVD $39.95
Solving Molarity Problems    -   Discontinued DVD
Solving Mole Problems    -   Discontinued DVD
Solving Polynomial Equations DVD $39.95
Solving Simple Equations    -   Discontinued DVD
Solving Single Step Equations DVD $39.95
Solving Systems Of Equations By Addition DVD $39.95
Solving Systems Of Equations By Graphing DVD $39.95
Solving Systems Of Equations By Substitution DVD $39.95
Solving Systems Of Equations In Three Variables DVD $39.95
Solving Systems Using Matrix Inverses DVD $39.95
Sony Clie Handhelds Made Easy (NZ90,TG50, SJ22, UX, NX, TJ, TH55) DVD $19.95
Sound Intensity and Sound Level DVD $39.95
Space Exploration DVD $44.95
Space Race, Vietnam, Watergate, 21st Century DVD $34.95
Space Science - Everyday Astronauts DVD $44.95
Space Science - Studying Distant Pluto DVD $44.95
Space, Earth and Atmosphere DVD $29.95
Space, Earth and Atmosphere / Gems, Metals and Minerals DVD $39.95
Special Effects Make-Up Artist DVD $34.95
Special Friends DVD $19.95
Special Right Triangles    -   Discontinued DVD
Spectacular Sharks DVD $44.95
Speed of Sound Waves DVD $39.95
Spelling DVD $44.95
Spike And Jim DVD $34.95
Spine and Spinal Cord, The: The Body's Control DVD $44.95
Spiritual Guidance - How to Deal with Spiritual Challenges and Knowledge that GOD is Always with Us even When We Go Astray DVD $44.95
Spirituality of Childbirth, The - Embracing Pregnancy and Motherhood DVD $24.95
Splendor Of Ancient Egypt, The DVD $64.95
Sports Agent DVD $34.95
Sports and Games DVD $29.95
Sports Radio Talk Show Host DVD $34.95
Sportscamp Set DVD $59.95
Spring Water from the Sea DVD $44.95
Stalin's Psychiatrist - Joseph Stalin DVD $69.95
Standard Deviation and Variance DVD $39.95
Standing Waves and Resonance - Part 1 DVD $39.95
Standing Waves and Resonance - Part 2 DVD $39.95
States Of Matter: Solid, Liquid And Gas DVD $44.95
Statistics    -   Discontinued DVD
Staying Focused DVD $64.95
STD's DVD $64.95
Still Life Collection Watercolor Set DVD $59.95
Stoichiometry Problems    -   Discontinued DVD
Stoned at School DVD $64.95
Stop Struggling With Your Child DVD $64.95
Stories of Faith - Experience Gods empowerment to Serve Others in Inspiring Ways DVD $24.95
Stories of the Soul: Life After September 11 - How Faith helps to rebuild lives and teaches us how to deal with some of the greatest spiritual challenges of our time DVD $24.95
Straight DVD $39.95
Strange Creatures DVD $34.95
Stress DVD $64.95
Stride To Excellence DVD $34.95
Strong Acids And Bases 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Strong Acids And Bases 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Structure of DNA And RNA    -   Discontinued DVD
Struggles for Parents Raising Teenagers DVD $24.95
Struggling with Mental Illness DVD $24.95
Student Guide To The Multi-Cultural Classroom, The DVD $64.95
Subtracting 1 and 2 Digit Numbers DVD $39.95
Subtracting 3 and 4 Digit Numbers DVD $39.95
Subtracting Decimals DVD $39.95
Subtracting Fractions DVD $39.95
Subtracting Fractions DVD $39.95
Subtracting Fractions    -   Discontinued DVD
Subtracting Integers DVD $39.95
Subtracting Whole Numbers DVD $39.95
Succulent Seafood: Shrimp, Crab and Lobster DVD $19.99
Suicidal Signs - Depression, Self-Mutilation, RAD DVD $64.95
Sun, The - Powerhouse of the Solar System DVD $44.95
Sun, The: Heat, Light and Life DVD $44.95
Super Skills and Heading DVD $34.95
Superposition and Interference of Waves DVD $39.95
Support for Parents - Community Involvement - Providing a Positive Moral Influence on a Child's Life DVD $24.95
Surface Area of Revolution In Parametric Equations DVD $39.95
Survival Tips For Teens DVD $64.95
Symbiotic Relationships DVD $34.95
Systems Of Functions And Equations    -   Discontinued DVD
Systems Of Inequalities    -   Discontinued DVD
Systems Of Linear Functions And Equations    -   Discontinued DVD
Tailor DVD $34.95
Taming of the Shrew DVD $29.95
Tangental Speed And Centripetal Force DVD $39.95
Tangents, Arcs and Chords Of A Circle    -   Discontinued DVD
Teacher DVD $34.95
Teaching Henry David Thoreau - Botanist, Environmentalist and Journalist DVD $69.95
Teaching Ralph Waldo Emerson - Philosopher, Writer and Intellectual DVD $69.95
Technology: Science in the Third World DVD $44.95
Technology: The Microscope-Our Window on the World DVD $44.95
Teen Anger DVD $64.95
Teen Depression DVD $64.95
Teen Driving DVD $64.95
Teen Pregnancy DVD $64.95
Teen Rebellion DVD $64.95
Teenage Depression DVD $64.95
Teenage Depression VHS $64.95
Teens and Disabilities DVD $64.95
Teens and Gangs DVD $64.95
Teens and Global Warming DVD $64.95
Teens and Money DVD $64.95
Teens and Runaways DVD $64.95
Teens and The Law DVD $64.95
Teens with Mental Health Issues and Suicidal Tendencies DVD $24.95
Telescopes And Binoculars DVD $34.95
Television Reporter DVD $34.95
Temperature DVD $39.95
Tempest, The DVD $29.95
Textiles Carbon Fibers, Flexible and Tough DVD $44.95
The Southern Cross: The Story of the Confederacy's First Battleflag DVD $69.95
Thermometers and Temperature Scales DVD $39.95
Things In A Day DVD $44.95
Thinking Power DVD $34.95
Thousand Islands, The: US and Canadian Ports - New York's Oswego Canal to the Port of Oswego DVD $39.95
Thousand Islands, The: US and Canadian Ports - Visit the New York towns of Clayton and Ogdensburg DVD $39.95
Thurgood Marshall: America's First African American Supreme Court Justice DVD $64.95
Time, Money and Measurement DVD $29.95
Time, Money and Measurement / Flight DVD $39.95
Timeless Trip Through The Erie Canal, A andndash; Lockport to Newark DVD $39.95
Tom Osborne: Practice, Organization and Game Strategies DVD $34.95
Toronto Welsh Male Vocal Choir, The DVD $29.95
Torque DVD $39.95
Train With Big Game: Torry Holt DVD $29.95
Training American Airmen: WWI DVD $39.95
Training and Practice DVD $19.95
Transformations Of Functions DVD $39.95
Transportation - Automotive Innovations DVD $44.95
Transportation - Automotive Safety Innovations DVD $44.95
Transportation In The Next Century DVD $44.95
Transverse Waves - Part 1 DVD $39.95
Transverse Waves - Part 2 DVD $39.95
Trapezoids, Isosceles Trapezoids, And Kites    -   Discontinued DVD
Travel Agent DVD $34.95
Traveling Sound Waves Part 1 DVD $39.95
Traveling Sound Waves Part 2 DVD $39.95
Triangles    -   Discontinued DVD
Trig Identities DVD $39.95
Trigonometric Integrals DVD $39.95
Trigonometry Tutor Series, The DVD $359.55
Trip through the Circulatory System, A DVD $44.95
Triple Jump and Pole Vault With John Gillespie and Dan West. DVD $34.95
Troubled Teens - Talk Alcohol Addiction DVD $64.95
Troubled Teens - Talk Drug Addiction DVD $64.95
Troubled Teens - Talk Gambling Addiction DVD $64.95
Troubled Teens - Talk Sex Addiction DVD $64.95
Troubled Teens - Talk Social Media Addiction DVD $64.95
Troubled Teens - Talk Video Gaming Addiction DVD $64.95
Truck Driver DVD $34.95
Truck Driver Safety. DVD $79.95
Truth About Slavery In History, The DVD $64.95
Tupac Shakur: A New Look DVD $34.95
Twain Legacy, The - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn DVD $69.95
Types Of Maps and Map Projections DVD $54.95
Types of Triangles DVD $39.95
U.S. Immigrants: A Multi-Cultural Journey DVD $64.95
Ultimate Power of Prayer, The - Learn How to Heal, Forgive and Find the Spiritual Guidance to Surrender to Christ DVD $44.95
Under The Waves: Creatures Of The Abyss DVD $34.95
Underground Water DVD $39.95
Understanding Clouds - Meteorological Wonders DVD $44.95
Understanding Earthquakes DVD $44.95
Understanding Weather DVD $34.95
Underwater World of Coral Reefs, The DVD $44.95
Unique Challenges and Pressures of Single Parenting, The DVD $24.95
Unit Conversion Tutor Series, The - Learning By Example DVD $319.60
Units and Unit Conversions DVD $39.95
Unsung Hero: The Horse in the Civil War DVD $69.95
Uranus and Neptune - Outer Gas Giants DVD $44.95
Using Acrylics Introduction To Landscapes DVD $34.95
Using Acrylics Introduction To Seascapes DVD $34.95
Using Acrylics Introduction To Still Life DVD $34.95
Using Iteration As A Problem-Solving Tool    -   Discontinued DVD
Using Matrices To Solve Linear Systems    -   Discontinued DVD
Using The Calculator    -   Discontinued DVD
Using Watercolors Introduction To Landscapes DVD $34.95
Using Watercolors Introduction To Seascapes DVD $34.95
Using Watercolors Introduction To Still Life DVD $34.95
Uttaramerur - The Kailasanatha Temple - Preserving Heritage of an Ancient Civilization DVD $29.95
Value Of A Good Education, The DVD $19.95
Variables and Expressions DVD $39.95
Variations Of Congruent Triangles    -   Discontinued DVD
Vegetarian Diet, The DVD $34.95
Vegetation DVD $54.95
Velocity And Acceleration In One Dimension DVD $39.95
Venus - The Hostile Planet DVD $44.95
Veterinarian DVD $34.95
Video Analysis DVD $29.95
Video Editing: Titles and Graphics DVD $39.95
Vietnam: Hell Along The Mekong DVD $24.95
Vlad The Impaler - The True Story Of Dracula DVD $39.95
Volcanoes Of The United States DVD $39.95
Volume and Introduction to Proofs DVD $39.95
Volume of Prisms and Pyramids DVD $39.95
Walking on oil - Alberta's Oil Sands DVD $59.95
Wall Work DVD $29.95
Waste of Candy DVD $69.95
Wasting Away DVD $64.95
Wasting Away VHS $64.95
Water and Weather DVD $29.95
Water and Weather / Ecosystems and Environment DVD $39.95
Waters Of The World DVD $39.95
Waves, Coastlines And Beaches DVD $39.95
Weak Acids And Bases    -   Discontinued DVD
Weapons and Violence DVD $64.95
Weather and Climate DVD $54.95
Weather Systems DVD $49.95
Weathering And Erosion DVD $39.95
Website Designer DVD $34.95
Welding Class DVD $79.95
Well-Rounded High School Student, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Wetland Animals - Banded Stilts DVD $44.95
Wetlands, Marshes and Swamps DVD $39.95
What Is a Derivative? DVD $39.95
What Is a Percentage? DVD $39.95
What is Atheism? DVD $44.95
What is Buddhism? DVD $44.95
What is Evangelical Christianity?  DVD $44.95
What is First Nations? DVD $44.95
What is Hinduism? DVD $44.95
What is Islam? DVD $44.95
What is Judaism? DVD $44.95
What is Mennonite?  DVD $44.95
What is Pentecostalism?  DVD $44.95
What is Sikhism?  DVD $44.95
What is Wicca?  DVD $44.95
What is Zoroastrianis? DVD $44.95
When God Seems Silent - Hope and Renewed Faith DVD $24.95
Where the Sea Meets the Shore DVD $44.95
Why Is The Ocean Salty DVD $39.95
Why Me, God? DVD $24.95
WII, Prohibition, Roaring Twenties, Great Depression, WWII and The Cold War DVD $34.95
Wind Power - A Renewable Energy Source DVD $44.95
Wipe Out Bullying - Bully Think Twice - How to Deal with a Bully DVD $64.95
Wipe Out Bullying - The 4 Types of Bullying - Physical, Verbal, Exclusion, Online DVD $64.95
Wipe Out Bullying - Where Does Bullying Happen? How to Deal with Physical Threats and Intimidation DVD $64.95
Wipe Out Bullying - Why Do Bullies Bully? Who they Pick On and Why DVD $64.95
Women In Men's Dreams DVD $34.95
Women In Space DVD $34.95
Women In Women's Dreams DVD $34.95
Women Leaders in Corporate America - How to Incorporate a Strong faith as part of Life at Work and at Home DVD $24.95
Wonders Of Astronomy and Space Series, The DVD $269.70
Wonders of Earth Science DVD $539.40
Wonders of Physiology, The - The Human Body Series DVD $224.75
Wonders of Technology, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology Science Series DVD $629.30
Words, Equations, Numbers And Graphs    -   Discontinued DVD
Words, Equations, Numbers And Graphs    -   Discontinued DVD
Work DVD $39.95
Work of the Wind, The - Colorado's Sand Dunes: Geology of the U.S. DVD $39.95
Work Problems DVD $39.95
Work, Heat and PV Diagrams DVD $39.95
Working Around Electricity DVD $79.95
Working with Angles DVD $39.95
Working With Animals DVD $159.00
Working With Exponential Functions And Equations    -   Discontinued DVD
Working with Intersecting Lines DVD $39.95
Working With Rational Functions And Equations    -   Discontinued DVD
Workshop and Vision Training DVD $29.95
Writing And Balancing Chemical Reaction    -   Discontinued DVD
Writing Equations Of Lines DVD $39.95
WWII Navy Warfare: Attack Carrier DVD $29.95
Young Minds Numbers and Counting DVD $39.95
Your Body, God's Creation - How to Incorporate Good Nutrition into Your Daily Diet and Lifestyle DVD $24.95
Your First Job Interview DVD $64.95
Your Heart And Diabetes DVD $34.95
Youth And Drugs DVD $64.95
Youth And Drugs VHS $64.95
Youth And Guns DVD $64.95
Youth And Guns VHS $64.95
Youth in Prison - Giving Hope and New Direction DVD $24.95
Zeros Of Polynomials DVD $39.95
Zookeeper DVD $34.95
Zoology - The Magnificient Macaw DVD $44.95
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