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Titles for A & E Entertainment

10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America    -   Discontinued DVD
10 Days To D-Day    -   Discontinued DVD
10 Things You Don't Know About DVD $19.98
100 Years Of Terror    -   Discontinued DVD
16-Ton Monty Python Megaset, The DVD $99.95
1955 Chevrolet    -   Discontinued DVD
1964 Chevy Impala DVD $24.95
1967 VW Beetle    -   Discontinued DVD
1968 Mustang    -   Discontinued DVD
1968 with Tom Brokaw    -   Discontinued DVD
1969 Plymouth Fury    -   Discontinued DVD
1971 Datsun/240Z DVD $24.95
1975 Firebird    -   Discontinued DVD
1985 Buick Grand National    -   Discontinued DVD
1988 Iroc-Z Camaro    -   Discontinued DVD
1993 World Trade Center Bombing DVD $24.95
20 Bucks / Family Friends (#74)    -   Discontinued DVD
2004 World Series Film - Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals DVD $19.95
20th Century Medicine Man / Flight for Survival DVD $24.95
25,000 Miles Non-Stop: Voyager Aircraft DVD $24.95
6-Day War    -   Discontinued DVD
60's Tech DVD $24.95
66 A.D.: The Last Revolt    -   Discontinued DVD
666: The Sign Of Evil    -   Discontinued DVD
70's Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
80's Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
9/11 Commission Report, The DVD $24.95
9/11 Hijackers, The: Inside The Hamburg Cell DVD $24.95
900 Ton Building    -   Discontinued DVD
A&E's Incredible World Of Cats    -   Discontinued DVD
A-10 Tankbuster DVD $24.95
Aaron Spelling DVD $24.95
Abbie Hoffman    -   Discontinued DVD
Abominable Snowman, The DVD $24.95
Abraham Lincoln: Preserving The Union    -   Discontinued DVD
Abraham: One Man, One God DVD $24.95
Absolute Evel: The Evel Knievel Story DVD $29.95
Abused DVD $24.95
Acid DVD $24.95
Adam and Eve DVD $24.95
Adam and Eve (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Adam and Michael    -   Discontinued DVD
Admiral Chester Nimitz: Thunder Of The Pacific    -   Discontinued DVD
Admiral William "Bull" Halsey: Naval Warrior DVD $24.95
Adolf Eichmann: Hitler's Master of Death    -   Discontinued DVD
Adventures of Lawrence of Arabia, The DVD $24.95
Adventures of Otto Skorzeny, The DVD $24.95
Afghanistan's Deadliest Snipers    -   Discontinued DVD
After Dark: South Beach DVD $24.95
Aftermath: The Nashville Tornado DVD $24.95
Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War DVD $24.95
Against All Odds: Six-Day War and Raid On Entebbe    -   Discontinued DVD
Agatha Christie Collection, The DVD $139.95
Agatha Christie's Poirot - Set DVD $24.95
Agatha Christie's Poirot: Classic Crimes Collection DVD $39.95
Agatha Christie's Poirot: Death on the Nile DVD $19.95
Agatha Christie's Poirot: Evil Under The Sun DVD $19.95
Agatha Christie's Poirot: Murder In Mesopotamia DVD $19.95
Agatha Christie's Poirot: The New Mysteries Collection DVD $39.95
Agatha Christie: Marple: The Classic Mysteries Collection DVD $59.95
Agony Of Ecstasy, The DVD $24.95
AIDS In America: The Crisis Continues DVD $24.95
Aileen Wuornos DVD $24.95
Air Ambush DVD $24.95
Air America: The CIA's Secret Airline    -   Discontinued DVD
Air Force Museum to the B-25 Mitchell Bomber    -   Discontinued DVD
Air Force One: A History    -   Discontinued DVD
Air Rescue    -   Discontinued DVD
Air Shows    -   Discontinued DVD
Air Traffic Jam: Bumped, Delayed and Grounded DVD $24.95
Air War In Vietnam DVD $24.95
Airborne Assault DVD $24.95
Aircraft    -   Discontinued DVD
Aircraft Carrier, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Aircraft Carriers, The DVD $24.95
Aircraft Carriers, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Airline Security DVD $24.95
Airline: The Complete Season 1 DVD $29.95
Airship Disasters    -   Discontinued DVD
Airships DVD $24.95
Airships DVD $24.95
AK-47, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Akhenaten: Egypt's Heretic King    -   Discontinued DVD
Akron: Brother Against Brother DVD $24.95
Al Capone and The Machine Gun Massacre    -   Discontinued DVD
Al Capone: Scarface DVD $24.95
Al Lewis: Forever Grandpa    -   Discontinued DVD
Al Pacino    -   Discontinued DVD
Al Qaeda DVD $24.95
Al Qaeda's Navy    -   Discontinued DVD
Alamein DVD $24.95
Alamo Tech DVD $24.95
Alamo, The DVD $29.95
Alan Jackson    -   Discontinued DVD
Alaska Teen Rescue DVD $24.95
Alaska's Bermuda Triangle DVD $24.95
Alaska's Bloodiest Battle    -   Discontinued DVD
Alaska: Big America DVD $29.95
Alaska: Dangerous Territory DVD $29.95
Alaskan Oil Pipeline, The DVD $24.95
Albert Einstein DVD $24.95
Alcan Highway, The DVD $24.95
Alcatraz: Escaping America's Toughest Prisons DVD $24.95
Alchemy: The Science of Magic    -   Discontinued DVD
Alcoholism In America    -   Discontinued DVD
Alec Baldwin    -   Discontinued DVD
Alec Guinness    -   Discontinued DVD
Alesia DVD $24.95
Alexander Graham Bell and The Astonishing Telephone    -   Discontinued DVD
Alexander Graham Bell and The Astonishing Telephone DVD $24.95
Alexander Graham Bell: Voice of Invention DVD $24.95
Alexander the Great and the Devastating Catapult    -   Discontinued DVD
Alexander the Great and the Devastating Catapult DVD $24.95
Alien Abductions DVD $24.95
Alien Encounters    -   Discontinued DVD
Alien Engineering (Part 1 and 2) DVD $29.95
Alien Hunters    -   Discontinued DVD
Alissa and Brian    -   Discontinued DVD
All My Children DVD $24.95
All The Presidents' Kids    -   Discontinued DVD
All the Presidents' Women DVD $24.95
Allies, The DVD $24.95
Allies, The DVD $24.95
Aloha Air Flight 243 DVD $24.95
Aluminum    -   Discontinued DVD
Alyson (Updated)    -   Discontinued DVD
Amazon Adventures DVD $24.95
Amazon Women DVD $24.95
Ambulance: Racing for Life DVD $24.95
Amelia Earhart    -   Discontinued DVD
Amelia Earhart: Queen of the Air DVD $12.95
America and the Conflict in the Middle East    -   Discontinued DVD
America and the Mob: Wartime Friends    -   Discontinued DVD
America At War Megaset    -   Discontinued DVD
America Moves    -   Discontinued DVD
America On The Move DVD $24.95
America The Story of Us DVD $24.98
America's Black Warriors: Two Wars to Win    -   Discontinued DVD
America's Castles    -   Discontinued DVD
America's Castles I    -   Discontinued DVD
America's Castles II: The Age Of Invention    -   Discontinued DVD
America's Elite Forces: A Checkered History    -   Discontinued DVD
America's Five Star Heroes: Gods of War DVD $29.95
America's Greatest Victories - Set DVD $29.95
America's Highway DVD $24.95
America's Most Endangered 1997 DVD $24.95
America's Most Endangered 1998 DVD $24.95
America's Most Endangered 1999 DVD $24.95
America's Most Endangered 2000 DVD $24.95
America's Most Endangered 2002 DVD $24.95
America's Most Endangered 2003 DVD $24.95
America's Most Secret Agency    -   Discontinued DVD
America's Psychic Past DVD $24.95
America's Pyramids DVD $24.95
America's Secret War    -   Discontinued DVD
America's Stonehenge    -   Discontinued DVD
America's Unsung Heroes Of WWII DVD $39.95
American Civil War, The (with Iron Jaws: The Killing Power of Civil War Artillery) DVD $24.95
American Dream, American Nightmare    -   Discontinued DVD
American Eats: History On A Bun    -   Discontinued DVD
American Lighthouses DVD $24.95
American Revolution, The    -   Discontinued DVD
American Revolution: Battle of Cowpens    -   Discontinued DVD
American Revolution: Battle of Monmouth    -   Discontinued DVD
American Steel: Built to Last DVD $24.95
American Vesuvius DVD $29.95
American Volcano DVD $24.95
Americans in Scotland DVD $24.95
Amityville: Horror Or Hoax? DVD $24.95
Amityville: The Haunting    -   Discontinued DVD
Amphibious Assault Ships, The DVD $24.95
Amy Fisher Story, The    -   Discontinued DVD
An Act of Honor DVD $24.95
An Alien History of Planet Earth DVD $29.95
Anaheim Angels Vintage World Series Films DVD $19.95
Anastasia    -   Discontinued DVD
Anatomy of a Battle DVD $24.95
Anatomy of a Coup: The CIA In Iran    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient Aliens    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient Aliens DVD $24.95
Ancient Altered States    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient China: Agriculture DVD $24.95
Ancient China: Masters of the Wind and Waves    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient China: The Origins of Drilling and Mining    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient China: The Personal Weapon    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient City: Found And Lost DVD $24.95
Ancient Drugs DVD $24.95
Ancient Egypt: Modern Medicine    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient Egypt: The Iconic Structures    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient Gold Of Troy, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient Greece: Modern Ship Building DVD $24.95
Ancient Greece: Weapons of Mass Destruction DVD $24.95
Ancient Inventions DVD $29.95
Ancient Maya, The: Power Centers    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient Maya, The: Tools of Astronomy    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient Monster Hunters DVD $24.95
Ancient Mysteries: Myths and Legends - Set DVD $14.95
Ancient Mystery Moves    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient Prophecy DVD $24.95
Ancient Rome and Its Mysterious Cities DVD $24.95
Ancient Rome: The Mobile Society    -   Discontinued DVD
Ancient Rome: The Modern Stadium DVD $24.95
Ancient Rome: The Rise of Apartments    -   Discontinued DVD
Andrea Doria, The: Tragedy At Sea DVD $24.95
Andrea Yates Story, The DVD $24.95
Andrew Carnegie and the Age of Steel DVD $24.95
Andrew Carnegie: Prince of Steel DVD $24.95
Andrew Carnegie: Skibo DVD $24.95
Andrew Cunanan DVD $24.95
Andrew Jackson: A Man For The People DVD $24.95
Andrew Jackson: Conqueror of Florida DVD $24.95
Andrew: The Playboy Prince    -   Discontinued DVD
Andy Garcia: Latin Rhythms and American Dreams    -   Discontinued DVD
Andy Griffith: Hollywood's Homespun Hero    -   Discontinued DVD
Andy Kaufman    -   Discontinued DVD
Angel of Bergen-Belsen, The DVD $24.95
Angel of Death: Killer Nurse: A Bill Kurtis Special Report DVD $24.95
Angela Lansbury: A Balancing Act    -   Discontinued DVD
Angelina Jolie    -   Discontinued DVD
Angels: Good Or Evil DVD $24.95
Anglophiles, The DVD $24.95
Animal E.R. DVD $24.95
Animal E.R.    -   Discontinued DVD
Ann Landers: America's Confidante    -   Discontinued DVD
Anna Nicole Smith DVD $24.95
Anna Nicole Smith    -   Discontinued DVD
Anne Frank: The Life Of A Young Girl    -   Discontinued DVD
Anne Rice: Vampires, Witches And Best Sellers DVD $24.95
Annie and Amy    -   Discontinued DVD
Annie Oakley: Crack Shot In Petticoats DVD $24.95
Another Atlantis? DVD $24.95
Another Man's Crime    -   Discontinued DVD
Antarctica: A Frozen History DVD $29.95
Anti-Gay Hate Crimes    -   Discontinued DVD
Antibiotics: The Wonder Drugs DVD $24.95
Antichrist, The: Part 1 / Part 2: Zero Hour DVD $29.95
Antonio Banderas: Hollywood Conquistador    -   Discontinued DVD
Antwahn and Billy    -   Discontinued DVD
Antwahn and Rachel - Follow-Up    -   Discontinued DVD
Anwar Sadat DVD $24.95
Apache Helicopter DVD $24.95
Ape Man    -   Discontinued DVD
Ape To Man DVD $24.95
Apocalypse: The Puzzle of Revelation DVD $24.95
Apollo 11 DVD $24.95
Apollo 13 DVD $24.95
Apollo 13: Triumph on the Dark Side of the Moon    -   Discontinued DVD
Apollo: The Race Against Time    -   Discontinued DVD
Apostles Collection, The - Set DVD $39.95
Apostles, The DVD $24.95
April 1865 DVD $29.95
Aqueducts: Man Made Rivers of Life DVD $24.95
Arabian Nights DVD $24.95
Archenemy: The Philistines DVD $24.95
ArchiTechs, The: Skyscraper Firefighting and Escape DVD $24.95
Architectural Masterpieces: Pebble Hill, The Gamble House and The Victoria Mansion DVD $24.95
Architectural Wonders    -   Discontinued DVD
Are We There Yet? America On Vacation DVD $29.95
Area 51 DVD $24.95
Area 51: Beyond Top Secret    -   Discontinued DVD
Ariel Sharon DVD $24.95
Army Corps Of Engineers DVD $24.95
Army Ranger School    -   Discontinued DVD
Army Rangers    -   Discontinued DVD
Arnold Schwarzenegger DVD $24.95
Arranged Marriages    -   Discontinued DVD
Art Buchwald: The Wit of Washington    -   Discontinued DVD
Art of Tattooing, The DVD $24.95
Arthur Shawcross DVD $24.95
Artillery DVD $24.95
Artillery Games DVD $24.95
Artists, The DVD $24.95
Aspen: Murder On The Slopes DVD $24.95
Assassination and Aftermath: The Death of JFK and the Warren Report    -   Discontinued DVD
Assassination and Chaos: Death of Robert Kennedy and the '68 Convention    -   Discontinued DVD
Assault On Iwo Jima DVD $24.95
Assault On Iwo Jima    -   Discontinued DVD
Assembly Line DVD $24.95
Asteroid Apocalypse DVD $24.95
Astors, The DVD $24.95
Astors, The: High Society DVD $24.95
Astounding Structures    -   Discontinued DVD
Astrology: Secrets In The Stars DVD $24.95
Aswan Dam DVD $24.95
At Close Range / Murder in Motor City DVD $24.95
At Death's Door / Wrong Side of the Tracks DVD $24.95
Athens Subway    -   Discontinued DVD
Athens-Ancient Supercity DVD $24.95
Athens: Showdown At The Station DVD $24.95
Athens: Triumph and Tragedy DVD $24.95
Atlanta Child Murders, The DVD $24.95
Atlantic City: The Mayor And The Mob DVD $24.95
Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway DVD $24.95
Atlantic Wall DVD $24.95
Atlantis DVD $24.95
Atlantis: New Revelations DVD $29.95
Atlantis: The Lost Civilization DVD $24.95
Attack Aircraft DVD $24.95
Attack at Waco DVD $24.95
Attack Helicopters DVD $24.95
Attila: The Scourge Of God DVD $24.95
Audie Murphy: Great American Hero DVD $24.95
Audrey and Howard    -   Discontinued DVD
Audrey Hepburn: The Fairest Lady    -   Discontinued DVD
Austin-Healy 3000    -   Discontinued DVD
Austin: Empty Graves DVD $24.95
Auto Baron Estates, The: Henry Ford Estate - Fair Lane, Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, Meadow Brook Hall and Stan Hywet Hall DVD $24.95
Auto Store, The DVD $24.95
Autobahn, The DVD $37.45
Automatic Pistols DVD $24.95
Automotive    -   Discontinued DVD
Avalanches DVD $24.95
Avalanches: White Walls of Death DVD $24.95
Avanti DVD $24.95
Avengers '62, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '63 Set #1    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '63 Set #2    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '63 Set #3    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '63 Set #4    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '64 Set #1    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '64 Set #2    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '65 Set #1    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '65 Set #2    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '66 Set #1    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '66 Set #2    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '67 Set #1    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '67 Set #2    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '67 Set #3    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '67 Set #4    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '68 Set #1    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '68 Set #2    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '68 Set #3    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '68 Set #4    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers '68 Set #5    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers Emma Peel Collector's Edition, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Avengers Emma Peel Disc 17, The: BONUS Disc    -   Discontinued DVD
Axe DVD $12.95
Axes, Swords And Knives DVD $24.95
Axis, The DVD $24.95
Axis, The DVD $24.95
Ayatollah Khomeini    -   Discontinued DVD
Ayatollah Khomeini: Holy Terror    -   Discontinued DVD
Aztec Empire, The DVD $24.95
Aztecs, The DVD $24.95
Aztecs, The: Of Blood and Sacrifice DVD $24.95
B-17 Flying Fortress DVD $24.95
B-2 Bomber DVD $24.95
B-25 Bomber    -   Discontinued DVD
B-25 Down: Hunt For A Hero    -   Discontinued DVD
B-29 DVD $24.95
B-52: Stratofortress    -   Discontinued DVD
B26 Marauder! DVD $24.95
Babe Ruth DVD $24.95
Baby Beauty Queens DVD $24.95
Back in the Day with Dale Earnhardt Jr. DVD $14.95
Back To Basra: After Saddam DVD $24.95
Bad Judgement DVD $24.95
Bad Medicine DVD $24.95
Ball Turret Gunners DVD $24.95
Balls DVD $24.95
Baltimore Orioles Legends: Cal Ripken, Jr. Collector's Edition DVD $59.95
Baltimore Orioles Vintage World Series Films DVD $19.95
Banks    -   Discontinued DVD
Banned from the Bible DVD $29.95
Banned From The Bible II DVD $29.95
Barack Obama    -   Discontinued DVD
Barack Obama    -   Discontinued DVD
Barbara Bush: First Mom DVD $24.95
Barbara Walters: A Driving Force DVD $29.95
Barbarian Battle Tech DVD $24.95
Barbarians DVD $19.95
Barbarians II DVD $29.95
Barbarians, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Barbecue    -   Discontinued DVD
Barry Goldwater    -   Discontinued DVD
Barrymores, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Baseball Parks DVD $24.95
Basement, The DVD $24.95
Basic Training: America's Proving Ground DVD $29.95
Basketball: The Dream Teams DVD $29.95
Bataan Death March, The DVD $24.95
Bathroom Tech DVD $24.95
Baths and Bedrooms    -   Discontinued DVD
Batman DVD $24.95
Baton Rouge: Scandal on the Bayou DVD $24.95
Battle Creek: Bad News In Battle Creek DVD $24.95
Battle for Baghdad DVD $24.95
Battle For The Skies DVD $24.95
Battle Gear DVD $24.95
Battle Group: Halsey DVD $29.95
Battle Group: Spruance DVD $29.95
Battle History of the United States Air Force, The DVD $19.95
Battle History of the United States Army, The DVD $19.95
Battle History of the United States Coast Guard, The DVD $19.95
Battle History of the United States Marines, The DVD $19.95
Battle History of the United States Military, The DVD $59.95
Battle History of the United States Navy, The DVD $19.95
Battle of Berlin DVD $24.95
Battle of Britain DVD $24.95
Battle of Britain DVD $24.95
Battle of the Bulge DVD $24.95
Battle of the Bulge DVD $24.95
Battle of the Bulge DVD $24.95
Battle of the Clans DVD $29.95
Battle of Tripoli, The DVD $24.95
Battle Stations    -   Discontinued DVD
Battlecry Iraq: Ramadi DVD $24.95
Battlefield    -   Discontinued DVD
Battlefield Engineering DVD $24.95
Battlefield Medicine    -   Discontinued DVD
Battles BC: The Complete Season 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Battles That Doomed Hitler DVD $24.95
Battles That Doomed Japan DVD $24.95
Battleships, The DVD $24.95
Bay Of Pigs Declassified DVD $24.95
Bayou Estates: Shadows on the Teche, San Francisco, Destrehan Plantation and Rosedown Plantation DVD $24.95
BBQ Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Bearing Witness DVD $29.95
Beast of the Ukraine DVD $24.95
Beat The Wheel    -   Discontinued DVD
Beauty In A Jar    -   Discontinued DVD
Beauty of the Beast / Why is this Dolphin Smiling? DVD $24.95
Beauty Under The Knife    -   Discontinued DVD
Beer    -   Discontinued DVD
Beethoven: The Sound And The Fury    -   Discontinued DVD
Behind Iraqi Lines    -   Discontinued DVD
Behind The Blue Wall    -   Discontinued DVD
Behind The Da Vinci Code    -   Discontinued DVD
Behind The Da Vinci Code DVD $24.95
Behind The Mask of Zorro DVD $29.95
Ben and Jerry    -   Discontinued DVD
Ben and Jerry    -   Discontinued DVD
Ben Franklin DVD $24.95
Ben Franklin Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Ben Stein's Brain    -   Discontinued DVD
Beneath Vesuvius DVD $24.95
Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor DVD $19.95
Benedict Arnold: Triumph And Treason DVD $24.95
Benjamin Franklin: Citizen Of The World DVD $24.95
Benny Hill Show, The: The Complete Collection    -   Discontinued DVD
Benny Hill: Complete and Unadulterated: The Complete Collection    -   Discontinued DVD
Benny Hill: The Hill's Angels Years Set 4 (1978-1981) DVD $49.95
Benny Hill: The Hill's Angels Years Set 5 (1982-1985) DVD $49.95
Benny Hill: The Hill's Angels Years Set 6 (1986-1989) DVD $49.95
Benny Hill: The Naughty Early Years Set 1 (1969-1971) DVD $49.95
Benny Hill: The Naughty Early Years Set 2 (1972-1974) DVD $49.95
Benny Hill: The Naughty Early Years Set 3 (1975-1977) DVD $49.95
Berlin Airlift: The First Battle of the Cold War    -   Discontinued DVD
Berlin Wall, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Bermuda: Death on the Rock DVD $24.95
Bernard Law Montgomery: A Soldier's General    -   Discontinued DVD
Bernie Mac    -   Discontinued DVD
Best of Both Worlds: Hawaii DVD $24.95
Best of Both Worlds: Hong Kong DVD $24.95
Best of Mr. Bean, The DVD $9.95
Best Of The Original Avengers, The - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Best Of The Real West - Set DVD $14.95
Best of Thunderbirds, The DVD $19.95
Betrayal at Little Big Horn DVD $24.95
Betrayal: The Battle For Warsaw DVD $24.95
Betrayal: The Story of the USS Pueblo    -   Discontinued DVD
Bette Davis: If Looks Could Kill DVD $24.95
Betty Boop DVD $24.95
Betty Ford: One Day At A Time    -   Discontinued DVD
Betty Grable: Behind The Pin-Up    -   Discontinued DVD
Betty White    -   Discontinued DVD
Between Life And Death: The Terri Schiavo Story    -   Discontinued DVD
Beyond Death DVD $29.95
Beyond The Da Vinci Code DVD $19.95
Beyond the Grave: The Afterlife DVD $24.95
Beyond the Looking Glass / The New Language of Science DVD $24.95
Beyond The Moon: Failure Is Not An Option 2 DVD $29.95
Beyond The Norm    -   Discontinued DVD
Beyond The War Of The Worlds DVD $24.95
Bible Battles DVD $24.95
Bible Battles    -   Discontinued DVD
Bible Code II: Apocalypse and Beyond DVD $24.95
Bible Code, The: Predicting Armageddon DVD $24.95
Bible Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Bible Tech DVD $24.95
Bible's Greatest Secrets, The DVD $24.95
Biblical Angels DVD $24.95
Biblical Angels (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Biblical Disasters DVD $24.95
Biblical Disasters II DVD $29.95
Bielski Brothers, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Big Dig, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Big Dogs / Little Dogs    -   Discontinued DVD
Big Guns DVD $24.95
Big Heist, The DVD $29.95
Big Hole DVD $24.95
Big Red One, The DVD $24.95
Bigfoot DVD $24.95
Bigfoot And Other Monsters    -   Discontinued DVD
Bigfork: Silent Night, Deadly Night DVD $24.95
Biggest Machines in the West DVD $24.95
Biggest Moves #1 DVD $24.95
Biggest Moves #2 DVD $24.95
Bikes From Hell    -   Discontinued DVD
Bill Clinton: Hope, Charisma and Controversy DVD $24.95
Bill Gates: Sultan Of Software DVD $24.95
Billy Barty: Think Big DVD $24.95
Billy Graham: A Personal Crusade    -   Discontinued DVD
Billy The Kid DVD $24.95
Biltmore Estate, The DVD $24.95
Bio '78    -   Discontinued DVD
Bio '79    -   Discontinued DVD
Biography Home Videos DVD $24.95
Biography Presents: Legends of the Silver Screen DVD $44.95
Bioterrorism    -   Discontinued DVD
Black Aviators: Flying Free    -   Discontinued DVD
Black Box UFO Secrets DVD $24.95
Black Death, The DVD $24.95
Black Gold: The Story of Oil DVD $24.95
Black Hawk: Night Stalker DVD $24.95
Black Mass With Dick Lehr and Gerard O'Neill    -   Discontinued DVD
Black Preachers    -   Discontinued DVD
Black Widow of Vegas, The DVD $24.95
Black Widower, The DVD $24.95
Blackbeard's Mystery Ship DVD $24.95
Blackbird Stealth!    -   Discontinued DVD
Blackjack Man DVD $24.95
Blackouts    -   Discontinued DVD
Blake Edwards DVD $24.95
Blind Man's Bluff    -   Discontinued DVD
Blindsided (#72)    -   Discontinued DVD
Blizzards: Whiteout! DVD $24.95
Blood Brothers: The Derek and Alex King Case DVD $24.95
Blood Diamonds    -   Discontinued DVD
Blood Diamonds DVD $24.95
Blood From A Stone DVD $29.95
Blood in the Snow / Swope Park Killing DVD $24.95
Blood Money: Switzerland's Nazi Gold    -   Discontinued DVD
Blood on the Staircase DVD $24.95
Blood Relations DVD $24.95
Blood Spatter DVD $24.95
Blood Trail / 50G Murder DVD $24.95
Bloodlines: The Dracula Family Tree    -   Discontinued DVD
Bloody Aleutians, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Bloody Hills Of Peleliu, The DVD $24.95
Bloody Sieges Of Khe Sahn and Con Thien: Miscalculation in Vietnam    -   Discontinued DVD
Bloody Tower of London, The DVD $24.95
Bloomingdales    -   Discontinued DVD
Blow DVD $24.95
Blowtorch DVD $12.95
Blueprint For A Murder DVD $24.95
BMW DVD $24.95
Bo Derek    -   Discontinued DVD
Bob Dylan: The American Troubadour    -   Discontinued DVD
Bob Hope: America's Entertainer    -   Discontinued DVD
Bobby Fischer DVD $24.95
Body in the Park / Ruby Street Shooting DVD $24.95
Body Snatchers    -   Discontinued DVD
Bodyguard Training Camp DVD $24.95
Bomb Squad DVD $24.95
Bombers DVD $24.95
Bombers DVD $24.95
Bombs DVD $24.95
Bombs, Rockets, and Missiles DVD $24.95
Bombs: The New Bomb Makers DVD $24.95
Bonds Of Survival DVD $24.95
Boneyard: Where Machines End Their Lives DVD $29.95
Bonnie And Clyde: The Story Of Love and Death DVD $24.95
Boogie Man / Murder on Flowering Peach DVD $24.95
Boone And Crockett: The Hunter Heroes DVD $24.95
Border Patrol: America's Gatekeepers    -   Discontinued DVD
Boris Karloff: The Gentle Monster    -   Discontinued DVD
Boris Yeltsin DVD $24.95
Born Killers: Leopold And Loeb    -   Discontinued DVD
Boss Tweed DVD $24.95
Boston Red Sox, The: 2004 World Series Collector's Edition DVD $129.95
Boston: Betrayal In Beantown DVD $24.95
Bounty Hunters    -   Discontinued DVD
Bounty Hunters DVD $24.95
Boy Who Gave Away the Bomb, The DVD $24.95
Boy Who Saw Too Much, The DVD $24.95
Brady Bunch, The DVD $29.95
Bram Stoker DVD $24.95
Braveheart's Scotland    -   Discontinued DVD
Brazil's Roswell DVD $24.95
Breakfast Tech DVD $24.95
Breaking The Sound Barrier DVD $24.95
Breaking Vegas DVD $24.95
Breakout From Alcatraz DVD $24.95
Breakout from Normandy DVD $24.95
Brewed in America DVD $24.95
Brewing DVD $24.95
Bricks DVD $24.95
Bridge DVD $24.95
Bridge Murders, The DVD $24.95
Bridge Over The River Gorgopotamos    -   Discontinued DVD
Bridges DVD $24.95
Brief History Of Wine, A DVD $29.95
Brigham Young: Architect Of Faith    -   Discontinued DVD
Brigitte Bardot    -   Discontinued DVD
Bringing UFOs Down to Earth    -   Discontinued DVD
Brit and the Bodybuilder, The DVD $24.95
Britain's Roswell DVD $24.95
Britain: Blood and Steel DVD $24.95
Broken Alibis / A Good Woman DVD $24.95
Broken Wings    -   Discontinued DVD
Bronte Sisters, The DVD $24.95
Brooklyn Bridge DVD $24.95
Brooklyn South: The Complete Series DVD $99.95
Brooks and Dunn    -   Discontinued DVD
Brothel Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Brotherhood of Terror DVD $24.95
Brothers In Arms: The Untold Story of the 502: Part 1: D-Day / Part 2: The Road to Carentan DVD $29.95
Brothers Kimble, The DVD $24.95
Bruce Lee: The Immortal Dragon    -   Discontinued DVD
Brutal Revenge DVD $24.95
BTK Killer Speaks, The DVD $24.95
Buck Owens: Acting Naturally    -   Discontinued DVD
Buddy Holly: Rave On    -   Discontinued DVD
Buffalo Bill: Showman of the West DVD $24.95
Buffalo Blizzard: Siege And Survival DVD $24.95
Bugsy Siegel DVD $24.95
Buick DVD $24.95
Building In The Name of God DVD $29.95
Bullet Trains DVD $24.95
Bulletproof    -   Discontinued DVD
Bulletproof DVD $24.95
Bullets DVD $24.95
Bullets and Ammo DVD $24.95
Bullied To Death    -   Discontinued DVD
Bully of Toulon, The DVD $24.95
Bunkers DVD $24.95
Bunny Years, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Buried Alive    -   Discontinued DVD
Buried Secrets of the Revolutionary War DVD $24.95
Buried Secrets: Digging For DNA DVD $24.95
Buried Treasure DVD $24.95
Burma Bridge Busters    -   Discontinued DVD
Business Of Death, The DVD $24.95
Buster Keaton    -   Discontinued DVD
Busting The Mob    -   Discontinued DVD
Busting The Mob DVD $24.95
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid DVD $24.95
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid DVD $24.95
Butcher, The DVD $24.95
Buttons and Bugs DVD $24.95
By Love Possessed: Obsessive Love    -   Discontinued DVD
Byzantines, The DVD $24.95
Cadbury Family, The: The Sweet Smell Of Success    -   Discontinued DVD
Cadets: Life Of A Student Recruit DVD $24.95
Cadillac DVD $24.95
Cadillac Coupe DeVille DVD $24.95
Caesar: Conqueror of Gaul DVD $24.95
Caesar: Conqueror of Gaul DVD $24.95
Calamity Jane DVD $24.95
California DVD $24.95
California Dreamers: The Winchester Mystery House and Scotty's Castle    -   Discontinued DVD
California Killing Field, The    -   Discontinued DVD
California's Katrina DVD $24.95
Caligula: Reign of Madness    -   Discontinued DVD
Calvin Klein: A Stylish Obsession    -   Discontinued DVD
Camelot DVD $24.95
Camouflage DVD $24.95
Campus Insecurity DVD $24.95
Can We Still Trust NASA? DVD $24.95
Canada's Roswell DVD $24.95
Canadian Castles, The DVD $24.95
Candy DVD $24.95
Candy Lady / Best of Friends DVD $24.95
Canned Food    -   Discontinued DVD
Cannibalism Secrets Revealed DVD $24.95
Cannibalism: Extreme Survival    -   Discontinued DVD
Cannibals    -   Discontinued DVD
Cannibals    -   Discontinued DVD
Canning DVD $24.95
Cannons DVD $24.95
Cape Cod Canal DVD $24.95
Capital City: Tudor Place, The Christian Heurich Mansion and The Larz Anderson House DVD $24.95
Captain Crunch DVD $24.95
Captain Kidd DVD $24.95
Captain Scarlet, The Complete - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Captain's Last Stand DVD $24.95
Captives    -   Discontinued DVD
Captured Light: The Invention of Still Photography DVD $37.45
Car Crashes DVD $24.95
Car Tech of the Future DVD $29.95
Card Count King DVD $24.95
Carl Sagan: A Cosmic Celebrity    -   Discontinued DVD
Carlos The Jackal DVD $24.95
Carlsbad DVD $24.95
Carmen Electra    -   Discontinued DVD
Carmen Miranda: The South American Way    -   Discontinued DVD
Carol Burnett: Just to Have a Laugh    -   Discontinued DVD
Carole Lombard: Hollywood's Profane Angel    -   Discontinued DVD
Carolyn Jones: Morticia And More    -   Discontinued DVD
Carry On Laughing DVD $39.95
Cars That Changed The Automobile Industry DVD $24.95
Carson And Cody: The Hunter Heroes DVD $24.95
Carthage DVD $24.95
Cary Grant: Hollywood's Leading Man    -   Discontinued DVD
Casanova: World's Greatest Lover DVD $24.95
Casino Technology DVD $24.95
Casino With Nicholas Pileggi DVD $24.95
Castle Tower, The DVD $24.95
Castles and Dungeons    -   Discontinued DVD
Castles of Charleston, The DVD $24.95
Castro - The Survivor DVD $24.95
Catacombs of Death DVD $24.95
Catacombs of Rome, The DVD $24.95
Catalina Patrol! DVD $24.95
Cathedrals: Notre Dame to the National Cathedral DVD $24.95
Cathedrals: Washington National Cathedral, St. Louis Cathedral and Crystal Cathedral DVD $24.95
Catherine The Great    -   Discontinued DVD
Catherine the Great DVD $24.95
Cattle Barons DVD $24.95
Cattle Ranches    -   Discontinued DVD
Catwoman DVD $24.95
Caught in a Killer Storm DVD $24.95
Caught In The Middle DVD $24.95
Caught In The Net    -   Discontinued DVD
Caught On Film DVD $39.95
Cavemen, The DVD $24.95
Ceausescu: The Unrepentant Tyrant DVD $24.95
Cecil B. DeMille DVD $24.95
Celebrating the Green: The History of St. Patrick's Day    -   Discontinued DVD
Celebrity Chefs    -   Discontinued DVD
Celtic Journey Through Time, A    -   Discontinued DVD
Celts, The DVD $24.95
Cemeteries    -   Discontinued DVD
Central Park Jogger Case, The: What Went Wrong? DVD $24.95
Century of Warfare, The - Set DVD $59.95
Cereal: History in a Bowl DVD $24.95
Chain Gang Breakout DVD $24.95
Chainsaw    -   Discontinued DVD
Chairman Mao DVD $24.95
Challenger Tank DVD $24.95
Chappaquiddick DVD $29.95
Charles and Anne Lindbergh: Alone Together    -   Discontinued DVD
Charles Atlas: Modern Day Hercules    -   Discontinued DVD
Charles Darwin: Evolution's Voice DVD $39.95
Charles Darwin: Evolution's Voice    -   Discontinued DVD
Charles Dickens DVD $24.95
Charles Kuralt: A Life on the Road DVD $24.95
Charles Lindbergh: Against The Wind DVD $24.95
Charles Whitman DVD $24.95
Charlie Sheen    -   Discontinued DVD
Chattanooga: Dangerous Trespassing DVD $24.95
Cheech Marin DVD $24.95
Cheese DVD $24.95
Chemical Age, The DVD $24.95
Chemical And Biological Weapons DVD $24.95
Cheryl Tiegs: An American Beauty    -   Discontinued DVD
Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel DVD $24.95
Chesty Puller: The Marine's Marine    -   Discontinued DVD
Chicago Cubs Legends: Great Games Collector's Edition DVD $79.95
Chicago Horse Mafia DVD $24.95
Chicago White Sox, The: 2005 World Series Collector's Edition DVD $69.95
Child Sex Scandal: Modern Day Witch-Hunts    -   Discontinued DVD
Child Sex Trade, The DVD $24.95
Child Stars: Their Story    -   Discontinued DVD
Child's Play, Deadly Play DVD $24.95
Children's Crusade, The DVD $24.95
Chilean Earthquake: The End Of The World DVD $24.95
China DVD $24.95
China After Mao    -   Discontinued DVD
China's Boxer Rebellion DVD $24.95
China's Forbidden City DVD $24.95
China's Great Dam DVD $24.95
China's Wall Of Doom    -   Discontinued DVD
Chinatown: Strangers In A Strange Land DVD $29.95
Chindits Behind Enemy Lines DVD $24.95
Chocolate    -   Discontinued DVD
Chris Farley: Reckless Laughter    -   Discontinued DVD
Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years DVD $24.95
Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Christina Onassis: Everything But Love DVD $24.95
Christine Jorgensen DVD $24.95
Christmas At War DVD $24.95
Christmas Tech DVD $37.45
Christmas Truce, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Christmas Truce, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Christmas Unwrapped: The History of Christmas    -   Discontinued DVD
Christopher Columbus: Explorer Of The New World DVD $24.95
Christopher Columbus: Explorer Of The New World (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Christopher Reeve: Triumph, Tragedy, and Courage DVD $24.95
Chrysler Building, The DVD $24.95
Chrysler Minivan DVD $24.95
Chrysler Turbine, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Chuck Barris: Dangerous Imagination    -   Discontinued DVD
Chuck Norris    -   Discontinued DVD
Chuckie    -   Discontinued DVD
Chunnel, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Churchill And The President DVD $24.95
Churchill's Secret Bunkers DVD $24.95
CIA and the Nazis DVD $24.95
Cincinnati Reds, The: 1975 World Series Collector's Edition DVD $69.95
Cincinnati Reds: Vintage World Series Films DVD $19.95
Cinco De Mayo DVD $24.95
Circus Freaks and Sideshows DVD $24.95
Circus Train, The DVD $24.95
Cities of the Underworld DVD $24.95
Cities of the Underworld DVD $44.95
City of Caves DVD $24.95
City of the Gods DVD $24.95
City Water DVD $24.95
Civil Action, A DVD $24.95
Civil Defense: The War At Home    -   Discontinued DVD
Civil War Battlefields DVD $37.45
Civil War Combat - Set DVD $44.95
Civil War Draft Riots, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Civil War Ghosts    -   Discontinued DVD
Civil War In The West DVD $24.95
Civil War Journal: The Commanders - Set DVD $14.95
Civil War Journal: The Conflict Begins - Set DVD $14.95
Civil War Tech DVD $24.95
Civil War Terror DVD $24.95
Civil War, The DVD $49.95
Civil War, The: Antietam DVD $24.95
Civil War, The: Gettysburg DVD $24.95
Civil War: Shiloh DVD $24.95
Clara Bow: Hollywood's Silent Sexpot    -   Discontinued DVD
Clark Gable    -   Discontinued DVD
Clash of the Gods: The Complete Season 1 DVD $29.95
Clash of the Gods: The Complete Season 1 (Blu-Ray) DVD $39.95
Classrooms In Crisis DVD $24.95
Clay County War DVD $24.95
Cleavage    -   Discontinued DVD
Cleopatra's World: Alexandria Revealed    -   Discontinued DVD
Cleopatra: Destiny's Queen DVD $24.95
Cleopatra: The Last Pharaoh DVD $24.95
Cleveland Indians: Vintage World Series Films DVD $19.95
Cliff Mummies Of The Andes: Unwrapped DVD $24.95
Clint Eastwood DVD $24.95
Close Encounters    -   Discontinued DVD
Close Ties / Last Call DVD $24.95
Clouds Of Death: The Scourge Of Biochemical Warfare DVD $24.95
Coal Barons, The: Craigdarroch Castle, Linden Hall and Blithewold DVD $24.95
Coal Mines    -   Discontinued DVD
Coast Guard DVD $24.95
Coast Guard Ships, The DVD $24.95
Cockleshell Heroes, The DVD $24.95
Code Name: Project Orion DVD $24.95
Codes DVD $24.95
Coffee    -   Discontinued DVD
Cola Wars DVD $24.95
Cold Case Files # 12: Murder Illustrated/ Blood Relations    -   Discontinued DVD
Cold Case Files # 13: Burning Secret, The/ Justice Delayed DVD $24.95
Cold Case Files # 17: Presumed Dead/The Tow Truck Killer DVD $24.95
Cold Case Files # 18: Portrait Of A Killer/ The Tortured Truth DVD $24.95
Cold Case Files # 21: Silent Witness / Innocence Lost DVD $24.95
Cold Case Files # 22: Frozen In Time / Little Girl Lost DVD $24.95
Cold Case Files # 2: Boy and the Monster, The/ The Secret in the Cellar DVD $24.95
Cold Case Files: The Most Infamous Cases DVD $19.95
Cole Conspiracy, The DVD $29.95
Collisions In The Mist    -   Discontinued DVD
Colonel Sanders: America's Chicken King    -   Discontinued DVD
Colonial Era, The DVD $24.95
Color Of War, The DVD $49.95
Colosseum, The DVD $24.95
Columbine: Understanding Why DVD $24.95
Columbine: Understanding Why    -   Discontinued DVD
Columbus: The Lost Voyage DVD $24.95
Comanche Warriors    -   Discontinued DVD
Combat Diary: The Marines of Lima Company DVD $24.95
Combat Diary: The Marines of Lima Company DVD $29.95
Combat Garage    -   Discontinued DVD
Combat Jump DVD $24.95
Combat Photographers    -   Discontinued DVD
Combat Training DVD $24.95
Comets: Prophets of Doom    -   Discontinued DVD
Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked    -   Discontinued DVD
Command Central DVD $24.95
Commandos DVD $24.95
Commandos In Norway DVD $24.95
Commercial Fishing DVD $24.95
Commercial Jets DVD $24.95
Complete History of Britain, A - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Complete History Of The Green Berets, A DVD $29.95
Complete History Of The U.S. Navy Seals DVD $29.95
Complete Jeeves and Wooster Megaset    -   Discontinued DVD
Complete Prisoner, 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Complete Secret Agent, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Complete Space: 1999 MEGASET    -   Discontinued DVD
Complete Space:1999 Megaset: 30th Anniversary Edition, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Complete Thunderbirds MEGASET    -   Discontinued DVD
Complete UFO Megaset, The DVD $69.95
Complete Upstairs Downstairs Megaset    -   Discontinued DVD
Computers DVD $24.95
Concept Cars    -   Discontinued DVD
Concorde Alpha-Delta: An Intrepid Journey DVD $24.95
Concrete DVD $24.95
Condemned: Life Behind Bars    -   Discontinued DVD
Condiments DVD $24.95
Condoleeza Rice    -   Discontinued DVD
Confederacy's Secret Weapon, The DVD $24.95
Confederacy, The: Arlington House, Hunt-Phelan, Wavery and The White House of the Confederacy DVD $24.95
Confession In Question, A DVD $24.95
Conflict in the Middle East    -   Discontinued DVD
Confrontation DVD $24.95
Confucius: Words of Wisdom DVD $24.95
Conquerors, The DVD $49.95
Conquest of America DVD $29.95
Conquest Of Hawaii    -   Discontinued DVD
Conrad Hilton: Innkeeper to the World DVD $24.95
Cons, Scams and Swindles    -   Discontinued DVD
Conspiracy To Kill: The Rae Carruth Story DVD $24.95
Constantine: The Christian Emperor    -   Discontinued DVD
Containers DVD $24.95
Contaminated: The Karen Silkwood Story    -   Discontinued DVD
Conversations With Killers    -   Discontinued DVD
Convertibles DVD $24.95
Cookies DVD $24.95
Coors, The: A Family Brew DVD $24.95
Cop And The Criminal, The: The Whitey Bulger Story DVD $24.95
Cop Cars DVD $24.95
Cop Counselors DVD $24.95
Cop Killers DVD $24.95
Cop World, Parts 1 and 2 DVD $29.95
Copper DVD $24.95
Cops On Trial DVD $24.95
Cops Or Criminals? DVD $24.95
Cops Under Fire    -   Discontinued DVD
Copycat Crimes DVD $24.95
Corcoran Eight, The DVD $24.95
Corrine    -   Discontinued DVD
Corsair: Pacific Warrior DVD $24.95
Cortes: Conqueror of Mexico    -   Discontinued DVD
Corvette DVD $24.95
Cosmic Journey: The Voyager Interstellar Mission and Message    -   Discontinued DVD
Cosmodrome    -   Discontinued DVD
Cossacks In The Sky DVD $24.95
Cotton DVD $24.95
Cotton Kings, The: Moody Mansion, Bishop's Palace, Swan House and Longue Vue House and Gardens    -   Discontinued DVD
Countdown To An Execution DVD $24.95
Countdown to Armageddon DVD $29.95
Countdown to Ground Zero DVD $29.95
Counter Terrorist Teams DVD $24.95
Counter Terrorist Teams    -   Discontinued DVD
Counterfeit King DVD $24.95
Counterfeit War, The DVD $24.95
Courage To Quit    -   Discontinued DVD
Courageous Cat: The Complete - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Cover Up: Attack On The USS Liberty DVD $24.95
Coverup!: The Sinking Of The S.S. Leopoldville    -   Discontinued DVD
Cowboy Tech DVD $24.95
Cowboy Tech DVD $24.95
Cowboys and Outlaws DVD $24.95
Cranes DVD $24.95
Crash of Flight 191, The DVD $29.95
Crash of TWA Flight 800    -   Discontinued DVD
Crash Test Dummies DVD $24.95
Crash, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Crazy Horse: Last Warrior, The DVD $24.95
Crazy Horse: Last Warrior, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Creation of the Computer, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Creepy Curses DVD $24.95
Crib Death? DVD $24.95
Crime    -   Discontinued DVD
Crime of Passion: The Pamela Smart Story DVD $24.95
Crime Scene Alibis    -   Discontinued DVD
Criminal Evidence    -   Discontinued DVD
Crisis In Iran: Death Of The Shah And The Hostage Crisis    -   Discontinued DVD
Crisis in Space: The Real Story of Apollo 13    -   Discontinued DVD
Crisis Planet Earth / Into the Depths DVD $24.95
Criss Angel Mindfreak Season Two DVD $34.95
Criss Angel Mindfreak: The Complete Season DVD $34.95
Criss Angel: Mindfreak - Halloween DVD $19.95
Criss Angel: Mindfreak: The Complete Season One DVD $24.95
Cristine and Kelly P.    -   Discontinued DVD
Cristy    -   Discontinued DVD
Cromwell: Conqueror of Ireland DVD $24.95
Crooked Cops    -   Discontinued DVD
Crop Circle Controversy DVD $24.95
Crossbow, The DVD $24.95
Crossfire / School Ties DVD $24.95
Crossing The Bridge DVD $24.95
Crossing the Rhine DVD $24.95
Crossing, The DVD $19.95
Crown Jewels, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Cruise Ships In Troubled Waters    -   Discontinued DVD
Crumbling of America DVD $24.95
Crusades    -   Discontinued DVD
Crusades, The: Crescent and the Cross DVD $19.95
Crypts, Coffins And Corpses DVD $24.95
Cuba And Castro    -   Discontinued DVD
Cult Murders, The DVD $24.95
Cults    -   Discontinued DVD
Cults: Dangerous Devotion    -   Discontinued DVD
Cults: Heaven's Gate and Branch Davidians    -   Discontinued DVD
Curse of King Tut    -   Discontinued DVD
Curse of King Tut, The DVD $24.95
Curse of the Borgias, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Curse of the Goddess Pele    -   Discontinued DVD
Curse of the Hope Diamond DVD $24.95
Curse On The Gypsies    -   Discontinued DVD
Custom Cars DVD $24.95
Cybersex Cop DVD $24.95
Cyberterrorism    -   Discontinued DVD
Cybill Shepherd DVD $24.95
Czar's Faberge Eggs, The DVD $24.95
D-Day Destroyer DVD $24.95
D-Day Minesweeper DVD $24.95
D-Day Tech DVD $24.95
D-Day Troops: Lost At Sea DVD $24.95
D-Day: The Lost Evidence DVD $29.95
D-Day: The Secret Massacre DVD $24.95
D-Day: The Total Story DVD $29.95
D-Days in the Pacific    -   Discontinued DVD
Da Vinci and the Code He Lived By DVD $24.95
Da Vinci and the Handgun    -   Discontinued DVD
Da Vinci Code: Bloodlines, The DVD $24.95
Da Vinci Tech DVD $24.95
Da Vinci's World DVD $24.95
Dalai Lama: The Soul of Tibet DVD $24.95
Dale Carnegie: Man of Influence    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 10    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 12    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 13    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 15    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 16    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 17    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 3    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 4    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 6    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 7    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 8    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas SWAT: Episode 9    -   Discontinued DVD
Dallas: Arsenic And Old Money DVD $24.95
Dalton Gang Raid DVD $24.95
Dam Buster: WWII's Bouncing Bomb DVD $24.95
Dambusters, The DVD $24.95
Damn The Torpedoes DVD $24.95
Dams DVD $24.95
Dancing, Drugs and Murder    -   Discontinued DVD
Danger - Fallout DVD $24.95
Danger Man, Complete Season One DVD $99.95
Danger on the Rails    -   Discontinued DVD
Danger UXB DVD $69.95
DangerMouse Sets 1-3    -   Discontinued DVD
DangerMouse: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2 DVD $29.95
DangerMouse: The Complete Seasons 3 and 4 DVD $29.95
DangerMouse: The Complete Seasons 5 and 6 DVD $29.95
Dangerous Medicine? DVD $24.95
Dangerous Obsessions    -   Discontinued DVD
Dangerous Seas: Inside the U.S. Coast Guard DVD $39.95
Dangerous Skies DVD $29.95
Daniel Boone DVD $24.95
Danielle Steel DVD $24.95
Danny Bonaduce: Tabloids' Bad Boy DVD $24.95
Dark Ages, The DVD $27.50
Dark Art of Interrogation, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Dark Side Of Parole, The DVD $24.95
Darryl F. Zanuck: 20th Century Filmmaker    -   Discontinued DVD
Dash and Lilly DVD $29.95
Daughter Dearest DVD $24.95
Dave Chappelle DVD $24.95
Dave Thomas: Made to Order    -   Discontinued DVD
David and Goliath DVD $24.95
David Ben-Gurion DVD $24.95
David Berkowitz: Son of Sam    -   Discontinued DVD
David Bowie    -   Discontinued DVD
David Cassidy DVD $24.95
David Copperfield DVD $24.95
David Greenglass: Twice A Traitor    -   Discontinued DVD
Davy Crockett: American Frontier Legend DVD $24.95
Day After Roswell, The DVD $24.95
Day The Towers Fell, The DVD $24.95
Dead Man Running / Crash DVD $24.95
Dead Men's Secrets: Escape From Hitler's Bunker DVD $48.95
Dead Sea Scrolls    -   Discontinued DVD
Deadliest Weapons DVD $24.95
Deadly Attraction DVD $24.95
Deadly Betrayal, A DVD $24.95
Deadly Deception, A    -   Discontinued DVD
Deadly Deception: The Mark Hacking Story DVD $24.95
Deadly Diamond    -   Discontinued DVD
Deadly Dose, A DVD $24.95
Deadly Force DVD $24.95
Deadly Magnolia: Patricia Allanson DVD $24.95
Deadly Odds In Biloxi DVD $24.95
Deadly Reckoning DVD $24.95
Deadly Transactions DVD $24.95
Deadwood Tech DVD $24.95
Dealing With The Devil DVD $24.95
Dear Home: Letters From World War I    -   Discontinued DVD
Death By Human Torpedo DVD $24.95
Death Cars DVD $24.95
Death Cult of the Incas DVD $24.95
Death Detectives: The LA County Coroner DVD $24.95
Death Devices DVD $24.95
Death From Above    -   Discontinued DVD
Death in a Small Town    -   Discontinued DVD
Death in the Mediterranean DVD $24.95
Death in the Pacific DVD $24.95
Death In The Potomac: The Crash Of Flight 90    -   Discontinued DVD
Death of a Bride DVD $24.95
Death of Marilyn Monroe, The DVD $24.95
Death of The Edmund Fitzgerald DVD $24.95
Death of the Japanese Navy DVD $24.95
Death Of Yugoslavia, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Death On Lake Huron DVD $24.95
Death On The Baltic DVD $24.95
Death Penalty on Trial - Investigative Reports DVD $42.95
Death Penalty-American Justice DVD $34.95
Death Road DVD $24.95
Death Row Diaries    -   Discontinued DVD
Death Row Prostitute    -   Discontinued DVD
Death Row Radical: Mumia Abu-Jamal    -   Discontinued DVD
Death Row Women    -   Discontinued DVD
Death Tide At Tarawa DVD $24.95
Death Valley Chronicles DVD $24.95
Decades, The: 20th Century Collection    -   Discontinued DVD
Deceiving Innocence: The Roger Coleman Story    -   Discontinued DVD
Decisive Battles: The Ancient World DVD $34.95
Declaration of Independence, The DVD $24.95
Declassified: The Rise and Fall of the Wall DVD $24.95
Declassified: U.S. Navy Dolphins DVD $24.95
Deco Days DVD $24.95
Decoding the Past: Secrets of Kabbalah DVD $24.95
Deep Freeze DVD $24.95
Deep Sea Divers DVD $24.95
Deep Sea Exploration: Challenging the Abyss    -   Discontinued DVD
Deep Sea Salvage DVD $24.95
Deep Sea UFOs DVD $24.95
Deep Sea UFOs: Red Alert DVD $24.95
Deer Hunting Murder, The DVD $24.95
Defenders, The DVD $24.95
Defining Documents    -   Discontinued DVD
Democracy Crushed: Tiananmen Square    -   Discontinued DVD
Demolition    -   Discontinued DVD
Dennis Franz: Out Of The Blue    -   Discontinued DVD
Desert Bones / Party's Over DVD $24.95
Desert Raiders DVD $24.95
Desert Storm: The Ultimate War DVD $19.95
Desert Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Design and Construction DVD $24.95
Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower DVD $24.95
Destroyer Down! DVD $24.95
Destroyer, The DVD $24.95
Destroyers DVD $24.95
Destroyers, The DVD $24.95
Detroit SWAT: Episode 14    -   Discontinued DVD
Detroit SWAT: Episode 18    -   Discontinued DVD
Detroit SWAT: Episode 22    -   Discontinued DVD
Detroit Tigers Vintage World Series Films DVD $19.95
Detroit: A Co-ed's Secret Life DVD $24.95
Devil's Candy DVD $24.95
Diamond Mines DVD $24.95
Dian Fossey DVD $24.95
Diane Keaton: On Her Own    -   Discontinued DVD
Dice Dominator DVD $24.95
Diego Rivera    -   Discontinued DVD
Different Worlds: Hippies and Cults in America    -   Discontinued DVD
Digging For The Truth: The Complete Season 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Digging For The Truth: The Complete Season 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Digging For Truth: Archaeology And The Bible DVD $29.95
Digi-tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Dinosaur Secrets Revealed    -   Discontinued DVD
Disaster at Sea: HMS Dasher    -   Discontinued DVD
Disaster of Napoleon's Fleet DVD $24.95
Disaster Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Disaster Technology    -   Discontinued DVD
Disasters At Sea    -   Discontinued DVD
Disraeli    -   Discontinued DVD
Distant Shore, A: African Americans of D-Day    -   Discontinued DVD
Distilleries DVD $24.95
Distilleries 2 DVD $24.95
Divorce Wars DVD $24.95
DNA Revolution, The    -   Discontinued DVD
DNA's Debut    -   Discontinued DVD
Doc Holliday DVD $24.95
Doctor's Wife, The DVD $24.95
Dog Tag Anthology DVD $24.95
Dog the Bounty Hunter: The Arrest DVD $12.95
Dog the Bounty Hunter: The Best Of Season One DVD $19.95
Dog the Bounty Hunter: The Best Of Season Three DVD $19.95
Dog the Bounty Hunter: The Best Of Season Two (reissue) DVD $19.95
Dog the Bounty Hunter: The Best of Seasons 1, 2, and 3 DVD $34.95
Dog the Bounty Hunter: The Wedding Special DVD $12.95
Dog: The Family Speaks DVD $24.95
Dogfights of the Middle East DVD $24.95
Dogfights: The Complete Season One DVD $49.95
Dogfights: The Greatest Air Battles    -   Discontinued DVD
Domed Stadiums: Astrodome to Skydome DVD $24.95
Dominick Dunne: Murder, He Wrote    -   Discontinued DVD
Don Adams DVD $24.95
Don Knotts: Nervous Laughter    -   Discontinued DVD
Donald Rumsfeld: Top Gun    -   Discontinued DVD
Donald Trump: Deal Maker DVD $24.95
Donald Trump: Master of the Deal DVD $24.95
Donna Karan    -   Discontinued DVD
Donnie Brasco DVD $24.95
Donnie Brasco DVD $24.95
Doolittle's Daring Raid DVD $24.95
Doomed Tower At Sea    -   Discontinued DVD
Doomsday 2012: The End of Days DVD $24.95
Doomsday Clock, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Doomsday Flu, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Doomsday Tech 1 DVD $24.95
Doris Day: It's Magic    -   Discontinued DVD
Doris Roberts    -   Discontinued DVD
Dorothy Stratten DVD $24.95
Dot.Com Roller Coaster, The DVD $24.95
Double Murder on Haskell / Back Alley Revenge DVD $24.95
Downstream Drifter / Murder in Room 162 DVD $24.95
Dr. Guillotin And His Execution Machine    -   Discontinued DVD
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Complete Season Five DVD $109.95
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Complete Season Four DVD $119.95
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Complete Season Six DVD $89.95
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Complete Season Three DVD $49.95
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Complete Season Three DVD $119.95
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Season One - Set DVD $79.95
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Season Two DVD $49.95
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Season Two DVD $109.95
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movies DVD $9.95
Dracula's Underground    -   Discontinued DVD
Drag Racing DVD $24.95
Dragons DVD $24.95
Dragons: Myths and Legends DVD $24.95
Drake's Secret Voyage DVD $24.95
Dreadnoughts, The DVD $24.95
Dream Fulfilled, The / Don't Judge a Book... DVD $24.95
Dreamtime of the Aborigines    -   Discontinued DVD
Dredging DVD $24.95
Drill, The DVD $12.95
Drilling DVD $24.95
Drive For The American Dream DVD $24.95
Drive-Thru DVD $24.95
Driven to Kill DVD $24.95
Driving Force: The Complete Season One DVD $14.95
Drowning In Lies: The Trial Of Edward Post DVD $24.95
Drowning Of Florence Italy, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Drugs at the Border DVD $24.95
Duct Tape Murder / Custody of the Devil DVD $24.95
Duel in the Desert DVD $24.95
Duel: Hamilton vs. Burr with Richard Dreyfuss DVD $29.95
Dueling Pistols: The Etiquette Of Death DVD $24.95
Dunkirk Dilemma, The DVD $24.95
DuPont Dynasty DVD $24.95
Dutch Schultz: Menace to Society    -   Discontinued DVD
Duty, Honor...And Murder DVD $24.95
Dwight Eisenhower DVD $24.95
Dying To Win    -   Discontinued DVD
Dynamite DVD $24.95
e-terror    -   Discontinued DVD
E.R.: The Real Drama DVD $24.95
Early Guns, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Early Machine Guns: Advent Of Rapid Firepower DVD $24.95
Earp Brothers: Lawmen of the West DVD $24.95
Earth In The Hot Seat    -   Discontinued DVD
Earth Movers: The Power to Move Mountains    -   Discontinued DVD
Earth's Black Hole    -   Discontinued DVD
Earthquake in the Heartland    -   Discontinued DVD
Earthquake! On Shaky Ground    -   Discontinued DVD
Earthquakes DVD $24.95
Earthquakes: Living on the Edge    -   Discontinued DVD
East Coast Tsunami    -   Discontinued DVD
Easy Prey / Widowmaker DVD $24.95
Eccentrics, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Echelon: The Most Secret Spy System    -   Discontinued DVD
Eclectica DVD $24.95
Eclipsed By Death: The Life Of River Phoenix    -   Discontinued DVD
Ed Gein DVD $24.95
Edgar Allan Poe, The Mystery Of DVD $24.95
Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Psychic DVD $24.95
Edison Tech DVD $24.95
Edith Head DVD $24.95
Edward and Mrs. Simpson DVD $39.95
Edward R. Murrow: Voice of America DVD $24.95
Edwards Air Force Base DVD $24.95
Egypt's Great Queen DVD $24.95
Egypt: Beyond The Pyramids - Set DVD $39.95
Egypt: Engineering an Empire DVD $24.95
Egypt: Land Of The Gods    -   Discontinued DVD
Egyptian Book of the Dead, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Egyptian Pyramids DVD $24.95
Egyptians, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Eiffel Tower DVD $24.95
Eighty Acres of Hell    -   Discontinued DVD
El Camino vs. Ranchero DVD $24.95
El Cid DVD $24.95
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Restless Spirit DVD $24.95
Eliminating the Competition DVD $24.95
Eliot Ness: Untouchable DVD $24.95
Elite German Forces of WWII DVD $24.95
Elixir Of Death    -   Discontinued DVD
Elizabeth - Set DVD $39.95
Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen    -   Discontinued DVD
Elizabeth Montgomery: A Touch Of Magic    -   Discontinued DVD
Elizabeth Taylor: Facets    -   Discontinued DVD
Elizabeth, NJ: Death of a Don DVD $24.95
Ellen: The Complete Season Five DVD $49.95
Ellen: The Complete Season Four DVD $49.95
Ellen: The Complete Season One DVD $39.95
Ellen: The Complete Season Three DVD $49.95
Ellen: The Complete Season Two DVD $49.95
Ellis Island DVD $24.95
Elton John    -   Discontinued DVD
Emeril Lagasse: Bam!    -   Discontinued DVD
Emma    -   Discontinued DVD
Empire Estates, The: Sunnyside, Olana and The Ogden Mills Mansion DVD $24.95
Empire of Crime: A Century of the New York Mob DVD $29.95
Empire State Building, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Empire State Building, The DVD $24.95
EMS: Street Saviors DVD $24.95
End of the World, The DVD $24.95
Endeavour DVD $24.95
Enduring Mystery of Stonehenge DVD $24.95
Enemy Within: Drugs And The War To Stop Them    -   Discontinued DVD
Enforcers, The DVD $39.95
Engineering an Empire DVD $49.95
Engineering an Empire: Collector's Edition DVD $59.95
Engineering Disasters 10 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 11 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 12 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 13 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 14 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 15 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 16 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 17 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 18 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 19 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 20 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 4    -   Discontinued DVD
Engineering Disasters 5    -   Discontinued DVD
Engineering Disasters 6    -   Discontinued DVD
Engineering Disasters 7 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 8 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters 9 DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters of the 70's DVD $24.95
Engineering Disasters: New Orleans    -   Discontinued DVD
Engineering Disasters: New Orleans DVD $24.95
Engines DVD $24.95
England's Lost Castles DVD $24.95
England's Royal Warships With Edward Windsor    -   Discontinued DVD
England's Theatres of Blood DVD $24.95
English-Inspired Design DVD $24.95
Entebbe Raid, 1976, The DVD $24.95
Environmental Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Enzo Ferrari and the Historic Race DVD $24.95
Epidemic of Fear    -   Discontinued DVD
Episode #76: B-2 Stealth Bomber    -   Discontinued DVD
Episode 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Episode 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Episode 1: Out On A Limb    -   Discontinued DVD
Episode 1: You Win Some, You Lose Some    -   Discontinued DVD
Episode 25    -   Discontinued DVD
Episode 2: Dream On    -   Discontinued DVD
Episode 3: Love Is A Gamble    -   Discontinued DVD
Episode 4: Out of the Woods    -   Discontinued DVD
Episode 4: The Games People Play    -   Discontinued DVD
Episode 5    -   Discontinued DVD
Episode 5: Against All Odds    -   Discontinued DVD
Equestrians DVD $24.95
Eric Idle's Personal Best DVD $19.95
Erie Canal, The DVD $24.95
Erin Brockovich Story, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Ermey's Biggest Bangs DVD $24.95
Ermey's Hottest Rides DVD $24.95
Ermey's Vietnam DVD $29.95
Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling With Life DVD $24.95
Ernest Shackleton: Looking South DVD $24.95
Ernie Pyle - The Voice of G.I. Joe DVD $24.95
Erwin Rommel: The Last Knight DVD $24.95
Escape From A Living Hell DVD $24.95
Escape From Bosnia: The Scott O'Grady Story    -   Discontinued DVD
Escape From Cuba: A Survivor's Story DVD $24.95
Escape From Hitler's Bunker DVD $32.45
Escape From Liberia    -   Discontinued DVD
Eskrima Stickfighting    -   Discontinued DVD
ESP and Dreams: Predicting Disasters DVD $24.95
Essex, The: The True Story Of Moby Dick DVD $24.95
ET Tech DVD $24.95
Ethel Kennedy: Carrying On    -   Discontinued DVD
Eugene O'Neill: A Haunted Life    -   Discontinued DVD
Eva Braun: Love and Death DVD $24.95
Every Parent's Nightmare DVD $24.95
Evil Streak / .50 Caliber    -   Discontinued DVD
Evita: The Woman Behind The Myth    -   Discontinued DVD
Evita: The Woman Behind The Myth (Spanish)    -   Discontinued DVD
Excedrin Killings, The DVD $24.95
Execution At Midnight: Death Row/Last Hours DVD $24.95
Execution In Doubt, An DVD $24.95
Execution of Jesus, The DVD $14.95
Execution Tech DVD $24.95
Exodus Decoded, The DVD $24.95
Exorcising the Devil    -   Discontinued DVD
Exorcism: Driving Out The Devil    -   Discontinued DVD
Exorcists DVD $24.95
Exotic Destinations DVD $24.95
Experimental Weapons DVD $24.95
Explosion at Sea DVD $24.95
Explosions! Texas City    -   Discontinued DVD
Exterminator, The DVD $24.95
Exterminators DVD $24.95
Extraordinary Nations And Places    -   Discontinued DVD
Extraterrestrials DVD $24.95
Extreme Aircraft DVD $24.95
Extreme Aircraft Recovery DVD $24.95
Extreme Bikes DVD $24.95
Extreme Gadgets DVD $24.95
Extreme Ocean Salvage    -   Discontinued DVD
Extreme Trucks DVD $24.95
Eye On History: D-Day DVD $24.95
Eyewitness DVD $24.95
Eyewitness in Iraq DVD $24.95
F-117 Nighthawk Stealth DVD $24.95
F-14, The DVD $24.95
F-15, The DVD $24.95
F-18 Hornet DVD $24.95
F-86 Sabre-Jet Strike!    -   Discontinued DVD
F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great American Dreamer    -   Discontinued DVD
F/A-22 Raptor DVD $24.95
Fabulous World of Faberge, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Face Off: Rommel vs. Montgomery DVD $24.95
Face To Face: The Schappell Twins    -   Discontinued DVD
Facing Life: The Re-Trial of Evan Zimmerman DVD $29.95
Facts of Life, The DVD $24.95
Failed Assassinations DVD $24.95
Failed Inventions DVD $24.95
Failure of National Health Insurance    -   Discontinued DVD
Fairbanks: Mining For Murder    -   Discontinued DVD
Faith And Foul Play In Salt Lake City DVD $24.95
Falklands Campaign, The DVD $24.95
Fall of Fort Eben Emael, The DVD $24.95
Fallen / Texas Burning DVD $24.95
False Witness DVD $24.95
False Witness DVD $29.95
Falsely Accused    -   Discontinued DVD
Family Affair / The Hustler DVD $24.95
Family Feud: The Hatfields And McCoys DVD $24.95
Family Secret, A: The Death Of Lisa Steinberg DVD $24.95
Family Secrets / Clipped DVD $24.95
Family Tree DVD $29.95
Famous Wally Amos: The Cookie King DVD $24.95
Fantastic Voyage: Evolution Of Science Fiction    -   Discontinued DVD
Farming Technology DVD $24.95
Farrah Fawcett: America's Angel    -   Discontinued DVD
Fashion Designers    -   Discontinued DVD
Fatal Fathers DVD $24.95
Fatal Pickup / Bad Neighbor DVD $24.95
Fate of Neandertals, The DVD $24.95
Faye Dunaway    -   Discontinued DVD
FBI Stings: Recovering Stolen History DVD $24.95
FBI's Crime Lab DVD $24.95
FDR and Pearl Harbor DVD $24.95
FDR's Secret War    -   Discontinued DVD
FDR: A Presidency Revealed    -   Discontinued DVD
FDR: The War Years DVD $24.95
FDR: Years Of Crisis DVD $24.95
Fear Files: Zombies!    -   Discontinued DVD
Federico Fellini    -   Discontinued DVD
FEMA: In The Face of Disaster DVD $24.95
Ferrari DVD $24.95
Fertilizer DVD $24.95
Few Good Women, A    -   Discontinued DVD
Fidel Castro: El Comandante DVD $34.95
Fidel Castro: El Commandante (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Fifty Dollar Murder / Murder in Liberty City    -   Discontinued DVD
Fight Like A Girl DVD $24.95
Fighters DVD $24.95
Fighters DVD $24.95
Fighting Leathernecks of WWII DVD $24.95
Final Days: The Fame and Fate of Marilyn Monroe / The Fame and Fate of Princess Diana DVD $24.95
Final Investment / Writing on the Wall DVD $24.95
Fingering The Killer    -   Discontinued DVD
Fingerprinting And Ballistics    -   Discontinued DVD
Fire DVD $24.95
Fire and Ice DVD $24.95
Fire At Sea DVD $29.95
Fire In Mann Gulch DVD $24.95
Fire In The Hole!: Mining Disasters    -   Discontinued DVD
Fire in the Rain / Family Feud DVD $24.95
Fire Lover DVD $24.95
Fire On Ice: Champions Of American Figure Skating    -   Discontinued DVD
Fire On The Mountain    -   Discontinued DVD
Fire Under The Big Top DVD $24.95
Fire: In The Heat Of The Blaze (Chicago) DVD $24.95
Firearms Freeway DVD $24.95
Fireball XL5, Complete - Set DVD $99.95
Firebird DVD $24.95
Fireboats of 9/11    -   Discontinued DVD
Firefighting! Extreme Conditions DVD $24.95
Firestorm DVD $24.95
Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone DVD $19.95
Firestorms: Nature Out of Control    -   Discontinued DVD
Firing Ranges DVD $24.95
First 48, The: The Most Intense Investigations    -   Discontinued DVD
First Americans, The DVD $24.95
First Christians, The DVD $24.95
First Flight Around The World DVD $29.95
First In Battle: The True Story Of The 7th Cavalry DVD $29.95
First Mothers    -   Discontinued DVD
First Olympics, The DVD $24.95
First Person Killers: Ronald Defeo DVD $24.95
First Response DVD $24.95
First To Fight: The Black Tankers of WWII DVD $24.95
Fish and Wildlife DVD $24.95
Fish Out of Water / Good Samaritan DVD $24.95
Five Little Pigs DVD $19.95
Five Points Gangs DVD $24.95
Flame Trees of Thika, The DVD $39.95
Flash Floods: Deadly Downpour DVD $24.95
Flash Gordon: Journey to Greatness    -   Discontinued DVD
Flip This House: Episode 1 and 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Flip This House: Episode 3 and 4    -   Discontinued DVD
Flip This House: Episode 5 and 6    -   Discontinued DVD
Florence Henderson: Here's The Story    -   Discontinued DVD
Florida's Grand Estates DVD $24.95
Fly Past DVD $39.95
Flying Pyramids: Soaring Stones    -   Discontinued DVD
Flying Tigers DVD $24.95
Flying Wallendas, The: Legends of the High Wire    -   Discontinued DVD
Follow-Up 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Follow-Up Special DVD $24.95
Fool for Love / Dumped DVD $24.95
Foolproof Alibi / Left Behind    -   Discontinued DVD
For Love Or Money DVD $24.95
For the Love of Dog: Luau Special    -   Discontinued DVD
Forbidden City: Dynasty and Destiny DVD $24.95
Forced To Shoot    -   Discontinued DVD
Ford F100 Truck DVD $24.95
Ford GT-40, The DVD $24.95
Forensic Firsts: The Criminal Mind / Under The Microscope    -   Discontinued DVD
Forensic Science: The Crime Fighter's Weapon DVD $24.95
Forgotten City Of The Jungle DVD $24.95
Forgotten Sub of WWII DVD $24.95
Forgotten Wars DVD $24.95
Fort Knox Armor Center to the Roadrunner    -   Discontinued DVD
Fort Knox: Secrets Revealed DVD $24.95
Fort, The DVD $24.95
Forts    -   Discontinued DVD
Forward Air Controllers DVD $24.95
Forward Observers DVD $24.95
Founding Brothers - Set DVD $39.95
Founding Fathers - Set DVD $39.95
Founding Mothers with Cokie Roberts DVD $24.95
Founding of America DVD $19.95
Fountain of Youth DVD $24.95
Fragile Freedom, A: African-American Historic Sites DVD $24.95
Fragments Of Time DVD $24.95
Frances Farmer: Paradise Lost    -   Discontinued DVD
Frank Costello: Prime Minister of the Mob    -   Discontinued DVD
Frank Lloyd Wright, The Homes Of    -   Discontinued DVD
Frank Serpico DVD $24.95
Frankenstein DVD $24.95
Frat Boys DVD $29.95
Freak Show Tech DVD $24.95
Freak Shows II DVD $24.95
Fred Gwynne    -   Discontinued DVD
Fred Rogers    -   Discontinued DVD
Frederick Douglass DVD $24.95
Free Cabanatuan DVD $24.95
Free to Kill: The Polly Klaas Murder DVD $24.95
Free To Murder Again DVD $24.95
Freemason Underground DVD $24.95
Freight Trains DVD $24.95
Freighters, The DVD $24.95
Fremont: Conqueror of California DVD $24.95
French Foreign Legion DVD $24.95
French Revolution, The DVD $24.95
Frida Kahlo DVD $24.95
Frigates, The DVD $24.95
From the Front Lines (Iraq)    -   Discontinued DVD
Frontier Doctors DVD $24.95
Frontier Homes DVD $24.95
Frontier: Legends of the Old Northwest    -   Discontinued DVD
Frontier: The Decisive Battles    -   Discontinued DVD
Frontline Reporting    -   Discontinued DVD
Ft. Lauderdale: Sin in the Sun DVD $24.95
Full Metal Corset DVD $24.95
Future Tech DVD $24.95
Future That Never Happened, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Future Weapons DVD $24.95
G. Gordon Liddy: Warrior With A Cause    -   Discontinued DVD
Gabors, The: Fame, Fortune And Romance DVD $24.95
Gadget Gambler, The DVD $24.95
Gadgets DVD $24.95
Galileo and the Sinful Spyglass DVD $24.95
Gallo Brothers DVD $24.95
Gambinos, The: First Family of Crime DVD $29.95
Gambling Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Gang Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Gang Violence in America    -   Discontinued DVD
Gangbusters DVD $24.95
Gangland: Aryan Brotherhood    -   Discontinued DVD
Gangs of Little Havana / Execution in Coconut Grove DVD $24.95
Gangsta Girls    -   Discontinued DVD
Gangster Cars DVD $24.95
Gangster Guns of the 20s and 30s DVD $24.95
Garage Gadgets DVD $24.95
Gardens and Galleries DVD $24.95
Gary Coleman DVD $24.95
Gary Condit: Shroud Of Suspicion    -   Discontinued DVD
Gary Gilmore: A Fight to Die DVD $24.95
Gas Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Gasoline DVD $24.95
Gatlinburg: Smoky Mountain Nightmare DVD $24.95
Gays In The Military    -   Discontinued DVD
Gene Simmons Family Jewels: The Best of Seasons 1 and 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Gene Simmons Family Jewels: The Complete Season 1 DVD $24.95
General Douglas MacArthur: Return Of A Legend DVD $24.95
General George C. Marshall: Soldier and Statesman DVD $24.95
General George Patton: A Genius For War DVD $29.95
General Howe: Conqueror of New York DVD $24.95
General Omar Bradley DVD $24.95
Generation RX: Reading, Writing And Ritalin    -   Discontinued DVD
Genghis Khan DVD $29.95
Genghis Khan: Terror And Conquest DVD $24.95
Gentlemen's Clubs    -   Discontinued DVD
George Armstrong Custer: America's Golden Cavalier    -   Discontinued DVD
George Bush: A President's Story    -   Discontinued DVD
George Bush: His WWII Years DVD $24.95
George C. Scott: Power and Glory    -   Discontinued DVD
George Carlin    -   Discontinued DVD
George Custer: Showdown at Little Big Horn DVD $24.95
George Jones DVD $24.95
George Lucas: Creating An Empire    -   Discontinued DVD
George Reeves: The Perils Of A Superhero    -   Discontinued DVD
George W. Bush: The Son Also Rises    -   Discontinued DVD
George Wallace and Black Power    -   Discontinued DVD
George Washington Bridge DVD $24.95
George Washington Carver Tech DVD $24.95
George Washington's Workshop DVD $24.95
George Washington: American Revolutionary    -   Discontinued DVD
George Washington: Founding Father DVD $24.95
Gerald R. Ford: Healing The Presidency    -   Discontinued DVD
German Commerce Raiders DVD $24.95
German Death Trap    -   Discontinued DVD
German Small Arms Of WWII DVD $24.95
Geronimo DVD $24.95
Get That Money / Senseless DVD $24.95
Getting Away With Murder DVD $24.95
Getting High: A History of LSD    -   Discontinued DVD
Gettys, The: A Tragedy of Riches    -   Discontinued DVD
Ghost Plane Of The Desert: "Lady Be Good"    -   Discontinued DVD
Ghost Ship of New England, The DVD $24.95
Ghost Ship of the Confederacy DVD $24.95
Ghost Ships    -   Discontinued DVD
Giant Structures    -   Discontinued DVD
Giants of Easter Island DVD $24.95
Giants of Patagonia, The DVD $24.95
Giants: Friend Or Foe    -   Discontinued DVD
Gibsonton: The Last Side Show    -   Discontinued DVD
Giganto: The Real King Kong    -   Discontinued DVD
Gina and Andrea    -   Discontinued DVD
Giorgio Armani: Deconstructing Fashion    -   Discontinued DVD
Girl In The Box, The DVD $24.95
Gladys Knight: A Knight's Tale    -   Discontinued DVD
Gloria And Emilio Estefan: Made For Each Other (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Gloria Vanderbilt: An Heir of Style DVD $24.95
Glory Days Of Travel, The DVD $24.95
Glue DVD $24.95
God In The Classroom    -   Discontinued DVD
God or the Girl DVD $24.95
Godfathers Collection DVD $29.95
Godfathers of Havana DVD $24.95
Gods And Goddesses DVD $24.95
Godspeed to Jamestown    -   Discontinued DVD
Gold Mines DVD $24.95
Gold Rush Disaster: The Frolic DVD $24.95
Gold Rush Ghost Towns DVD $24.95
Gold Rush Tech DVD $24.95
Gold! The History of Man's Greatest Obsession DVD $39.95
Golden Gate Bridge DVD $24.95
Golf: Links in Time DVD $24.95
Good Book / Nightmare, The DVD $24.95
Good Book Of Love, The: Sex In The Bible DVD $29.95
Google Boys, The DVD $24.95
Governors' Mansions, The: Kentucky, New Jersey and Missouri DVD $24.95
Grace Kelly: Hollywood Princess DVD $24.95
Gracie Allen    -   Discontinued DVD
Graham Chapman's Personal Best DVD $19.95
Grand Adirondack Camps, The DVD $24.95
Grand Canyon, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Grand Coulee Dam, The DVD $24.95
Grand Plantations DVD $24.95
Grand Plantations    -   Discontinued DVD
Grand Resorts II, The: Grand Hotel, Hotel del Coronado, Mission Inn DVD $24.95
Grand Resorts, The: Greenbrier, Hotel Hershey And Mohunk Mountain House DVD $24.95
Graveyard of Ships DVD $24.95
Great Blunders of WWII - Set DVD $44.95
Great Builders of Egypt, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Great Chicago Flood DVD $24.95
Great Conventions: 1960 With Sander Vanocur DVD $24.95
Great Debates, The DVD $24.95
Great Escapes Of WWII, The - Set DVD $24.98
Great Falls, VA    -   Discontinued DVD
Great Frontier, The: Terrace Hill, Iowa Governor's Residence; Rosemount Museum; The Moss Mansion DVD $24.95
Great Gatsby, The DVD $19.95
Great Lakes Ghost Ship DVD $24.95
Great Monuments of Washington D.C. DVD $29.95
Great Pyramid, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Great Pyramids of Giza and Other Pyramids, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Great Raid, The DVD $24.95
Great Railroad Visionaries DVD $24.95
Great Rescues    -   Discontinued DVD
Great Sub Rescue, The DVD $24.95
Great Train Disasters DVD $24.95
Great Wall of China, The DVD $24.95
Great Wall, The DVD $24.95
Greece / Greece: Age of Alexander DVD $29.95
Greek Gods, The DVD $24.95
Greeks, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Green Bay: Terror In Titletown DVD $24.95
Green Beret Murder Mystery, The DVD $24.95
Green Berets DVD $24.95
Green River Killer, The DVD $24.95
Greensboro Massacre, The DVD $24.95
Greensboro: Clash With The Klan DVD $24.95
Greenwich: Who Killed Martha Moxley?    -   Discontinued DVD
Greenwood, Mississippi    -   Discontinued DVD
Greg Louganis: The Biggest Challenge DVD $24.95
Gremlin vs. Pacer DVD $24.95
Gridiron Generals: A Hard-Hitting History of College Football DVD $29.95
Grim Reaper DVD $24.95
Grimaldi Dynasty, The DVD $24.95
Grounded On 9/11    -   Discontinued DVD
Grunts of Vietnam, The DVD $24.95
Guadalcanal DVD $24.95
Guadalcanal DVD $24.95
Guadalcanal DVD $24.95
Guam DVD $24.95
Guardian of the Ages: The Great Sphinx    -   Discontinued DVD
Gulf War Revisited, The: Saddam's Biochemical Threat    -   Discontinued DVD
Gulf War, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Gun Control: The Right to Bear Arms in the 20th Century    -   Discontinued DVD
Gun Life DVD $24.95
Gunboats Of Vietnam, The DVD $24.95
Gunny Goes High Speed    -   Discontinued DVD
Guns and God: The Sieges of Waco and Ruby Ridge    -   Discontinued DVD
Guns of Afghanistan DVD $24.95
Guns of Browning, The DVD $24.95
Guns Of Colt, The DVD $24.95
Guns of Infamy, Part 2 DVD $24.95
Guns of Infamy: Shots Heard 'Round The World    -   Discontinued DVD
Guns Of Israel DVD $24.95
Guns of Remington DVD $24.95
Guns of Smith and Wesson DVD $24.95
Guns of the Century DVD $49.95
Guns Of The Civil War DVD $24.95
Guns of the Mauser DVD $24.95
Guns of the Revolution DVD $24.95
Guns of the Russian Military DVD $24.95
Guns of the Sky DVD $24.95
Guns of Winchester DVD $24.95
Gunslingers, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Gunslingers, The DVD $24.95
Gurkhas, The DVD $24.95
Guy Walks Into A Bar DVD $24.95
H. G. Wells: Time Traveler DVD $24.95
Hadrian's Wall    -   Discontinued DVD
Halifax Explosion, The DVD $24.95
Halsey's Typhoons: Peril On The Sea    -   Discontinued DVD
Halston    -   Discontinued DVD
Halt U-Boats In Zeebrugge DVD $24.95
Hammer    -   Discontinued DVD
Hammer House Of Horror - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Hamptons Murder Mystery DVD $24.95
Handsaw, The DVD $12.95
Hangar 18: The UFO Warehouse DVD $24.95
Hangars DVD $24.95
Hank Williams, Jr. DVD $24.95
Hank Williams: The Lonesome Heart of Country    -   Discontinued DVD
Hap Arnold: The Sky Warrior DVD $24.95
Happy Face Killer, The DVD $24.95
Hard Fall DVD $24.95
Hardware Stores DVD $24.95
Harem    -   Discontinued DVD
Harlem Globetrotters, The DVD $24.95
Harley-Davidson DVD $24.95
Harold Shipman DVD $24.95
Harrison Ford DVD $29.95
Harvesting DVD $24.95
Harvesting 2 DVD $24.95
Hate Across America    -   Discontinued DVD
Hatfields and McCoys: An American Feud DVD $24.95
Haunted Atlanta DVD $24.95
Haunted Baltimore DVD $24.95
Haunted Caribbean    -   Discontinued DVD
Haunted Edinburgh DVD $24.95
Haunted Hawaii    -   Discontinued DVD
Haunted Histories Collection, The DVD $24.95
Haunted History    -   Discontinued DVD
Haunted History of Halloween, The DVD $24.95
Haunted History: San Antonio DVD $24.95
Haunted History: Washington D.C.    -   Discontinued DVD
Haunted Hollywood DVD $24.95
Haunted Houses    -   Discontinued DVD
Haunted Key West DVD $24.95
Haunted London DVD $24.95
Haunted Maine DVD $24.95
Haunted Nevada DVD $24.95
Haunted Northwest DVD $24.95
Haunted Philadelphia DVD $24.95
Haunted Rockies DVD $24.95
Haunted Savannah    -   Discontinued DVD
Haunted Tombstone    -   Discontinued DVD
Hauntings DVD $24.95
Hawaii's Lost Riches DVD $24.95
Hazing: A Deadly Game DVD $24.95
Headhunters of the Amazon DVD $24.95
Healing And Prayer: Power Or Placebo?    -   Discontinued DVD
Hearst Castle: San Simeon DVD $24.95
Heaven and Hell DVD $24.95
Heaven: Beyond The Grave DVD $24.95
Heavy Metals DVD $37.45
Heidi and Michelle    -   Discontinued DVD
Heidi Fleiss Story, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Heiresses DVD $24.95
Helen Gurley Brown DVD $24.95
Helen Thomas: The First Lady of the Press DVD $24.95
Helicopters DVD $24.95
Hell on Wheels DVD $24.95
Hell Over Hanoi DVD $24.95
Hell's Angels    -   Discontinued DVD
Hell's Battlefield DVD $39.95
Hell: The Devil's Domain DVD $29.95
Hellfighters    -   Discontinued DVD
Hellfire    -   Discontinued DVD
Helter Skelter With Vincent Bugliosi DVD $24.95
Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec DVD $24.95
Henry Ford: Tin Lizzy Tycoon    -   Discontinued DVD
Henry Hill: Goodfella DVD $24.95
Henry Lee Lucas DVD $24.95
Henry VIII: Scandals of a King    -   Discontinued DVD
Hercules: Power of the Gods DVD $24.95
Herding Dog Trials DVD $24.95
Hermosa Beach: Missing In Paradise DVD $24.95
Heroes Of Iwo Jima DVD $19.95
Heroes of Katrina DVD $24.95
Hi-Tech Hitler    -   Discontinued DVD
Hidden City Of Petra, The DVD $24.95
Hidden History of Boston DVD $29.95
Hidden Tomb of Antiochus    -   Discontinued DVD
Hiding In Plain Sight: Tales Of A Fugitive DVD $24.95
Higgins Landing Craft, The DVD $24.95
High Explosives DVD $24.95
High Hitler DVD $24.95
High Risk: Helicopter Linemen DVD $24.95
High Rollers: A History Of Gambling DVD $29.95
High Tech Lincoln    -   Discontinued DVD
High Tech Sex DVD $24.95
High Voltage    -   Discontinued DVD
Highway Hangouts: Eat and Run DVD $29.95
Highway to Heaven: Season One DVD $59.95
Highway to Heaven: Season One: Volume 1 (DVD SINGLE) DVD $14.95
Highway to Heaven: Season Three DVD $69.95
Highway to Heaven: Season Two DVD $59.95
Hillside Stranglers, The DVD $24.95
Hillside Stranglers, The DVD $24.95
Hilo: Betrayal On The Big Island DVD $24.95
Hilton Family, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Hilton Family, The DVD $24.95
Hippies DVD $29.95
Hirohito DVD $24.95
Hispanics and the Medal of Honor    -   Discontinued DVD
Hispanics in America    -   Discontinued DVD
History Of God, A DVD $24.95
History of Poker, The DVD $24.95
History of Prostitution: Sex In The City DVD $24.95
History of Tall Buildings    -   Discontinued DVD
History of the Beach: The Turning Tides Of History    -   Discontinued DVD
History Of The Dow Jones    -   Discontinued DVD
History of the Wife DVD $24.95
History of Toys And Games, The    -   Discontinued DVD
History of Toys And Games, The DVD $24.95
History or Hoax? DVD $24.95
History's Lost and Found-Episode #1 DVD $24.95
Hitler And Stalin: Roots of Evil    -   Discontinued DVD
Hitler and the Occult DVD $24.95
Hitler's A-Bomb    -   Discontinued DVD
Hitler's Lost Plan    -   Discontinued DVD
Hitler's Nuclear Arsenal    -   Discontinued DVD
Hitler's Perfect Children DVD $24.95
Hitler's Supercity DVD $24.95
Hitler's Underground Lair DVD $24.95
Hitler's Vengeance Weapons DVD $24.95
HMS Belfast: Steel Fortress    -   Discontinued DVD
HMS Victory DVD $24.95
Hog Heaven: The Story of the Harley-Davidson Empire DVD $24.95
Holiday Foods DVD $24.95
Holland 1953: Assault Of The Sea DVD $24.95
Hollow, The DVD $19.95
Hollywood Censorship Wars, The DVD $24.95
Hollywood's Golden Age DVD $24.95
Hollywood's Greatest Villains    -   Discontinued DVD
Hollywood/ Vice/ Narcotics/ Homicide (Program #111) DVD $24.95
Hollywood: An Empire of Their Own DVD $24.95
Holocaust: The Untold Story    -   Discontinued DVD
Holy Grail in America DVD $19.95
Holy Grail, The DVD $24.95
Holy Grail, The DVD $24.95
Holy Lance, The DVD $24.95
Holy Secrets: Electing A Pope DVD $24.95
Home and Bunker DVD $24.95
Home Depot, The DVD $24.95
Home for the Holidays: The History of Thanksgiving    -   Discontinued DVD
Homicide - (Complete Series, Season 1-7)    -   Discontinued DVD
Homicide/ Crimes Against Persons/ Juvenile (Program #102) DVD $24.95
Homicide/ Hate Crimes (Program #106) DVD $24.95
Homicide/ Juvenile/ Bomb Squad (Program #105) DVD $24.95
Homicide/ Juvenile/ Vice/ Homicide (Program #107) DVD $24.95
Homicide/ Vice/ Crime Impact (Program #103) DVD $24.95
Homicide: Seasons 1-4    -   Discontinued DVD
Homicide: Seasons 1-5    -   Discontinued DVD
Homicide: The Complete Season 3    -   Discontinued DVD
Homicide: The Complete Season 4    -   Discontinued DVD
Homicide: The Complete Season 5    -   Discontinued DVD
Homicide: The Complete Season 6    -   Discontinued DVD
Homicide: The Complete Season 7    -   Discontinued DVD
Homicide: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2 - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Honda-NSX    -   Discontinued DVD
Honor and Glory: America's Elite Military Honor Guards DVD $24.95
Honor Deferred    -   Discontinued DVD
Hooked on a Dream: America's Lotteries    -   Discontinued DVD
Hooked on a Dream: America's Lotteries DVD $24.95
Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way DVD $39.95
Hooligan Navy, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Hoover Dam DVD $24.95
Hope For The Holidays    -   Discontinued DVD
Horatio Hornblower - Set DVD $59.95
Horatio Hornblower Collector's Edition    -   Discontinued DVD
Horatio Hornblower: The Adventure Continues - Set DVD $39.95
Horatio Hornblower: The Complete Adventures - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Horatio Hornblower: The New Adventures DVD $39.95
Horrors at Andersonville Prison, The: The Trial of Henry Wirz    -   Discontinued DVD
Horsepower DVD $24.95
Hostage Negotiators DVD $24.95
Hostage Takers, The DVD $24.95
Hostage/ Homicide/ Auto Theft/ Juvenile (Program #104) DVD $24.95
Hostile Takeover / Shot in the Back DVD $24.95
Hot Dogs DVD $24.95
Hot Rods DVD $24.95
Hot Rods DVD $24.95
Houdini / Innocence Lost DVD $24.95
Houdini: Unlocking The Mystery    -   Discontinued DVD
House of Blood / Last Man Standing DVD $24.95
House, The DVD $29.95
Household Wonders DVD $24.95
How The Earth Was Made Season One (Blu-Ray) DVD $49.95
How The Earth Was Made Season Two (Blu-Ray) DVD $49.95
How the States Got Their Shapes Season 2 DVD $14.98
How the States Got their Shapes Season 1 DVD $29.98
Howard Carter: Triumph and Treasure DVD $24.95
Howard Hughes and the Spruce Goose DVD $24.95
Howard Hughes Tech DVD $24.95
Howard Stern DVD $24.95
HUD: America's Slumlord DVD $24.95
Hudson River Valley Estates DVD $24.95
Huey Helicopter: Air Armada    -   Discontinued DVD
Huey Long: The Kingfish DVD $24.95
Hugh Hefner: American Playboy    -   Discontinued DVD
Human Bondage DVD $24.95
Human Guinea Pigs    -   Discontinued DVD
Human Sacrifice DVD $24.95
Human Torpedo Raiders DVD $24.95
Human Tragedy: The Faces of Kosovo with Harry Smith    -   Discontinued DVD
Human Transformations DVD $24.95
Human Weapon: Military Combat DVD $19.95
Humphrey Bogart DVD $24.95
Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The DVD $24.95
Hunt For Bin Laden DVD $24.95
Hunt For Jack The Ripper, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Hunt For Osama And Saddam, The: Tracking Down The Killers    -   Discontinued DVD
Hunt for Teeth / Coyote Blue (#17) DVD $24.95
Hunt for the Bismarck DVD $24.95
Hunt For The Killer Flu    -   Discontinued DVD
Hunt For The Lost Ark DVD $24.95
Hunt For The Lost Squadron, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Hunt for the Sunken Edinburgh DVD $24.95
Hunt For The Unabomber DVD $24.95
Hunter S. Thompson DVD $24.95
Hunting Bambi: The Laurie Bembenek Story    -   Discontinued DVD
Hunting Bonnie and Clyde DVD $24.95
Hunting Gear DVD $24.95
Hunting Hitler    -   Discontinued DVD
Hunting Nazi Fugitives    -   Discontinued DVD
Hunting Tech DVD $24.95
Huntsville DVD $29.95
Hurlburt Field to the AC-130    -   Discontinued DVD
Hurricane Katrina DVD $24.95
Hurricane Warning DVD $29.95
Hurricanes: Category Five DVD $24.95
Hurricanes: Deadly Wind, Deadly Rain    -   Discontinued DVD
Hurricanes: Natural Born Killers    -   Discontinued DVD
Hussein Family, The DVD $24.95
Hydraulics    -   Discontinued DVD
Ian Fleming DVD $24.95
Ice DVD $29.95
Ice Breakers    -   Discontinued DVD
Ice Cream    -   Discontinued DVD
Ice Road Truckers DVD $24.95
Ice Road Truckers: The Complete Season 1 DVD $34.95
Iceman Cometh, The DVD $24.95
Idi Amin    -   Discontinued DVD
If The Walls Could Talk: Secrets, Scandals and Revelations of the American Presidency DVD $24.95
Images Of The Civil War DVD $24.95
Imelda Marcos: Steel Butterfly DVD $24.95
Impeachment    -   Discontinued DVD
Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Imperial Japanese Navy, The: Kaigun    -   Discontinued DVD
Impressionists, The - Set DVD $39.95
In Hot Pursuit DVD $24.95
In Search Of Christmas DVD $29.95
In Search of Jesse James DVD $24.95
In Search of Nazi Plunder DVD $24.95
In Search Of The Real Frankenstein    -   Discontinued DVD
In The Company Of Horses DVD $29.95
In The Footsteps of Jesus DVD $39.95
In The Footsteps Of The Holy Family - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
In The Hands Of A Child    -   Discontinued DVD
In The Line Of Fire DVD $24.95
In The Line Of Fire    -   Discontinued DVD
Inca Gold DVD $24.95
Incredible Disasters DVD $24.95
Incredible Monuments Of Rome, The DVD $24.95
Independence Day: The History of July 4th DVD $24.95
Indian Warriors: The Untold Story of the Civil War DVD $24.95
Industrial Barons: The Elms, Vizcaya, Pabst Mansion    -   Discontinued DVD
Infamous Dreyfus Affair DVD $24.95
Infamous Guns DVD $24.95
Infantry DVD $24.95
Ingleside, TX DVD $24.95
Ink DVD $24.95
Inked DVD $24.95
Inked, The Best of Season One DVD $19.95
Inner Demons / Kids with Guns DVD $24.95
Inquisition, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Inside Alcoholics Anonymous DVD $24.95
Inside Baghdad DVD $24.95
Inside Islam    -   Discontinued DVD
Inside Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade    -   Discontinued DVD
Inside North Korea DVD $29.95
Inside Pol Pot's Secret Prison DVD $24.95
Inside Polygamy DVD $29.95
Inside SWAT    -   Discontinued DVD
Inside The B-25 Bomber DVD $24.95
Inside The FBI DVD $24.95
Inside The FBI    -   Discontinued DVD
Inside The Great Battles: Iwo Jima    -   Discontinued DVD
Inside The Killer's Mind    -   Discontinued DVD
Inside The Killer's Mind DVD $24.95
Inside The LAPD DVD $29.95
Inside the Mind of a Suicide Bomber    -   Discontinued DVD
Inside The Presidency with Bob Woodward    -   Discontinued DVD
Inside the Volcano DVD $29.95
Insidious Killers: Chemical and Biological Weapons DVD $24.95
Insulation DVD $24.95
Insurgents' Deadly Tactics / Battling The Insurgents DVD $29.95
Intelligence Failures DVD $24.95
Internal Affairs DVD $24.95
International Airports DVD $24.95
Interventinon: Episode 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Intimate Deception DVD $24.95
Intrepid: On The Move    -   Discontinued DVD
Invasion Earth DVD $29.95
Inventions Of War DVD $24.95
Inventors, The DVD $24.95
Investigative Reports: Danger On Our Plates DVD $34.95
Invisible Clues DVD $24.95
Inviting Disaster DVD $39.95
IRA, The: 30 Years of Terror    -   Discontinued DVD
Iran And Iraq    -   Discontinued DVD
Iran-Contra Scandal, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Iran: The Next Iraq?    -   Discontinued DVD
Iran: The Next Iraq? DVD $24.95
Iraq War: Insurgency and Counterinsurgency DVD $24.95
Iraq's Ambush Alley DVD $24.95
Iraq's Most Wanted DVD $24.95
Iraq's Most Wanted: Terror at the Border DVD $24.95
Irish in America, The    -   Discontinued DVD
IRS Horror Stories DVD $24.95
Isaac's Storm DVD $29.95
Israel: Birth of a Nation DVD $24.95
It Came From Outer Space    -   Discontinued DVD
It's A Living DVD $29.95
It's A Wonderful Time To Be Weird DVD $24.95
It's Good to be the President DVD $24.95
It's Not My Fault: Strange Defenses DVD $34.25
Italian-American Internment: A Secret Story DVD $24.95
Italians in America: The Journey / Home    -   Discontinued DVD
Ivan The Terrible DVD $24.95
Ivana Trump: The Lap Of Luxury DVD $24.95
Ivanhoe - Set DVD $64.95
Iwo Jima DVD $24.95
Iwo Jima Special    -   Discontinued DVD
Iwo Jima: Fight To The Death DVD $24.95
Iwo Jima: Hell's Volcano DVD $24.95
J. Pierpont Morgan: Emperor of Wall Street DVD $24.95
J. W. Marriott: Host to the World DVD $24.95
J.C. Penney: Main Street Millionaire    -   Discontinued DVD
Jack Anderson And The Howard Hughes Double    -   Discontinued DVD
Jack Anderson: JFK, The Mob And Me DVD $24.95
Jack Anderson: The Fall of J. Edgar Hoover DVD $24.95
Jack Nicholson DVD $29.95
Jack Ruby    -   Discontinued DVD
Jack Ruby    -   Discontinued DVD
Jack Ruby On Trial DVD $32.95
Jack Russell Trials DVD $24.95
Jackie Robinson    -   Discontinued DVD
Jackpot Diaries: The Postman Wins Twice / Working Women Who Won Big DVD $29.95
Jackpot Diaries: Two Tales from Texas / California Lottery Gold DVD $29.95
Jackson Pollock DVD $24.95
Jacques Chirac DVD $24.95
Jaguar E-Type, The DVD $24.95
James Bond Gadgets DVD $24.95
James Coburn    -   Discontinued DVD
James Dean: Outside the Lines    -   Discontinued DVD
James Earl Ray: The Man and The Mystery    -   Discontinued DVD
James Gang, The: Outlaw Brothers DVD $24.95
James Garner    -   Discontinued DVD
James Joyce DVD $34.50
James Van Praagh DVD $24.95
James: Brother of Jesus? DVD $24.95
Jamie Oliver DVD $24.95
Jan and Dean    -   Discontinued DVD
Jane Austen DVD $24.95
Jane Eyre DVD $19.95
Jane Withers DVD $24.95
Janet Gaynor: A Star Was Born    -   Discontinued DVD
Janet Leigh    -   Discontinued DVD
Japan Under American Occupation DVD $24.95
Japan's Atomic Bomb DVD $24.95
Japan's Mysterious Pyramids DVD $24.95
Japanese Guns of WWII DVD $24.95
Japanese War Crimes: Murder Under The Sun DVD $24.95
Jayne Mansfield DVD $24.95
Jean Harlow: Platinum Bombshell    -   Discontinued DVD
Jeep DVD $24.95
Jeeves and Wooster: The Complete First Season    -   Discontinued DVD
Jeeves and Wooster: The Complete Fourth Season DVD $39.95
Jeeves and Wooster: The Complete Second Season    -   Discontinued DVD
Jeeves and Wooster: The Complete Third Season    -   Discontinued DVD
Jeff Bridges: Building Bridges    -   Discontinued DVD
Jefferson's Other Revolution DVD $24.95
Jeffrey Archer DVD $24.95
Jeffrey Dahmer: The Monster Within DVD $24.95
Jennifer Jones: Portrait Of A Lady    -   Discontinued DVD
Jeopardy!    -   Discontinued DVD
Jerry Lewis    -   Discontinued DVD
Jesse James' Hidden Treasure DVD $19.95
Jesse James, American Outlaw DVD $24.95
Jessica Lange: On Her Own Terms    -   Discontinued DVD
Jesus' Jerusalem DVD $24.95
Jesus: His Life DVD $24.95
Jesus: His Life    -   Discontinued DVD
Jet Age, The DVD $24.95
Jet Engines DVD $24.95
Jet vs. Jet    -   Discontinued DVD
Jewel In The Crown, The - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Jewels of the British Crown DVD $24.95
Jezebel: Queen Of Infamy    -   Discontinued DVD
JFK and PT 109: A Hero In Question DVD $24.95
JFK and the Crisis Crusader    -   Discontinued DVD
JFK Assassination, The DVD $24.95
JFK Collection 2013, The DVD $19.98
JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America DVD $19.95
JFK: A New Look    -   Discontinued DVD
JFK: A Presidency Revealed DVD $29.95
JFK: Three Shots That Changed America    -   Discontinued DVD
Jim Jones: Journey into Madness DVD $24.95
Jimmy Connors DVD $24.95
Jimmy Doolittle: King of the Sky DVD $24.95
Jimmy Hoffa: The Man Behind The Mystery    -   Discontinued DVD
Jimmy Swaggart: Fire And Brimstone    -   Discontinued DVD
Joan of Arc: Virgin Warrior DVD $24.95
Joe 90, The Complete Series - Set DVD $79.95
Joe Bonanno: The Last Godfather    -   Discontinued DVD
John    -   Discontinued DVD
John And Abigail Adams: Love And Liberty DVD $24.95
John Belushi: Funny You Should Ask    -   Discontinued DVD
John Cleese's Personal Best DVD $19.95
John Dillinger DVD $24.95
John F. Kennedy, Jr.: 1960-1999 DVD $24.95
John F. Kennedy: A Personal Story DVD $24.95
John Hancock Center DVD $24.95
John J. Pershing: The Iron General DVD $24.95
John Kerry    -   Discontinued DVD
John Le Carre's A Murder of Quality DVD $24.95
John Lennon DVD $24.95
John Lennon Assassination DVD $24.95
John Lennon Assassination    -   Discontinued DVD
John McCain: American Maverick    -   Discontinued DVD
John Paul Jones: Captain of the High Seas DVD $24.95
John Ritter: In Good Company DVD $24.95
John Stamos    -   Discontinued DVD
John Steinbeck: An American Writer    -   Discontinued DVD
John Walsh: Fighting Back DVD $24.95
John Waters    -   Discontinued DVD
John Wayne Gacy: A Monster in Disguise    -   Discontinued DVD
John Wayne: American Legend    -   Discontinued DVD
John Wayne: American Legend    -   Discontinued DVD
John Wilkes Booth DVD $24.95
Johnnie Cochran: The Best Defense DVD $24.95
Johnny Cash: The Man in Black DVD $24.95
Johnny Depp DVD $24.95
Johnny Oxygen and the Butterfly    -   Discontinued DVD
Johnson County Cattle War DVD $24.95
Jonathan Harris: Never Fear, Smith Is Here    -   Discontinued DVD
Jonathan Winters: Without a Net    -   Discontinued DVD
JonBenet: Anatomy Of An Investigation    -   Discontinued DVD
Jonesboro Schoolyard Ambush, The DVD $24.95
Jonestown: Mystery of a Massacre    -   Discontinued DVD
Joseph "The Rat" Valachi DVD $24.95
Joseph Kennedy, Sr.: Father of an American Dynasty DVD $24.95
Joseph Stalin DVD $24.95
Joseph Stalin: Red Terror DVD $24.95
Joseph: The Silent Saint DVD $24.95
Josip Broz Tito DVD $24.95
Journey Through Torture: India DVD $24.95
Journey to Save a Crane / Islands in the Jungle DVD $24.95
Judas: Traitor Or Friend? DVD $24.95
Judds, The: Country's Dynamic Duo DVD $24.95
Jules Verne, The Extraordinary Voyages Of DVD $24.95
Julia Child: An Appetite for Life    -   Discontinued DVD
Julius Caesar's Rome    -   Discontinued DVD
Julius Caesar: Master of the Roman World    -   Discontinued DVD
Jungle Ambush DVD $24.95
Junkie Next Door, The: Women and Heroin    -   Discontinued DVD
Junkyard, The DVD $24.95
Justice Denied: Trial and Error DVD $24.95
Justifiable Homicide? DVD $24.95
Juvenile Justice    -   Discontinued DVD
Juvies    -   Discontinued DVD
KAL Flight 007 DVD $24.95
Kamikaze    -   Discontinued DVD
Kansas City SWAT: Episode 19    -   Discontinued DVD
Kansas City SWAT: Episode 20    -   Discontinued DVD
Kansas City SWAT: Episode 21    -   Discontinued DVD
Kansas City SWAT: Episode 23    -   Discontinued DVD
Karen Silkwood: A Life On The Line    -   Discontinued DVD
Katharine Graham: Pillar of the Post    -   Discontinued DVD
Katharine Hepburn: On Her Own Terms DVD $24.95
Kathie Lee Gifford: Having It All    -   Discontinued DVD
Katrina: American Catastrophe    -   Discontinued DVD
Katrina: Send in the Guard DVD $24.95
Keanu Reeves    -   Discontinued DVD
Kecksburg UFO    -   Discontinued DVD
Keepers: A Job Behind Bars DVD $24.95
Kellogg Brothers, The: Corn Flake Kings DVD $24.95
Kelly F. and Mark    -   Discontinued DVD
Kennedy And Nixon DVD $24.95
Kennedys: The Curse Of Power DVD $29.95
Kenny Rogers DVD $24.95
Kevin Costner    -   Discontinued DVD
Kevin Spacey DVD $24.95
Key West: Pirates In Paradise DVD $24.95
Kid Crime: Violent Crime and Children    -   Discontinued DVD
Kidnapped!    -   Discontinued DVD
Kids Behind Bars DVD $34.95
Kids in the Hall Seasons 1-3    -   Discontinued DVD
Kids in the Hall, The Best of: Volume 1, The DVD $9.95
Kids in the Hall, The Best of: Volume 2, The DVD $9.95
Kids In The Hall, The: Complete Season Five DVD $39.95
Kids In The Hall, The: Complete Season Four DVD $39.95
Kids In The Hall, The: Complete Season One DVD $29.95
Kids In The Hall, The: Complete Season Three DVD $39.95
Kids In The Hall, The: Complete Season Two DVD $39.95
Kids In The Hall, The: Complete Series DVD $199.95
Kill Thy Neighbor: George Trepal    -   Discontinued DVD
Killer Quakes    -   Discontinued DVD
Killer Storm, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Killer Storm, The DVD $24.95
Killing Pablo, True Story Of    -   Discontinued DVD
Killing Spree DVD $24.95
KIM JONG IL    -   Discontinued DVD
King Arthur: His Life And Legends DVD $34.00
King David DVD $24.95
King Herod's Lost City DVD $24.95
King Lear DVD $24.95
King Tut: Secrets Revealed DVD $24.95
King Tutankhamun: The Mystery Unsealed DVD $24.95
King's Highway, The: El Camino Real DVD $24.95
Kings, The: From Babylon to Baghdad    -   Discontinued DVD
Kirk Douglas: A Lust for Life    -   Discontinued DVD
KKK: Hate Crime In America    -   Discontinued DVD
Knights And Armor DVD $29.95
Knights of Camelot, The DVD $24.95
Knights Templar DVD $24.95
Knights Templar, The DVD $24.95
Kobe Case, The: A Bill Kurtis Special Report    -   Discontinued DVD
Korea: The Forgotten War DVD $24.95
Kristen    -   Discontinued DVD
Ku Klux Klan, The: A Secret History DVD $24.95
L.A. Detectives #124 DVD $24.95
L.A. Riots Revisited    -   Discontinued DVD
La Guillotine DVD $24.95
Laconia Incident, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Lady Bird Johnson: The Texas Wildflower    -   Discontinued DVD
Lady in Question, The: A Cash Carter Mystery DVD $29.95
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway DVD $24.95
Lancaster Bomber: Target Germany DVD $24.95
Lance Armstrong: Racing For His Life DVD $24.95
Landmines DVD $24.95
Landslides!    -   Discontinued DVD
LAPD DVD $24.95
Larry Flynt: Fighting Dirty DVD $24.95
Larry Hagman DVD $24.95
Las Vegas DVD $24.95
Las Vegas Hotels    -   Discontinued DVD
Las Vegas Strip, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Las Vegas: Deadly Jackpot DVD $24.95
Las Vegas: Search And Rescue DVD $24.95
Las Vegas: The Money and the Power    -   Discontinued DVD
Last Dance / Deadly Deal DVD $24.95
Last Day of World War I, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Last Days of the Civil War, The DVD $29.95
Last Days Of World War II, The DVD $29.95
Last Days of WWII, The: April 1-April 7 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: April 15-April 21 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: April 22-April 28 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: April 29-May 5 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: April 8-April 14 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: August 12-August 18 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: August 5-August 11 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: February 18-24 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: February 25-March 3 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: July 1-July 7 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: July 15-July 21 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: July 22-July 28 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: July 29-August 4 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: July 8-July 14 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: June 10-June 16 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: June 17-June 23 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: June 24-June 30 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: June 3-June 9 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: March 11-17 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: March 18-24 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: March 25-31 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: March 4-10 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: May 13-May 19 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: May 20-May 26 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: May 27-June 2 DVD $24.95
Last Days of WWII, The: May 6-May 12 DVD $24.95
Last Days on Earth    -   Discontinued DVD
Last Exit / Out Cold DVD $24.95
Last Gunfighter, The DVD $24.95
Last King, The DVD $24.95
Last Mass Execution , The    -   Discontinued DVD
Last Mission, The DVD $29.95
Last of the Breed: Live In Concert DVD $24.95
Last Secrets Of The Axis DVD $29.95
Last Stand of the 300 DVD $19.95
Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, The DVD $24.95
Last Supper, The DVD $24.95
Last Supper, The (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Lathe Of Heaven DVD $19.95
Laura Bush DVD $24.95
Lauren    -   Discontinued DVD
Laurie and Jessie    -   Discontinued DVD
Law and Order Tech DVD $24.95
Lawrence of Arabia DVD $24.95
LBJ And Vietnam: In The Eye Of The Storm DVD $29.95
LBJ vs. The Kennedys--Chasing Demons DVD $29.95
Leather DVD $24.95
Leaves of Gold DVD $24.95
Lech Walesa DVD $24.95
Legacy of Al Capone, The DVD $24.95
Legacy of Kent State, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Legacy of King Coal, The DVD $24.95
Legends of the Arabian Nights DVD $34.25
Legends Of The Werewolves DVD $24.95
Leif Ericson: Voyages of a Viking    -   Discontinued DVD
Leona Helmsley: Queen Of The Palace    -   Discontinued DVD
Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Master    -   Discontinued DVD
Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Master VHS $14.95
Lethal Injection: The Hospital Murders DVD $24.95
Levees    -   Discontinued DVD
Lewis and Clark: Explorers Of The New Frontier DVD $24.95
Leyte DVD $24.95
Liberation of Paris DVD $24.95
Liberty Convoy DVD $24.95
Lies Of A Friend DVD $24.95
Life After Death Row DVD $24.95
Life After People DVD $19.95
Life And Death Of Teena Brandon, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Life or Death: The Battle Over Capital Punishment    -   Discontinued DVD
Lifeline from the Sky DVD $24.95
Lighthouse, The DVD $24.95
Lighthouses DVD $24.95
Lightning DVD $24.95
Limos DVD $24.95
Lincoln DVD $24.95
Lincoln and The Flying Spying Machine    -   Discontinued DVD
Lincoln Assassination DVD $24.95
Lincoln Assassination, The DVD $39.95
Lincoln: Man or Myth    -   Discontinued DVD
Lincoln: The Untold Stories    -   Discontinued DVD
Linda Blair DVD $24.95
Lindbergh DVD $24.95
Lindbergh Flies Again DVD $29.95
Line Of Defense DVD $29.95
Little Big Horn: The Untold Story DVD $29.95
Little Ice Age: Big Chill DVD $29.95
Little Rock: The Politics Of Murder DVD $24.95
Live to Tell / Field of Lies DVD $24.95
Living With Citrus DVD $24.95
Liza Minnelli    -   Discontinued DVD
Lizzie Borden: A Woman Accused DVD $24.95
Lloyd Bridges: Lights, Camera, Family    -   Discontinued DVD
Loading Docks DVD $24.95
Lock N' Load with R. Lee Ermey: The Complete Season 1 DVD $34.95
Lock, Stock, and Barrel DVD $24.95
Locomotion: The Amazing World Of Trains - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Locomotives    -   Discontinued DVD
Logging Tech DVD $24.95
London Underground, The DVD $24.95
London's Lost Cities DVD $24.95
Long Gray Line, The: The Spirit Of West Point DVD $29.95
Long Island Railroad Massacre, The DVD $24.95
Long Odds DVD $24.95
Longitude - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Look Back In Anger DVD $24.95
Lopez Island: Foul Play On The Friendly Isle DVD $24.95
Lord Byron DVD $37.50
Lorena Bobbitt: Women And Violence DVD $24.95
Loretta Lynn: True Story Of The Coal Miner's Daughter    -   Discontinued DVD
Lorna Doone    -   Discontinued DVD
Los Angeles DVD $32.45
Los Angeles Dodgers Vintage World Series Films DVD $24.95
Losing The War On Drugs    -   Discontinued DVD
Lost and Found    -   Discontinued DVD
Lost Ark, The DVD $24.95
Lost Ark, The (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Lost Atlantis, The DVD $24.95
Lost Battalion, The DVD $19.95
Lost Battle of the Civil War, The DVD $24.95
Lost Book of Nostradamus DVD $24.95
Lost Castles Of England DVD $24.95
Lost Cities    -   Discontinued DVD
Lost Cities of the Amazon, The DVD $24.95
Lost City of the Incas    -   Discontinued DVD
Lost Colony of Roanoke DVD $24.95
Lost Dutchman Mine, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Lost Empire of Genghis Khaan DVD $24.95
Lost Evidence, The: Pearl Harbor DVD $37.95
Lost Generation, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Lost Spirits of Cambodia    -   Discontinued DVD
Lost Tanks of D-Day, The DVD $24.95
Lost Treasure Ship Found! DVD $24.95
Lost Treasures of Petra DVD $24.95
Lost Treasures of the Copper Scroll DVD $24.95
Lost Tribe of Israel, The DVD $24.95
Lost World, The - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Lost Worlds DVD $49.95
Louis B. Mayer DVD $24.95
Louis Lepke DVD $24.95
Louis vs. Schmeling: The Real Story    -   Discontinued DVD
Louisiana Purchase, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Lourdes: Shrine of Miracles DVD $24.95
Love In The Victorian Age DVD $24.95
Love Triangle    -   Discontinued DVD
Love, Las Vegas Style DVD $24.95
Loved to Death / Unmasked DVD $24.95
Lowell Thomas: Man About The World    -   Discontinued DVD
Lowriders DVD $24.95
Lube Job    -   Discontinued DVD
Lucky Luciano: Chairman Of The Mob DVD $24.95
Lucrezia Borgia: Pretty Poison DVD $24.95
Luftwaffe 1946 DVD $24.95
Luger, The DVD $24.95
Lumber Barons DVD $24.95
Lumberyard, The DVD $24.95
Luzon    -   Discontinued DVD
Lynda Carter DVD $24.95
Lyndon Johnson: Triumph And Tragedy    -   Discontinued DVD
M-16, The DVD $24.95
M1 Abrams - Supertank! DVD $24.95
M19: Escape and Evasion in Europe DVD $24.95
M8 Greyhound to War Dogs    -   Discontinued DVD
Ma Barker: Crime Family Values DVD $24.95
Macbeth    -   Discontinued DVD
Machine Guns DVD $24.95
Machine Tools    -   Discontinued DVD
Machines of D-Day DVD $24.95
Machines of the East    -   Discontinued DVD
Machu Picchu DVD $24.95
Machu Picchu: City In The Sky (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Machu Picchu: Lost City of the Inca DVD $24.95
Mackinac Bridge, The DVD $24.95
Madame Tussaud And Her World Of Wax DVD $24.95
Mafia Legends    -   Discontinued DVD
Mafia: The History Of The Mob In America - Set DVD $14.95
Magellan's Lost Fleet DVD $29.95
Magic of Alchemy, The DVD $24.95
Maginot Line, The DVD $24.95
Magnets    -   Discontinued DVD
Magnificent Ambersons, The DVD $24.95
Magnum, The DVD $24.95
Mahatma Gandhi: Pilgrim of Peace DVD $24.95
Mail Call Live From The Gulf DVD $24.95
Mail Call, The Best Of Season One DVD $24.95
Mail Call, The Best Of Season One and Two DVD $39.95
Mail Call, The Best Of Season Two DVD $24.95
Mail Call: D-Day Special DVD $24.95
Mail Call: S.N.A.F.U. DVD $14.95
Mail Delivery: Erasing the Miles DVD $24.95
Mail Order Murder DVD $24.95
Majestic Twelve: UFO Cover-up DVD $24.95
Making a Buck DVD $42.95
Making Of A Gun, The DVD $24.95
Making of Miss Saigon, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Malcolm Forbes: High Flying Millionaire    -   Discontinued DVD
Malcolm X: A Search for Identity    -   Discontinued DVD
Malibu: The Murder of Good Time Charlie DVD $24.95
Malmedy Massacre DVD $24.95
Man in the Iron Mask DVD $24.95
Man Who Predicted 9/11, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Man Who Would Be Chief, The DVD $24.95
Man-Made Love    -   Discontinued DVD
Manhattan Project, The DVD $24.95
Manson Murders DVD $24.95
Manson Women, The: An American Nightmare DVD $24.95
Manuel Noriega: The Rise And Fall Of Panama's Strongman    -   Discontinued DVD
Mao Tse Tung    -   Discontinued DVD
Map Making    -   Discontinued DVD
Marco Polo: Journey To The East DVD $24.95
Marg Helgenberger: Don't Call Me Marg    -   Discontinued DVD
Maria Callas    -   Discontinued DVD
Marilu Henner: Perpetual Motion    -   Discontinued DVD
Marilyn Monroe: Mortal Goddess    -   Discontinued DVD
Marine Corps Aviation DVD $24.95
Marine Raiders DVD $24.95
Marjorie Merriweather Post    -   Discontinued DVD
Marjorie Merriweather Post DVD $24.95
Mark Hamill DVD $24.95
Mark Twain: His Amazing Adventure DVD $24.95
Marlo Thomas    -   Discontinued DVD
Marlon Brando DVD $29.95
Marquis de Sade: The Depraved Aristocrat DVD $24.95
Marriage and Murder DVD $24.95
Married In Vegas    -   Discontinued DVD
Marrying Kind, The DVD $24.95
Marshal Zhukov: WWII Conqueror Of Berlin DVD $24.95
Marshall Fields, The: A Chicago Tradition    -   Discontinued DVD
Martha Moxley DVD $24.95
Martha Stewart: It's A Good Thing    -   Discontinued DVD
Martial Arts, Mystic Origins of the    -   Discontinued DVD
Martin Lawrence: Comic Trip    -   Discontinued DVD
Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Man and the Dream    -   Discontinued DVD
Mary Kay Letourneau: Out Of Bounds DVD $24.95
Mary Magdalene: The Hidden Apostle DVD $24.95
Mary Of Nazareth DVD $24.95
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen DVD $24.95
Masada    -   Discontinued DVD
Mass Murderer: An American Tragedy    -   Discontinued DVD
Massacre Tech DVD $24.95
Massacres II DVD $24.95
Massive Bridges DVD $24.95
Mata Hari: The Seductive Spy DVD $24.95
Matthew Broderick: Center Stage    -   Discontinued DVD
Matthew Shepard: Death In The High Desert DVD $24.95
Mavericks of Medicine DVD $24.95
Mavericks, Miracles and Medicine    -   Discontinued DVD
Maya, The DVD $24.95
Maya, The: Death Empire DVD $24.95
Mayan Doomsday Prophecy DVD $24.95
Mayflower Madam: The Sydney Biddle Barrows Story DVD $24.95
Mayor Of Casterbridge, The DVD $24.95
McCarthy Reconsidered    -   Discontinued DVD
Mechanic's Tools DVD $12.95
Mechanized Forces DVD $24.95
Medical Imaging    -   Discontinued DVD
Medical Mistakes    -   Discontinued DVD
Medici Assassination, The DVD $24.95
Medieval Soldier, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Mediterranean Living DVD $24.95
Mediums: We See Dead People DVD $29.95
Mega Disasters: San Francisco Earthquake, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Mega Freeze DVD $24.95
Mega Movers (pilot)    -   Discontinued DVD
Melvin Purvis: The Man Who Got Dillinger    -   Discontinued DVD
Memphis Blues / Knife to the Heart DVD $24.95
Men Who Built America, The DVD $29.98
Men Who Killed Kennedy, The - Set DVD $19.95
Menace of Nuclear Weapons, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Menendez Murders, The DVD $24.95
Mental Health Dilemma, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Mercedes-Benz SL, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Merle Haggard    -   Discontinued DVD
Merrill's Marauders DVD $24.95
Messerschmitt 262: Race For The Jet DVD $24.95
Messiah (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Metal DVD $24.95
Meteors: Fire in the Sky DVD $29.95
Meth in the City    -   Discontinued DVD
Meth: A County In Crisis    -   Discontinued DVD
Mexican-American War, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Mexican-American War, The: Palo Alto DVD $24.95
Mexico's Roswell DVD $24.95
Mexico's White House: Chapultepec Castle DVD $24.95
Mexico's White House: Chapultepec Castle (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Mexico: Battle For North America (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Mexico: From Independence To The Alamo (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Mexico: God, Gold And Glory (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Mexico: Revolution And Rebirth (Spanish) DVD $24.95
MIA: Solved DVD $24.95
Miami City Vice DVD $24.95
Miami Manhunt DVD $29.95
Michael and Brooks    -   Discontinued DVD
Michael Palin's Personal Best DVD $19.95
Michelangelo: Artist And Man    -   Discontinued DVD
Middleburg: Pistols, Ponies, And Foul Play DVD $24.95
Midnight In Miami DVD $24.95
MiG 15: Russian Stealth    -   Discontinued DVD
MiG Alley DVD $24.95
Mighty Mississippi, The DVD $39.95
Mikado, The DVD $24.95
Mike and James    -   Discontinued DVD
Mike Tyson: Fallen Champ DVD $24.95
Mike Wallace: TV's Grand Inquisitor DVD $24.95
Mikhail Baryshnikov DVD $24.95
Mikhail Gorbachev: A Man Who Changed The World DVD $24.95
Military Movers DVD $24.95
Military Police    -   Discontinued DVD
Military Tech DVD $24.95
Military Weapons: Buy Now...Test Later DVD $24.95
Million Dollar Challenge, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Million Dollar Guns DVD $24.95
Millions Of Reasons To Kill DVD $24.95
Milton Hershey: The Chocolate King DVD $24.95
Mind Control Murder    -   Discontinued DVD
Mind Control: America's Secret War DVD $24.95
Mine Rescue Mask DVD $24.95
Miners DVD $24.95
Minesweepers DVD $24.95
Mini Cooper DVD $24.95
Minnesota Twins Vintage World Series Films DVD $19.95
Minnesota Twins: 1987 World Series Collector's Edition DVD $69.95
Minot AFB DVD $24.95
Miracle Babies / The Laser's Edge DVD $24.95
Miracle of Stairway B, The DVD $24.95
Miraculous Canals Of Venice, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Miss Marple - Set #1 DVD $39.95
Miss Marple - Set #2 DVD $49.95
Missile Submarines DVD $24.95
Missing Evidence: The JFK Assassination DVD $24.95
Missing Princes Of England, The DVD $24.95
Mission Berlin DVD $24.95
Mississippi State Secrets    -   Discontinued DVD
Mississippi: River Out Of Control DVD $24.95
Mistaken Identity    -   Discontinued DVD
Mitzi Gaynor: Hollywood's Cockeyed Optimist    -   Discontinued DVD
Mob Hitmen    -   Discontinued DVD
Mob Hits And Misses In Youngstown    -   Discontinued DVD
Mobsters and Mayhem: The Story of John Gotti    -   Discontinued DVD
Model "T" DVD $24.95
Model Murder, A DVD $24.95
Modern Living DVD $24.95
Molly Brown: An American Legend DVD $24.95
Moment of Truth / Cat and Mouse DVD $24.95
Moments Of Truth With Stephen Ambrose DVD $29.95
Money    -   Discontinued DVD
Money Pit of Oak Island, The DVD $24.95
Monkey Trial, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Monster Inside, The DVD $24.95
Monster of the Andes, The: Pedro Lopez DVD $24.95
Monster Trucks DVD $24.95
Monsters In Our Midst: The Manson Family and Serial Killers    -   Discontinued DVD
Monsters Of The Sea    -   Discontinued DVD
Monte Cassino    -   Discontinued DVD
Montgomery Clift: The Hidden Star    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python Live!    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus -- Season 3    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Complete Season 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 1- Vol. 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 1- Vol. 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 2- Vol. 3    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 2- Vol. 4    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 3    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 3- Vol. 5    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 3- Vol. 6    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 4    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 4- Vol. 7    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 4- Vol. 8    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 5    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 6    -   Discontinued DVD
Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 7    -   Discontinued DVD
Monumental Statues    -   Discontinued DVD
Moonshine Cars DVD $24.95
More American Eats    -   Discontinued DVD
More Dangerous Cargo! DVD $24.95
More Doomsday Tech DVD $24.95
More Earthmovers    -   Discontinued DVD
More Earthmovers DVD $24.95
More Engineering Disasters DVD $24.95
More Gadgets DVD $24.95
More Hardware DVD $24.95
More Haunted Houses: Tortured Souls and Restless Spirits    -   Discontinued DVD
More Highway Hangouts: Fun Along The Road    -   Discontinued DVD
More Military Movers DVD $24.95
More of The World's Biggest Machines DVD $24.95
More Secret Underwater Caves DVD $24.95
More Sex In The Civil War DVD $24.95
More Snack Food Tech DVD $24.95
Morgan DVD $24.95
Morgan Fairchild    -   Discontinued DVD
Mormon Rebellion, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Moses DVD $24.95
Mosquito Attack! DVD $24.95
Most Ancient Taboo, The: Cannibalism    -   Discontinued DVD
Most Daring Mission of the Civil War, The DVD $29.95
Most Wanted DVD $24.95
Most, The: Episode # 10    -   Discontinued DVD
Most, The: Episode # 13    -   Discontinued DVD
Most, The: Episode # 14    -   Discontinued DVD
Most, The: Episode # 16    -   Discontinued DVD
Most, The: Episode # 5    -   Discontinued DVD
Most, The: Episode # 6    -   Discontinued DVD
Most, The: Episode # 7    -   Discontinued DVD
Most, The: Episode # 8    -   Discontinued DVD
Most, The: Episode # 9    -   Discontinued DVD
Motel Massacre / Pure Innocent DVD $24.95
Mother On Death Row DVD $24.95
Mother Teresa: A Life of Devotion DVD $24.95
Mother's Betrayal, A DVD $24.95
Mother's Story Of Murder, A DVD $24.95
Mothers of Invention DVD $24.95
Mothers Who Kill DVD $24.95
Motorcycles DVD $24.95
Motorcycles DVD $19.95
Mount Rushmore DVD $24.95
Mount Vesuvius: The Fury Within DVD $24.95
Mountain Man Rendezvous DVD $24.95
Mountain Massacre DVD $24.95
Mountain Men DVD $29.95
Mountain Roads DVD $24.95
Mouthpiece: Voice of the Accused    -   Discontinued DVD
Movie Madness Mystery With The L.A. Connection DVD $24.95
Movie Palaces DVD $24.95
Movie Theaters DVD $24.95
Moving an Airport DVD $24.95
Moving The Impossible DVD $29.95
Mozart    -   Discontinued DVD
MP's: Warriors Behind The Badge    -   Discontinued DVD
Mr Bean: The Animated Series Set #1: It's Not Easy Being Bean/Bean There, Done That DVD $14.95
Mr Bean: The Animated Series Set #2: Whatever Will Bean, Will Bean / It's All Bean To Me DVD $14.95
Mr Bean: The Animated Series Set #3: Grin and Bean It / The Ends Justify The Beans DVD $14.95
Mr Bean: The Animated Series: Bean There, Done That DVD $19.95
Mr Bean: The Animated Series: Grin and Bean It DVD $19.95
Mr Bean: The Animated Series: It's All Bean To Me DVD $19.95
Mr Bean: The Animated Series: It's Not Easy Being Bean DVD $19.95
Mr Bean: The Animated Series: The Ends Justify The Beans DVD $19.95
Mr Bean: The Animated Series: Whatever Will Bean, Will Bean DVD $19.95
Mr. Bean's Most Memorable Moments DVD $12.95
Mr. Bean, The Whole Bean - Set DVD $49.95
Mr. Dreyfuss Goes To Washington    -   Discontinued DVD
Muay Thai: The Ultimate Striking    -   Discontinued DVD
Muhammad    -   Discontinued DVD
Mulberry Harbours DVD $24.95
Multiple Personalities DVD $24.95
Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient Egypt - Set DVD $14.95
Mummy Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Munsters, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Murder "In Cold Blood" DVD $24.95
Murder and Mrs. B DVD $24.95
Murder Before Homecoming, A DVD $24.95
Murder By Mercedes DVD $24.95
Murder In A College Town    -   Discontinued DVD
Murder In A Small Town DVD $29.95
Murder in Greenwich DVD $24.95
Murder in Paradise DVD $24.95
Murder In The Court DVD $24.95
Murder in the Driveway / Double Shooting in the Beans DVD $24.95
Murder On A Reservation DVD $24.95
Murder On The Boardwalk DVD $24.95
Murder on the Interstate / House of Santeria DVD $24.95
Murder on the Tracks    -   Discontinued DVD
Murder Online DVD $24.95
Murderous Rage    -   Discontinued DVD
Muscle Cars DVD $24.95
Muscle Cars DVD $24.95
Mussolini: Italy's Nightmare    -   Discontinued DVD
Mustang DVD $24.95
My Father's Gun DVD $29.95
My Husband's Secret DVD $24.95
Mysteries of Devil's Triangles    -   Discontinued DVD
Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle DVD $24.95
Mysteries Of The Bible - Set DVD $14.95
Mysteries of the Bible Collection, The DVD $69.95
Mysteries Of The Bible: The Bible's Greatest Heroes - Set DVD $14.95
Mysteries of the Freemasons: The Beginning / America DVD $24.95
Mysteries of the Garden of Eden    -   Discontinued DVD
Mysterious Death Of Admiral Yamamoto, The DVD $24.95
Mysterious Death Of General Sikorski, The DVD $24.95
Mysterious Death Of Joe Kennedy, The DVD $24.95
Mysterious Dr. Swango, The DVD $24.95
Mysterious Howard Hughes, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Mysterious Loss of the German Fleet DVD $24.95
Mystery At Sea DVD $24.95
Mystery Gold Of The Black Sea Warriors    -   Discontinued DVD
Mystery Of Genius DVD $29.95
Mystery of Genius: Masters and Madmen DVD $29.95
Mystery of I-45, The DVD $24.95
Mystery Of Jesse James, The DVD $24.95
Mystery of Mona Lisa, The DVD $24.95
Mystery of The Afghan Gold, The DVD $29.95
Mystery of the Anasazi DVD $24.95
Mystery of the Andes    -   Discontinued DVD
Mystery of the Channel Collision DVD $24.95
Mystery Through the Lens / Profile in Terror DVD $24.95
Mystery U-Boat of World War I DVD $24.95
MysteryQuest: The Complete Season 1 DVD $29.95
Mystic Ruins DVD $24.95
Mystical Monuments of Ancient Greece DVD $24.95
Mystique Of Leadership    -   Discontinued DVD
Myth of a Serial Killer: The Henry Lee Lucas Story DVD $24.95
Nancy Reagan: President's Leading Lady DVD $24.95
Napoleon and Wellington DVD $29.95
Napoleon Bonaparte: The Glory of France DVD $24.95
Napoleon's Greatest Victory DVD $24.95
Napoleon's Mass Grave DVD $24.95
Napoleon, Collector's Edition - Set DVD $24.95
Napoleon: Steel Monster DVD $24.95
Napoleonic Soldier, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Narcotics/ Burglary/ Assault/ Robbery (Program #109) DVD $24.95
NARCs DVD $24.95
NASCAR: Driven To Win: Season 1 DVD $14.95
Nat King Cole: Loved in Return    -   Discontinued DVD
Natalie Wood DVD $24.95
National World War II Memorial, The (highlights) DVD $24.95
Native American Tech DVD $24.95
Native American Wars: The Apache    -   Discontinued DVD
Natural Environments    -   Discontinued DVD
Natural Mummies DVD $24.95
Nature Tech: Hurricanes DVD $24.95
Nature's Engineers DVD $24.95
Nature's Engineers 2 DVD $24.95
Nature's Fury: New England's Killer Hurricane DVD $29.95
Nature's Fury: Storm of the Century DVD $29.95
Navajo Code Talkers DVD $24.95
Naval Guns DVD $24.95
Navigation DVD $24.95
Navy Corpsmen: The Blood Angels DVD $24.95
Nazi America: A Secret History    -   Discontinued DVD
Nazi Ghost Train DVD $24.95
Nazi Guerrillas DVD $24.95
Nazi Officer's Wife, The DVD $24.95
Nazi Plan to Bomb New York DVD $24.95
Nazi POWs In America DVD $24.95
Nazi Prophecies DVD $24.95
Nazi Spies In America    -   Discontinued DVD
Nazi Spies In America DVD $24.95
Nazi's Secret Killing Squads DVD $24.95
Nazis in America    -   Discontinued DVD
Nefertiti: The Mummy Returns DVD $24.95
Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty, The DVD $24.95
Neil Sedaka: The Show Goes On    -   Discontinued DVD
Neil Simon: The People's Playwright    -   Discontinued DVD
Neiman Marcus: Last of the Merchant Kings DVD $24.95
Nelson Mandela: Journey to Freedom    -   Discontinued DVD
Nelson Rockefeller: Passionate Millionaire    -   Discontinued DVD
Nero Wolfe DVD $99.95
Nero Wolfe Season Two DVD $99.95
Nero Wolfe, The Complete First Season DVD $59.95
Neverwhere DVD $39.95
New Avengers '76 Season One, The    -   Discontinued DVD
New Avengers '77 Season Two, The    -   Discontinued DVD
New England Retreats DVD $24.95
New Face of Crime, The DVD $24.95
New Maya Revelations DVD $24.95
New Orleans: Betrayal In The Big Easy DVD $24.95
New Skinheads, The DVD $24.95
New York DVD $24.95
New York Bridges DVD $24.95
New York Central, The: The Water Level Route DVD $24.95
New York City DVD $24.95
New York City Hurricane DVD $24.95
New York Giants Vintage World Series Film DVD $19.95
New York Justice: Beat Reporters DVD $24.95
New York Justice: The Prosecutors DVD $24.95
New York Life DVD $24.95
New York Mets 1986 Collector's Edition DVD $89.95
New York Mets Vintage World Series Films DVD $19.95
New York Yankees Vintage World Series Films DVD $49.95
New York Yankees, The: Fall Classic Collector's Edition 1996-2001 DVD $79.95
New York Yankees: 1977 World Series Collector's Edition DVD $69.95
Newberry, SC DVD $24.95
Newport Mansions DVD $24.95
Newspaper Moguls: Pittock Mansion, Cranbrook House and Gardens, The American Swedish Institute DVD $24.95
Newt Gingrich And The Republican Revolution    -   Discontinued DVD
Next Plague, The DVD $24.95
Niagara Power    -   Discontinued DVD
Niagara: A History of the Falls    -   Discontinued DVD
Nicholas Nickleby - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Nigella Lawson DVD $24.95
Night of the Long Knives    -   Discontinued DVD
Night Stalker DVD $24.95
Night Stalker, The: Richard Ramirez DVD $24.95
Night Tulsa Burned, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Nine Men Down DVD $29.95
Nissan Z DVD $24.95
Nixon: A Presidency Revealed DVD $24.95
No Man's Land DVD $24.95
No Surrender: German and Japanese Kamikazes DVD $29.95
Noah DVD $24.95
NOAHS: Keepers of the Ark, The DVD $24.95
Non-Lethal Weapons DVD $24.95
Nor'easters: Killer Storms DVD $24.95
Norad: The War Game Fortress    -   Discontinued DVD
Nordhausen DVD $24.95
Norman Rockwell DVD $24.95
Norman Vincent Peale: The Power Of Positive Preaching DVD $24.95
North Africa DVD $24.95
North Hollywood Shootout DVD $24.95
Nostradamus Effect: The Complete Season 1 DVD $34.95
Nostradamus: 500 Years Later DVD $29.95
Nostradamus: Prophet of Doom DVD $24.95
Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity    -   Discontinued DVD
Not the 9 O'Clock News, The Best of DVD $24.95
Nuclear Football, The DVD $24.95
Nuclear Subs DVD $24.95
Nuclear Tech DVD $24.95
Numbers Racket, The DVD $29.95
Nuremberg: Tyranny On Trial DVD $24.95
Nuts DVD $24.95
NYC's Dirty Secret: The Trash Crisis    -   Discontinued DVD
NYPD Emergency DVD $24.95
Oakland Athletics Vintage World Series Films DVD $19.95
Oakland Bay Bridge, The DVD $24.95
Observatories: Stonehenge to the Hubble Telescope DVD $24.95
Ocean Liners: Titanic to QEII DVD $24.95
October Fury DVD $24.95
Odessa File, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Office Wonders    -   Discontinued DVD
Offshore Oil Drilling    -   Discontinued DVD
Oh, Baby...Now What? DVD $29.95
Oil DVD $24.95
Oil Fire Fighting DVD $24.95
Oil Machines    -   Discontinued DVD
Oil Tankers DVD $24.95
Oil, Money...And Murder DVD $24.95
Okinawa DVD $24.95
Okinawa: The Final Battle DVD $24.95
Okinawa: The Last Battle of WWII DVD $24.95
Oklahoma City Bombing DVD $24.95
Oklahoma City Bombing    -   Discontinued DVD
Old Hollywood: Silent Stars, Deadly Secrets    -   Discontinued DVD
On Ice / Body in the Canal DVD $24.95
On Parole: Prisoners of Freedom DVD $24.95
On The Frontlines: America's Citizen Soldiers DVD $24.95
On The Trail Of A Killer Virus    -   Discontinued DVD
Onassis Dynasty DVD $24.95
One Hour Over Tokyo: The Doolittle Raid DVD $34.95
Operation Bodyguard: D-Day Deception    -   Discontinued DVD
Operation Desert Storm    -   Discontinued DVD
Operation Market Garden DVD $24.95
Operation Reunion DVD $24.95
Operation Reunion #2 DVD $24.95
Operation Reunion #3 DVD $24.95
Operation Safe Streets/ Bomb/ Juvenile (Program #108) DVD $24.95
Opus Dei Unveiled DVD $24.95
Oracle at Delphi DVD $24.95
Oracle of Delphi Secrets Revealed    -   Discontinued DVD
Organ Trade: Life and Death for Sale DVD $24.95
Origins of the Mafia DVD $19.95
Orphans of Time / Creating an Ocean DVD $24.95
Osama Bin Laden: In The Name Of Allah    -   Discontinued DVD
Osama's Hideouts DVD $24.95
Oscar De La Hoya: Body And Soul DVD $24.95
Oscar Wilde: Wit's End    -   Discontinued DVD
Osmonds, The: Pure and Simple DVD $24.95
Other Nostradamus, The DVD $24.95
Other Tragedy At Pearl Harbor, The DVD $24.95
Ourselves, Our Bodies: The Feminist Movement and the Battle Over Abortion    -   Discontinued DVD
Out Of The Gulf - Into The New Navy DVD $24.95
Outbreak! The New Plagues    -   Discontinued DVD
Outlaw Tech DVD $24.95
Outlaws: The Ten Most Wanted / The Guns That Tamed The West DVD $29.95
Overseas Highway DVD $24.95
Ozzie and Harriet: The Adventures of America's Favorite Family    -   Discontinued DVD
P-51 Mustang! DVD $24.95
P-51s and P-47s to the F-14 Tomcat    -   Discontinued DVD
P.T. Barnum: American Dreamer    -   Discontinued DVD
P.T. Barnum: The Greatest Showman on Earth    -   Discontinued DVD
P38: Lightning Strikes! DVD $24.95
Pablo Picasso: A Primitive Soul    -   Discontinued DVD
Pacific Battle Group DVD $24.95
Pacific Bermuda Triangle, The DVD $24.95
Pacific Coast Highway DVD $24.95
Pack of Lies DVD $24.95
Paddy Whacked: The Irish Mob DVD $24.95
Pagans, The DVD $24.95
Pageantry of the Corps    -   Discontinued DVD
Paint DVD $24.95
Palaces in Paradise DVD $24.95
Palaces on the Prairie: Arbor Lodge, Marland Mansion and Brucemore DVD $24.95
Palenque    -   Discontinued DVD
Palm Beach Law DVD $24.95
Palm Beach: Money, Power And Privilege DVD $29.95
Pamela Anderson    -   Discontinued DVD
Panama Canal DVD $24.95
Pancho Villa: Outlaw Hero DVD $24.95
Pancho Villa: Outlaw Hero (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Panic! Deadly Inferno DVD $24.95
Paradise Lost: The Philippines DVD $24.95
Paradise Valley: Showdown In The High Desert DVD $24.95
Parent's Nightmare, A DVD $24.95
Paris Hilton DVD $24.95
Paris Hilton    -   Discontinued DVD
Parking Wars    -   Discontinued DVD
Parole Board: Colorado Juveniles    -   Discontinued DVD
Parole Board: Kentucky DVD $24.95
Parole Board: Kentucky State Reformatory DVD $24.95
Parole Board: Louisiana DVD $24.95
Parole Board: Missouri    -   Discontinued DVD
Parole Board: Montana DVD $24.95
Parole Board: Nevada DVD $24.95
Parole Board: New Hampshire DVD $24.95
Parole Board: New Jersey (#1)    -   Discontinued DVD
Parole Board: Oklahoma DVD $24.95
Passage to the Maya Underworld DVD $24.95
Pat Boone: Born Again To Be Wild    -   Discontinued DVD
Pat Tillman DVD $24.95
Pathfinders DVD $24.95
Patricia Heaton    -   Discontinued DVD
Patrick Henry: Voice Of Liberty DVD $24.95
Patrick Stewart    -   Discontinued DVD
Patrick Swayze: All The Right Moves    -   Discontinued DVD
Patti Labelle: Surviving With Soul    -   Discontinued DVD
Patton and the Desperate Tank Attack    -   Discontinued DVD
Patty Duke    -   Discontinued DVD
Paul DVD $24.95
Paul McCartney Concert Collection, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Paul McCartney In Red Square DVD $19.95
Paul McCartney: The Space Within US DVD $24.95
Paul Newman DVD $24.95
Paul Prudhomme: Cajun Sensation    -   Discontinued DVD
Paul Revere: The Midnight Rider DVD $24.95
Paving America DVD $24.95
Pawn Stars: Season 1 DVD $19.95
Payback For A Bully DVD $24.95
Pearl Harbor - Set DVD $29.95
Peleliu DVD $24.95
Penn and Teller: Off the Deep End DVD $24.95
Pentagon, The DVD $24.95
People Speak, The DVD $19.95
Perfect Crimes? Set #1    -   Discontinued DVD
Perfect Crimes? Set #2    -   Discontinued DVD
Perfect Murder, The: The Shannon Mohr Story DVD $24.95
Perfect Wife, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Perils in Paradise    -   Discontinued DVD
Perils of Whistleblowing, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Permission to Grow    -   Discontinued DVD
Perry Como: The Singing Barber    -   Discontinued DVD
Persian Gulf War, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Persians, The DVD $24.95
Personal Best of Monty Python's Flying Circus, The DVD $44.95
Personal Experience, The: Helicopter Warfare In Vietnam    -   Discontinued DVD
Persuaders! Set 1, The DVD $39.95
Persuaders! Set 2, The DVD $29.95
Pervez Musharraf    -   Discontinued DVD
Peter DVD $24.95
Peter and Renee    -   Discontinued DVD
Peter Boyle    -   Discontinued DVD
Peter Fonda: Fortunate Son    -   Discontinued DVD
Peter Graves: Mission Accomplished DVD $24.95
Peter Gunn - Set#1    -   Discontinued DVD
Peter Gunn - Set#2    -   Discontinued DVD
Peter The Great: The Tyrant Reformer    -   Discontinued DVD
Peter The Great: The Tyrant Reformer DVD $24.95
Phantom, The: Comic Strip Crusader DVD $24.95
Pharaoh's Lost Treasure DVD $24.95
Phil Silvers: Top Banana DVD $24.95
Phil Spector    -   Discontinued DVD
Philadelphia    -   Discontinued DVD
Philadelphia Phillies Vintage World Series Films DVD $24.95
Phoenix    -   Discontinued DVD
Pick-up Trucks DVD $24.95
Pickups DVD $24.95
Piercing the Reich: American Spies Inside Nazi Germany DVD $24.95
Pinnacle Armor to the MG-42 Machine Gun    -   Discontinued DVD
Pioneers In Space    -   Discontinued DVD
Pioneers, The DVD $24.95
Pirate Ships, The DVD $24.95
Pirate Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Pirate's Lost City, The DVD $24.95
Pittsburgh Pirates, The: 1979 World Series Collector's Edition    -   Discontinued DVD
Pizza    -   Discontinued DVD
Pizza Connection, The DVD $24.95
Plague, The DVD $24.95
Plane DVD $12.95
Plane Crashes DVD $24.95
Planes That Fell To Earth, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Planets, The - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Playing To Extremes DVD $24.95
Playing With Fire DVD $24.95
Pleasure Boats DVD $24.95
Plot to Kill Jesse James, The DVD $24.95
Plot To Kill Nixon, The DVD $24.95
Plot To Kill Ronald Reagan, The DVD $24.95
Plot To Overthrow FDR, The DVD $24.95
Plotting to Kill Hitler DVD $24.95
Plumbing: The Arteries Of Civilization    -   Discontinued DVD
Pocahontas: Her True Story DVD $24.95
Point Blank / Shoot Out DVD $24.95
Pointe Du Hoc DVD $24.95
Poirot: The Complete Collection - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Poison DVD $24.95
Pol Pot DVD $24.95
Police    -   Discontinued DVD
Police Cars: In the Pursuit of Justice DVD $24.95
Police Guns DVD $24.95
Police Pursuit DVD $24.95
Polio Vaccine DVD $24.95
Polluting the Fountain of Youth DVD $24.95
Poltergeist DVD $24.95
Pompeii - In Search Of History DVD $24.95
Pompeii Secrets Revealed    -   Discontinued DVD
Pompeii: Buried Alive DVD $24.95
Ponce De Leon: The First Conquistador DVD $24.95
Pontius Pilate DVD $24.95
Pope John Paul II: Statesman of Faith DVD $19.95
Popes, The: The Legacy of Peter DVD $29.95
Porsche 911, The DVD $24.95
Portrait of a Terrorist: Mohamed Atta DVD $24.95
Portrait of Courage DVD $24.95
Post-Impressionists, The: Van Gogh and Gauguin    -   Discontinued DVD
Potions Or Poisons?    -   Discontinued DVD
Power and Speed: Diesel Locomotives DVD $24.95
Power Grid, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Power of Prayer DVD $24.95
Power of Prayer (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Power Plants DVD $24.95
POWs of the American Revolution    -   Discontinued DVD
Pre-emptive Strike / Unlucky DVD $24.95
Prehistoric Megastorms DVD $24.95
Preppie Murder DVD $24.95
President Slept Here, The DVD $24.95
Presidential Estates: The Hermitage, Lindenwald and Spiegel Grove DVD $24.95
Presidential Memorials, The DVD $24.95
Presidential Movers DVD $24.95
Presidential Prophecies DVD $24.95
Presidential Yacht: The U.S.S. Sequoia DVD $24.95
Presidents, The DVD $29.95
Pretty Boy Floyd DVD $24.95
Pride and Prejudice - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Pride and Prejudice 10th Anniversary Limited Collector's Edition    -   Discontinued DVD
Prime Time Violence DVD $24.95
Prince of Poker DVD $24.95
Prince of Poker    -   Discontinued DVD
Prince's Palace In Monaco DVD $24.95
Princes of Europe DVD $24.95
Princess Diana DVD $24.95
Princess Diana    -   Discontinued DVD
Princesses of Europe DVD $24.95
Princesses of Monaco, The DVD $24.95
Priscilla Presley: Keeper of a Dream    -   Discontinued DVD
Prison Romance DVD $24.95
Prison Siege DVD $24.95
Prisoner, The - Set #1    -   Discontinued DVD
Prisoner, The - Set #2    -   Discontinued DVD
Prisoner, The - Set #3    -   Discontinued DVD
Prisoner, The - Set #4    -   Discontinued DVD
Prisoner, The - Set #5    -   Discontinued DVD
Prisoner: Cell Block H: 25th Anniversary Edition DVD $49.95
Prisoner: Cell Block H: Collection 2 DVD $49.95
Prisons DVD $24.95
Private Collections DVD $29.95
Private Eyes DVD $24.95
Private Jets DVD $29.95
Private Lives of Pompeii, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Private Lives of the Emperors DVD $24.95
Private Voice of Hitler, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Professor Blackjack DVD $24.95
Profiler Season 1-3    -   Discontinued DVD
Profiler Seasons 1-4    -   Discontinued DVD
Profiler: Season Four    -   Discontinued DVD
Profiler: Season One - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Profiler: Season Three    -   Discontinued DVD
Profiler: Season Two    -   Discontinued DVD
Profiles of Evil: Inside the Criminal Mind DVD $24.95
Profiling Killers    -   Discontinued DVD
Prophecies DVD $24.95
Prophecies of Iraq DVD $24.95
Prophecies of Israel DVD $24.95
Prophets and Doom DVD $24.95
Prophets: Soul Catchers DVD $24.95
Prosthetics DVD $24.95
Prostitution: Sex and the Law DVD $24.95
Protectors, The: Season One DVD $79.95
Protectors, The: Season Two DVD $79.95
Proving Grounds DVD $24.95
Psychic Detectives DVD $24.95
Psychic History DVD $24.95
PT Boat DVD $24.95
PT Boats, The DVD $24.95
Pueblo Cliffdwellers, The DVD $24.95
Pumps DVD $24.95
Punishing the Pedophiles DVD $24.95
Punishment DVD $29.95
Puzzling Pyramids of Mexico, The (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Pyramids of Giza    -   Discontinued DVD
Quantrill's Raiders    -   Discontinued DVD
Quarries DVD $24.95
Quatermass DVD $39.95
Queen Elizabeth: The Reluctant Monarch DVD $24.95
Queen Noor: Between Two Realms DVD $24.95
Quest For Dragons DVD $24.95
Quest for King Solomon's Gold    -   Discontinued DVD
Quest For The Fountain Of Youth, The DVD $24.95
Quest for the Holy Lance, The DVD $24.95
Quest For The Lost Tribes DVD $24.95
Quest for the Maravilla, The DVD $24.95
Quest For Vertical Take-Off DVD $24.95
Question of Conspiracy, A: The RFK Murder DVD $24.95
Questionable Doctor, A DVD $24.95
Questioning Astrology    -   Discontinued DVD
Quiz Show Scandal and Other Frauds, The DVD $24.95
R. Lee Ermey in Afghanistan DVD $24.95
Race Cars    -   Discontinued DVD
Racetrack Tech    -   Discontinued DVD
Rachel and Tommy (Update)    -   Discontinued DVD
RADAR DVD $24.95
Radar DVD $24.95
Radical America, Left and Right DVD $24.95
Radical Cures DVD $24.95
Radio: Out of Thin Air DVD $24.95
Rage In The Air DVD $24.95
Raging Inferno of Volcanoes, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Raid on Bataan Death Camp DVD $24.95
Railroad Barons, The DVD $24.95
Railroad Police DVD $24.95
Railroad Robber Barons DVD $24.95
Railroads    -   Discontinued DVD
Railroads That Tamed The West, The DVD $24.95
Railway Marvels DVD $24.95
Rain Of Steel, The DVD $24.95
Raise The Alabama! DVD $29.95
Raise The Hunley DVD $24.95
Raised On Hate DVD $24.95
Ramesses: Visions of Greatness DVD $24.95
Rampage Killers: Looking For Signs DVD $24.95
Ramses the Great DVD $24.95
Ramses' Egyptian Empire DVD $24.95
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) Set One DVD $79.95
Randy Travis: Keeping The Tradition    -   Discontinued DVD
Rape of Nanking DVD $24.95
Rapid Firepower    -   Discontinued DVD
Rasputin: The Mad Monk DVD $24.95
Rats, Bats and Bugs DVD $39.95
Ray Kroc: Fast Food McMillionaire    -   Discontinued DVD
Ray Liotta: Hollywood Goodfella    -   Discontinued DVD
Ray Romano    -   Discontinued DVD
Raymond Burr: The Case Of The TV Legend DVD $24.95
Real Cowboy, The: Portrait of an American Icon    -   Discontinued DVD
Real Dracula, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Real Dracula, The DVD $24.95
Real Flying Tigers, The DVD $24.95
Real JAG, The DVD $29.95
Real Las Vegas, The - Set DVD $14.95
Real Pirates of the Caribbean, The DVD $24.95
Real Queen of Sheba, The DVD $24.95
Real Scorpion King, The DVD $29.95
Real Sin City, The: Sodom and Gomorrah DVD $24.95
Real Sorcerer's Stone, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Real Temple of Doom, The DVD $24.95
Real Tomb Hunters, The: Snakes, Curses and Booby Traps    -   Discontinued DVD
Real UFO's DVD $24.95
Really Big Bridges    -   Discontinued DVD
Rebels, The DVD $24.95
Red Baron and The Wings of Death, The DVD $24.95
Red Baron: Master Of The Air DVD $24.95
Red Flag    -   Discontinued DVD
Red-Light Districts DVD $29.95
Redgraves, The DVD $24.95
Regis Philbin    -   Discontinued DVD
Rehab: Tough Love In Harlem DVD $24.95
Reilly: Ace of Spies DVD $69.95
Reincarnation    -   Discontinued DVD
Reincarnations DVD $32.00
Relics From The Rubble DVD $24.95
Reliving History: Fantasy Camps DVD $24.95
Remarkable Battles    -   Discontinued DVD
Rembrandt DVD $24.95
Remote Operated Vehicles DVD $24.95
Renewable Energy    -   Discontinued DVD
Rescue at Dawn: The Los Banos Raid DVD $29.95
Rescue Equipment    -   Discontinued DVD
Rescue of the Bataan "Ghosts" DVD $24.95
Rescuing a River DVD $24.95
Return of the Pirates    -   Discontinued DVD
Return to Fallujah DVD $24.95
Return to Newport: Kingscote, Rosecliff and Belcourt Castle DVD $24.95
Return To The Killing Fields DVD $24.95
Revenge Tech DVD $24.95
Revenge! DVD $24.95
Revenge! Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich    -   Discontinued DVD
Reversal of Fortune / Running Scared DVD $24.95
Revolution, The: The Series DVD $49.95
Revolutionary War: Oriskany DVD $24.95
Rex The Runt: The Complete Series 1 and 2 - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
RFK Assassination DVD $24.95
RH Macy: Merchant Prince DVD $24.95
Richard Branson: The Top Of The World    -   Discontinued DVD
Richard Harris DVD $24.95
Richard Nixon: Man and President DVD $24.95
Richard Petty: King of the Road    -   Discontinued DVD
Richard Pryor: Comic on the Edge DVD $24.95
Richard Simmons: Fit For Life    -   Discontinued DVD
Richard Speck DVD $24.95
Richard Speck: Natural Born Killer DVD $24.95
Rick Springfield: Behind The Image    -   Discontinued DVD
Riddle of the Maya, The (Spanish) DVD $24.95
Riddle of the Zodiac DVD $24.95
Rides Reunited DVD $24.95
Ridiculously Large Engines DVD $24.95
Rifle, The DVD $24.95
Righteous Vendetta DVD $24.95
Ringling Brothers    -   Discontinued DVD
Riot, Scandal And The Torching of L.A.    -   Discontinued DVD
Riot: The Chicago Conspiracy Trial DVD $24.95
Rise and Fall of the Jewish Mobster, The DVD $24.95
Risk Takers / History Makers DVD $24.95
Rites of Death DVD $24.95
River of Doubt    -   Discontinued DVD
River Pirates DVD $24.95
Riverboats, The DVD $24.95
Rivers of Fire / The Restless Earth DVD $24.95
Road To Rapture, The DVD $29.95
Road Warriors: The Biker Brotherhood DVD $24.95
Road West, The DVD $24.95
Roadside Burning / Blood Ties DVD $24.95
Roadside Distractions DVD $24.95
Roald Dahl's The BFG DVD $19.95
Roanoke: The Lost Colony DVD $24.95
Rob Reiner    -   Discontinued DVD
Robert Blake, The Case of    -   Discontinued DVD
Robert Blake: Dark Passage    -   Discontinued DVD
Robert Duvall DVD $24.95
Robert E. Lee DVD $24.95
Robert F. Kennedy    -   Discontinued DVD
Robert Maxwell DVD $24.95
Robert Mugabe DVD $24.95
Robert Redford    -   Discontinued DVD
Robert Wagner: Hollywood's Prince Charming    -   Discontinued DVD
Robin Hood: Outlaw Of The Forest    -   Discontinued DVD
Robo-Warriors DVD $24.95
Robotics DVD $24.95
Rock Springs, WY DVD $24.95
Rockefellers, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Rocky Mountain Retreats DVD $24.95
Rogue Waves DVD $24.95
Rohna Disaster, The: WWII's Secret Tragedy DVD $24.95
Role Reversal    -   Discontinued DVD
Rollercoasters: Search for Ultimate Thrill DVD $24.95
Rollergirls: The Complete Season One    -   Discontinued DVD
Rolling Thunder: The True Story Of The 3rd Armored Division    -   Discontinued DVD
Roman Emperors, The DVD $24.95
Roman Legions, The DVD $24.95
Roman Roads: Paths to Empire DVD $24.95
Roman Vice    -   Discontinued DVD
Romance Classics Collection Megaset    -   Discontinued DVD
Romance Collection Volume 2    -   Discontinued DVD
Romanovs, The DVD $24.95
Romans, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Romantic Getaways DVD $24.95
Rome's Eternal Wonders DVD $24.95
Rome's Glorious Cities DVD $24.95
Rome's Hidden Empire DVD $24.95
Rome: Engineering an Empire    -   Discontinued DVD
Rome: Engineering an Empire DVD $24.95
Rome: The Rise    -   Discontinued DVD
Romeo and Juliet DVD $24.95
Ron Popeil: America's Inventor DVD $24.95
Ronald Reagan: A Legacy Remembered    -   Discontinued DVD
Ronald Reagan: The Man They Knew DVD $39.95
Ronald Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime DVD $24.95
Roosevelt Homes, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Roswell: Final Declassification DVD $24.95
Roswell: Secrets Unveiled DVD $24.95
Roulette Assault, The DVD $24.95
Route 66 DVD $24.95
Rowan Atkinson Live! DVD $19.95
Roy Cohn: Joe McCarthy's Right-Hand Man    -   Discontinued DVD
Roy Rogers DVD $24.95
Royal Navy, The DVD $39.95
Royal Swordfish Take Taranto DVD $24.95
Rubber DVD $24.95
Rudolph Valentino: The Great Lover DVD $24.95
Rudy Giuliani    -   Discontinued DVD
Ruler DVD $12.95
Rumpole of the Bailey    -   Discontinued DVD
Rumpole of the Bailey Set One (Seasons 1 and 2) DVD $69.95
Rumpole of the Bailey Set Three (Seasons 5-7) DVD $99.95
Rumpole of the Bailey Set Two (Seasons 3 and 4) DVD $69.95
Rumrunners, Moonshiners And Bootleggers    -   Discontinued DVD
Run Around, The / Night Cap DVD $24.95
Running Out of Time / The Fragile Fossil DVD $24.95
Running The DMZ: Korea On The Frontlines DVD $29.95
Runways DVD $24.95
Russell Simmons    -   Discontinued DVD
Russia DVD $24.95
Russia Land Of The Tsars - Set    -   Discontinued DVD
Russian Navy, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Russian Roswell DVD $24.95
Rusty Cuffs DVD $24.95
Ruthton: Tragedy In The Heartland    -   Discontinued DVD
Rwanda: Do Scars Ever Fade?    -   Discontinued DVD
S-5: Doomed Sub DVD $24.95
S.O.S.: Save Our Ships DVD $24.95
Sacred Places DVD $24.95
Sacred Rites and Rituals DVD $24.95
Sacred Societies DVD $24.95
Sacred Waters of Lourdes, The DVD $24.95
Sad Cypress DVD $19.95
Saddam and the Third Reich DVD $29.95
Saddam Hussein and the Nerve Gas Atrocity    -   Discontinued DVD
Saddam's Arsenal    -   Discontinued DVD
Saddam's Bombmaker DVD $24.95
Saddam's Doctor: An Insider's Story DVD $24.95
Saddam's Secret Tunnels DVD $24.95
Saddam's Secret Tunnels    -   Discontinued DVD
Safe Streets/ Theft/ Homicide (Program # 110) DVD $24.95
Sahara, The DVD $29.95
Sail 2000, Aboard the Eagle DVD $24.95
Saint Collection, The    -   Discontinued DVD
Saint, The Set # 1    -   Discontinued DVD
Saint, The Set # 2    -   Discontinued DVD