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Titles for Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc.

18th Century Turning Points in U.S. History DVD $149.99
19th Century Turning Points in U.S. History DVD $149.99
20th Century Turning Points in U.S. History DVD $149.99
21st Century Turning Points in U.S. History (2000 - 2009) DVD $119.99
Advanced Placement Human Geography: Making Sense of Planet Earth DVD $249.99
All's Well That Ends Well DVD $39.99
America's National Monuments: Legacy of the Great Plains DVD $129.99
America's National Monuments: The Geologic West DVD $129.99
America's National Monuments: The Historic South DVD $129.99
America's Prehistoric Civilizations: The Mound Builders DVD $49.99
America: Discovery to Resolution DVD $149.99
Ancient Britain-Stonehenge to Celtic Iron Age Forts DVD $49.99
Ancient History: Rome Reexamined DVD $99.99
Ancient History: The Maya DVD $49.99
Ancient Pueblo People: The Anasazi DVD $49.99
Antony and Cleopatra DVD $39.99
Art of the Netherlands DVD $99.99
As You Like It DVD $39.99
Ascent of Man DVD $99.99
BBC Shakespeare Plays DVD $749.99
BBC Shakespeare: Comedies DVD $99.99
BBC Shakespeare: Histories DVD $99.99
BBC Shakespeare: Tragedy DVD $99.99
BBC Shakespeare: Tragedy II DVD $99.99
Beckett on Film DVD $149.99
Body Atlas    -   Discontinued DVD
Burt Wolf -What We Eat DVD $79.99
California DVD $149.99
Childhood    -   Discontinued DVD
Classical European Composers DVD $99.99
Comedy of Errors, The DVD $39.99
Complete DVD History of U.S. Wars, The DVD $79.99
Connections 1 DVD $99.99
Connections 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Connections 3    -   Discontinued DVD
Core Astronomy DVD $49.99
Core Biology DVD $129.99
Core Biology: Animal Sciences DVD $49.99
Core Biology: Environmental Science DVD $49.99
Core Biology: Microbiology and Genetics DVD $49.99
Core Biology: Plant Sciences DVD $49.99
Core Chemistry DVD $49.99
Core Geology DVD $49.99
Core Meteorology: Atmosphere DVD $49.99
Core Meteorology: Climates DVD $49.99
Core Meteorology: Weather DVD $49.99
Core Physics DVD $79.99
Core Physics: Classical Physics DVD $49.99
Core Physics: Modern Physics DVD $49.99
Coriolanus DVD $39.99
Cymbeline DVD $39.99
DVD History of the U.S. Constitution, A DVD $79.99
Eisenhower's Secret War DVD $99.99
Glaciers DVD $49.99
Glaciers and Ice Caps: The Melting DVD $49.99
Global Warming: Science and Solutions DVD $79.99
Global Warming: The Rising Storm DVD $79.99
Great African American Authors DVD $199.99
Great American Authors: Since 1650 DVD $79.99
Great Artists    -   Discontinued DVD
Great Authors of the British Isles DVD $199.99
Great Directors, The: The Making of 21st Century Hollywood DVD $199.99
Great Irish Authors DVD $49.99
Greek Accomplishments DVD $49.99
Greek City-State and Democracy, The DVD $49.99
Hamlet DVD $39.99
Healing and the Mind DVD $129.99
Henry IV Part I DVD $39.99
Henry IV Part II DVD $39.99
Henry V DVD $39.99
Henry VI Part I DVD $39.99
Henry VI Part II DVD $39.99
Henry VI Part III DVD $39.99
Henry VIII DVD $39.99
History of American Indian Achievement, A DVD $79.99
History of Black Achievement in America, A DVD $79.99
History of Chinese American Achievement, A DVD $79.99
History of Christianity, A: The First Three Thousand Years DVD $79.99
History of Civil Rights in America, A DVD $199.99
History of Equal Rights In America, A DVD $199.99
History of Great Playwrights, A DVD $149.90
History of Hispanic Achievement in America, A DVD $79.99
History of Jewish American Achievement, A DVD $79.99
History of Western Art DVD $99.99
History of Women's Achievement in America, A DVD $79.99
History's Ancient Legacies DVD $149.99
History's Ancient Legacies 2 DVD $149.99
History's Ancient Legacies 3 DVD $149.99
History's Turning Points DVD $149.99
History's Turning Points II DVD $149.99
Hollywood's Greatest Directors DVD $199.99
Human Body: The Cardiovascular System DVD $49.99
Human Body: The Digestive and Renal System DVD $49.99
Human Body: The Muscular System DVD $49.99
Human Body: The Nervous System DVD $49.99
Human Body: The Reproductive System DVD $49.99
Human Body: The Respiratory System DVD $49.99
Human Body: The Sensory System DVD $49.99
Human Body: The Skeletal System DVD $49.99
Incas, The DVD $49.99
Julius Caesar DVD $39.99
King John DVD $39.99
King Lear DVD $39.99
Legacy: The Origins of Civilization    -   Discontinued DVD
Life After Oil: The New Energy Alternatives DVD $49.99
Living Planet, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Long Search, The DVD $99.99
Love's Labour's Lost DVD $39.99
Macbeth DVD $39.99
Measure for Measure DVD $39.99
Measuring the Earth's Temperature DVD $49.99
Merchant of Venice, The DVD $39.99
Merry The Wives of Windsor, The DVD $39.99
Midsummer Night's Dream, A DVD $39.99
Miracle Planet DVD $69.99
Much Ado About Nothing DVD $39.99
Mysterious Human Heart, The DVD $39.99
Nude in Art, The DVD $19.99
Othello DVD $39.99
Pacific Northwest DVD $99.99
PaleoWorld DVD $149.99
Pericles DVD $39.99
Railroads in U.S. History (1830-2010) DVD $49.99
Richard II DVD $39.99
Richard III DVD $39.99
Romeo and Juliet DVD $39.99
Shakespeare: The Animated Tales DVD $79.99
Shock of the New, The DVD $69.99
Slavery and the Making of America    -   Discontinued DVD
Supreme Court, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Taming of the Shrew, The DVD $39.99
Tempest, The DVD $39.99
Timon of Athens DVD $39.99
Titus Andronicus DVD $39.99
Triumph of the Nerds DVD $29.99
Troilus and Cressida DVD $39.99
Turning Points in the Physical Sciences DVD $249.99
Twelfth Night DVD $39.99
Two Gentlemen of Verona DVD $39.99
When the Water Tap Runs Dry DVD $49.99
Winter's Tale, The DVD $39.99
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